Monday, March 21, 2011

My Revue of Journey!

This is one of my favorite bands from growing up. So I thought I would do a revue on them for everyone. When I first heard them on the radio I thought wow what a band and how they could come up with some awesome songs. I use to have all of there albums but thanks to my ex he sold them.

The band started in 1973 with band members- Herbie Herbert as Manager, Neal Schon on lead guitar, Gregg Rollie on keyboard and lead vocals, Ross Vallory on bass, George Tickner on rhythm guitar and Prairie Prince on drums. This was the very first band line up. They didn't have a name for the band yet. They had a radio contest to come up with a name for this band. But the band had not success to find a name. Then one day one of the roadies came up with the name Journey and that is what the band went with for the name.

The very first couple of albums that the band recorded were jazz fusion style. The first place that they played these songs was at Winterland Ballroom for a New Year's Eve show. Then shortly after this show the drummer Prairie Prince left the  band. So the band hired drummer Aynsley Dunbar.

In 1974 the band debuted at Great American Music Hall and that is when they landed  a recording contract with Columbia Records. So in 1975 the band finally released there very first album called Eponymous. After recording this album the rhythm guitar player George Tickner left the band. Then in 1976 the band's second album came out Look Into The Future. These album's did not have much sales on them. The band was missing someone that could do lead vocals. So some of the band members went for some vocal lessons.

In 1977 the band hired Robert Fleischman for the lead vocals. He would give the band more of a popular style. The fans were not to happy with the change in the band sound. But with Robert there the band did write the song Wheel in the sky. But with in a year Robert had left the band.

In late 1977 the band did hired Steve Perry for lead vocals. Steve added a clean tenor sound to the band. The band became a true pop act and there fourth album Infinity in 1978 had reached number 21 on the charts. Then the band had there first platinum album. Also that year the drummer Aynsley Dunbar got fired from the band. The band hired Steve Smith on the drums. In 1979 the band recorded Evolution and this album gave the band there first billboard hot top 20 single with Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin song.

Then in 1980 the band recorded Departure and reached number 8 on the album charts and also number 25 on the single chart with Anyway You Want It. Also this year during there tour they recorded there live album call Captured. They also recorded a sound track for the movie Dream After Dream while in Japan. The band has been doing very good at this point in there career.

In 1984 the band has decided to take a break for awhile. That is when Steve Perry decided to try his solo career. He did have a couple of hits on his own. There was some songs that were released while the band took the break.

Then the band reunited in 1985. The only way that Steve Perry would return was if Herbie Herbert was fired. So the band fired him and then they hired Irving Azoff from the Eagles. So then the band was back together recording albums and touring.

In 1997 Steve Perry was hiking in Hawaii and he injured his hip. The only way he could perform again is if he had surgery done on his hip. But he refused to have the surgery done so that meant that he could not be in the band anymore. Also at this time Steve Smith quit the band. So in 1998 the band hired Steve Augeri for lead vocals and also hired Deen Castronovo on the drums.

The next album that was released was Arrival in 2001. Then in 2002 the band released a four track cd box set title Red 13. In 2005 the band was industed to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. By everyone's surprise Steve Perry showed up for this. This also the band's 30th Anniversary for touring. In 2006 Steve Augeri had to leave the band. He was battling Chronic Thoat Infections. In 2007 the band hired Arnel Pineda for the lead vocals. Neal Schon saw him on youtube singing some of the bands songs.

There has been so many band member coming and going. But the band has had so many great songs along the way also. The time that I really liked the band is with Steve Perry.  I think he is the one that really made this band with Neal Schon too. Here is a list of the band members past and present-
Current members
Former members
Touring members
Session musicians

I am also leaving you with one of my favorite songs from Journey.


  1. Nice review there! Not only I liked the Steve Perry line-up, the one prior to it was great as well! Their first three albums didn't sell to well, (thus the reason to bring in Perry) yet the instrumentation on them were excellent!

  2. Yes I do like all the albums. I like all of Journey's music. But the time I do like best is with Steve Perry in the group. It is just something about his voice. Thank you for your comment.