Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Pictures 2012

Yes it is that time of the year. The reason I like this time of the year is to see what kind of costumes the little kids are going to wear also to see how crazy people decorate their houses. We just happened to stop and get some pictures this year. We didn't plan on going out and getting Halloween pictures when we seen these houses. The one above was on the north side of Racine.

 This picture is also on the north side of Racine at the same house.

This picture is on Main St in Racine.  I had to stop and take this picture from across the street.

This picture was taken on the north side of Racine across the street from the first picture.

This picture was taken the weekend my grandson was born up in the Menominee Reservation. Yes I stop on the side of the road to get this picture. The next two are going to be from the same house.

I hope everyone enjoys the Halloween pictures that we have taken this year. Please feel free to leave any comments. Happy Halloween to everyone!

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Final Fall Pictures!

Yes my final fall pictures are here. I just can not believe the end of the beautiful colors has come to an end. While we were up north Drew's parents had let me know about a different pine tree. In this picture above is a Tamarack Tree on Hwy DD in Pickeral Wi.. The needles are very short and very soft. This tree is green in the spring and summer and turns yellow in the fall. I am so thankful for mom and dad for letting me know about the Tamarack Tree they seen another picture of this tree on another post to let me know.

This picture is on Hwy W in the town of Doty by were my mom use to live. Yes it was raining up north all weekend. I just could not believe the fall colors were still up there but some trees are bare up there too.

This picture was taken on Hwy 55 in the Menominee Reservation. Yes I stopped in on the road to take this picture because it looks like a tunnel of fall colors you are going under. It was so pretty when we went back and forth to town I knew this was one picture I had to get.

Drew told me to add this picture because it does show the fall color of the tree in the back and no leaves on the tree with the Bald Eagle. This picture was taken on Hwy 55 by Lily Wi.. To get this picture I made a u-turn in the middle of the road. Drew asked me what I was doing and I told him I think I seen an Eagle in the tree. Sure enough that is what I seen and we had gotten some beautiful pictures of him. He started to get skiddish so I went and turned around to get back to the house. The next day when we went to the hospital to say goodbye to my son and his girlfriend my son told me an Eagle swooped down and went past him. I believe to this day that was my dad telling my son congratulations for his son. My son believes the same thing.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the fall colors as much as I have taking the pictures to share with you. Please feel free to leave your comments!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Grandson Is Here!

Yes my Grandson was born on Friday morning. I had gotten a phone call from my mom while I was going around Milwaukee that my Grandson was born. He is 7lbs 15oz and 20 inches long. 

I just couldn't wait to get up there to see him. His name is Ace William Drogemuller, yes my son named him after the guitar and bass player from the group KISS. My son wanted to name him after himself which would have been the third but his girlfriend said no. William is after my father, I am happy he decided name him after my dad because I know how much my son loves his Grandpa.

As soon as we walked into the room I was handed my Grandson. I didn't even get a chance to get my jacket off. Then Grandpa went into action taking pictures of Ace and Grandma. I had to have Drew help me get my jacket off, yes I was having a problem taking my jacket off because it was a hoody sweatshirt. It was so nice to be able to hold my Grandson and see the family too. The main thing is that Ace and Mommy are both doing really good and they went home on Monday.

Then we had the jealous big sister Skylee she is thirteen months old. I have never seen her act like this at all but she was so jealous of her brother. If Mom or Dad would hold him she would scream for attention.

So Grandma and Grandpa took her for the night up to Drew's parents house. At first when we got there she was crabby because she didn't know where she was and just woke up from a nap in the car. But she had gotten use to everything and she did really good. In the morning she was given a tour of the house by Great Grandma. After that she was following Great Grandma all over the house.

After Skylee had a bath and Drew and I had our showers we went back to town. Our first stop was to go and say hi to Aunt Kay at her work. It really surprised me that Skylee went right up to Aunt Kay and put her arms up for Aunt Kay to pick her up. We had some shopping to do and we bought both of the kids a pumpkin for Halloween. Skylee had to pick both of them out. Then we went back up to the hospital to see Ace, my son and his girlfriend again. Skylee couldn't get to Daddy quick enough for him to pick her up.

