Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How I met my boyfriend!

After my divorce I was not looking for another man. It was very hard for me to trust anyone after my ex-husband cheated on me for over a year.

Yes with working with karaoke there has been men that wanted to go out with me. But I did not want to babysit a drunk. I seen how mean the men get when they are drunk and I did not want that for my kids or myself. I did go out with someone that I thought was being true to me. But then I found out that he wanted me there to take care of his kids and did not care about me. He also cheated on me with his ex-wife. So I ended that relationship. After that I told myself I would only be friends with men. I didn't want another relationship ever because I was tired of being used like that.

Then one day I was online on a website called myyearbook. I was on there talking to a few men on there and telling them I only wanted to be friends. I saw a picture of my boyfriend and we started to talk to each other May 2010. At first we started to talk on the computer and then he gave me his number and said for me to call him. I did not have a computer at my house so I had to go to the college to talk to him. So that night I called him and we started to talk. 

In late May my  ex- mother- in- law passed away. I had to go down to Illinois for the funeral. I told my boyfriend about that and he told me to text him to let him know I made it down there. He had me letting him know ever time I left each place and when I made it to the next place that day. Just remember at this point we have not even met in person. When I was on my way back from Illinois we where going to meet but he had to go and get his son from school. I did call him when I got home to let him know I made it home. That was one long day for me. 

Since the first day that we started to talk he would text me when he would leave for work, text me on his breaks and either text me or call me on his lunch. Then he would call me when he got home from work. 

Then we finally met for the first time in June 2010. When he pulled into the parking lot I got this feeling in me. It is hard to explain but it is like a real safe secure feeling I got inside of me. I never believe at love at first sight. It happened to me when I saw my boyfriend. Between the feelings I was getting and seeing him for the first time I knew he was the one I had been looking for. When we first met it was at a restaurant for dinner. We sat there and we talked to get to know one another better. 

Then we were talking during the week we were talking and come to find out that his birthday was the following weekend. I kept telling him I would really like to see him for his birthday. So him and his son came to see me for his birthday. This was the first time I met his son and we had a good weekend. They both met my son and my younger daughter. They also met my mom and my younger sister.  Also that weekend I met his mom, dad, his sister and brother-in-law. 

Then after he went home and we started to tell each other how much we missed each other. Then at the end of June I went and spent a week with him. He was on vacation then. So we really were able to spend a lot of time together and get to really know each other. He took me around to see were he lives. He even cooked on the grill for me and I made the side dishes. We even spent time with his son going out. It was really nice I really enjoyed myself. 

In July my daughter and I came back down here by him. My daughter auditioned for American Idol that month and sorry to say she did not make it. We have been down here with him ever since.  I know I am were I'm suppose to be and that is with him.

He is the sweetest, kind, caring, honest, handsome and loving man I have ever met. He was through a bad relationship and a bad marriage just like I was. So we know what each other has been through. I can say one thing that is he is there for me and he listens to what I have to say. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship. 

This is how much I trust him. I trust him with my kids lives and with my life. I know for a fact that he will never hurt us or let anyone else hurt us. I love him and all four kids more than anything else in the world. I know he loves all four kids and myself the same. I can honestly say I found the most wonderful man in the world. I have told him that I do not plan on ever leaving him.



  1. I think this time for you it is true love. I wish you both the best. Jan

  2. He is a very classy guy and he also knows how much I love him.

    Thank you Jan and yes it is true love with him. He is the best.