I found this picture on facebook of Skylee holding her little brother Ace. I thought this was so cute and I had to share it with you.

It was a long ride home on Sunday. We left Drew's parents around 10am.. We went to the hospital to say goodbye to everyone and to hold my Grandson one more time before coming home. Then we went to my sisters house to get my youngest daughter and her things packed in the car, we said goodbye to my mom and sister. Then from there we had to take my daughter back to Whitewater to college, get my schedule from work and finally made it home. We did not get home and get the car unpacked until 8pm.. Then I kept my promise to Drew's mom and my mom to call them and let them both know we made it home. Then Drew and I had to be up at 4am. to go to work the next day. We need a vacation from the weekend. Monday at work I felt like I was still on the road driving.

I will say one thing the trip was worth all of it. Because we were able to see all of the family and Drew was able to get some good wildlife pictures and I was able to get some nice fall pictures along the way. Drew asked me on the way home what I thought the highlight of the weekend was I would have to say the whole weekend seeing everyone.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

That Time of the Year with Fall Colors Pt3!

The pictures I am going to show you I had taken last week. I am really sorry it has taken me so long to get them posted on here. I have been really busy with so many things happening. I took the pictures at Pritchard Park, Shoop Park and the at Lighthouse.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I have been enjoying taking the pictures. I just love going out and looking at all the colors.

I couldn't believe it when I went past Pritchard Park yesterday all the trees you seen in my pictures the leaves are coming down already. Half of the trees there at bare. I really blew me away when I seen that yesterday.

I am going to try to get some pictures of the trees with some of the leaves on them still. We are going up north this weekend so I am going to try to get some pictures up there. So next week will be my last Fall Colors Post.  

Friday, October 5, 2012

That Time of the Year with Fall Colors Pt 2!

There is a little story behind the pictures I am going to show you. I was suppose to go to work this past Sunday but could not make it. I woke up at 1am with a very bad pain on the side of my left leg going from my hip to my knee. It was very hard to walk on that leg. I have to stand at work for my shift and lift things. So I didn't go to work that day.

Drew went out to Cliffside Park in Crestview to look for his wildlife Sunday morning. So while he was out there he took these pictures for me. All of the pictures in this post are from Cliffside Park.

I just can't get over the beautiful pictures that he took for me. I had to make one post of these pictures because there are so many pretty pictures of the fall colors. I hope everyone is enjoying these pictures just as much as I am going out there and taking them to share with all of you.

I have the very sweetest man in the world because he is always thinking of me when he is out there taking pictures. I love him so much.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

That Time of the Year with the Fall Colors!

Yes it is that time of the year again when the weather starts to get colder and the trees start to change. The colors of the tree are so beautiful this time of the year. This picture above is taken at the University of Whitewater College this past weekend when we went to pick my daughter up for the weekend. I noticed when we left here and on the way out to the college the colors on the trees are a lot lighter toward the college.

This picture was taken at the University of Whitewater College on are way home. I could not pass this one up because of how bright the colors are on the tree. My daughter thinks I am crazy for stopping and taking these pictures.

This picture of the Pine Tree was taken at Smolenski Park here in Racine Wi.. I couldn't believe that the Pine Tree was starting to turn yellow already. I just thought I would share this one with you.

I seen this tree at Smolenski Park here in Racine Wi. also. I just loved the way you see the red and green together. When I seen this I had to take the picture. I think this is just so beautiful the way it is changing it's colors.

This picture was taken by the Racine Airport. I seen this on the way home from work and then I went home and got the camera and came back to get the picture. This is so pretty with all the different colors. I was on my way to pick Drew up from work too.

This picture I stopped on the side of 4mile rd in Racine Wi to take this picture on my way to pick Drew up from work. I seen how the colors are changing and I wanted the picture.

I hope everyone enjoys these pictures because this is only the beginning for the fall colors and only the beginning for my to post the fall pictures as I get them!