Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Year Of Blogging!

Yes Yesterday it was one year since I started my blog. I just can't believe it has been that long already. There has been a lot happening for me in the year also.

I added a lot of tabs to my blog with different things I just keep thinking about writing. Books that I have been reading, My personal life, Music, American Idol, The Holidays, Football and Albums I like to listen to. I may be adding one more to the list that I have been thinking about. It may be t.v. shows that I have been watching. I still am thinking about that one.

I said there has been a lot happening for me over the year. Here is a little revue of the year I have had. In February I started this blog and I was not working. We also had the blizzard this month. I remember going outside and helping Drew dig our car out and he wanted to drive around the block to see how bad it was. So I was the one to drive. I also found out this month I was going to be a Grandma. My son's girlfriend was pregnant. We also had to get a new car because the old one was falling apart.

Then in April I had gotten in contact with my ex-husbands ex-girlfriend. I hope this make sense. His ex-girlfriend is the mother of his 8 year old daughter. In April we found out that she was living in Milwaukee so we started to go and get her for some weekends. She really like coming by us because we would take her out to do different things. She was really attached to Drew too. We went up north for Easter.

In May was our one year Anniversary. Yes Drew and I will be together this May for two years already. Our girls graduated high school last year and we had two graduation parties. We went to Chocolate Fest.

In June was Drew's birthday. We also had my ex's little girl that weekend so she could be here to celebrate his birthday with him. This month also starts Summerfest. I always starts the last week of June and the first week of July.

In July we went to Summerfest to see Styx. My 19 year old niece was married. We had my ex's little girl for a week.We have been living together for a year.

In August I finally started my job. I couldn't believe I finally found a job. It was the baby shower for my granddaughter. Also trying to get back to school supplies for two kids.

In September my granddaughter was born. We went up to Shawano to be there for her birth. This was with the help of my son calling saying he wanted mom there. We also had my ex's little girl this weekend. Also Drew had a rose laying on the bed when I had come home from work.

In October it was my birthday. So we decided to go up north just the two of us for my birthday weekend. We went to see some friends and had a great time. My son, his girlfriend, my granddaughter, my mom, my cousin and my we had my ex's daughter came to visit us.

In November was my youngest daughters birthday and we took her and her friend out for dinner. Then there was Thanksgiving we stayed home and I had to work. This was the first time Drew ever made a turkey and it was great.

In December we went to the Christmas Party at Drew's work. We did take my ex's little girl. She just loved it. Then there was Christmas. My kids came with my granddaughter for Christmas Eve morning then they went Illinois and we went up north by Drew's family and spent the night there. Christmas Day we went by my mom's and then to my sisters house. From there it was home. New Years Ever we spent by ourselves and it was great.

In January was renovating our place. Found out my oldest daughter was graduating college this year. We went to see the Carnival of Lights it has over a million lights and a mile long.

In February  we had our early Valentine's. We went to the Mitchell Domes and went out for dinner. It was great.

The way I had gotten this started was with the help of Drew. I have the most wonderful, sweetest, loving and handsome man. Most of all he just wants to make sure I am always happy. I keep telling him as long as I am with him I will always be happy.

I have met some wonderful people on here. I know there are a couple people I would really like to meet. Thank you for reading what I write and leaving the comments.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snow on Friday!

This past Friday morning we woke up to a mess outside. I thought we would have been done with this snow. But I forgot I am living in Wisconsin.

I was taking Drew to work and when we got outside we had about an inch of snow on the car already. So the two of us started to clean the car off. It was still snowing but I didn't care because he had to get to work and so did I. When we got the car cleaned off I asked him who was driving and he said you are.

When I left the parking lot I thought great the road was plowed. Then I get down the road to make a turn on to Green Bay Rd and there was a city bus in the ditch. I was like I am going straight to work. That road was not plowed yet. This is a detour we have to take because of road construction and the city did not plow this road. But the rest of the way to Drew's work and my work was plowed. After I got him to work and on my way to work I seen a car in the ditch on Northwestern St.. I was just glad I was going to work and I didn't care I was there and hour early.

On Wednesday we just got two new tires and a wheel alignment done on the car. I was just so happy for that. Because are tires were going bald on the car. With that done I was not sliding around with the car.

One my way home from work I seen how the snow was on the trees and it looked so pretty. I thought to myself I have to grab the camera and get some pictures. So when I got home changed clothes and grabbed the camera so I could get some pictures.

The picture at the top is on Charles St. by the quarry and the one to the right is on four mile rd the Root River. The one by the River I was sitting on the bridge in the middle of the road to take this picture. I made sure no cars where coming. 

I couldn't believe the change in the roads from 5:30 am to 1pm. The roads when I got off of work were so clear to when I went to work. It was so nice to not have to worry.

The snow was wet and heavy here. You should have seen some of the trees with the limbs just hanging. It looked like the branches were going to just brake off the trees. Then when I was driving down the street the snow was falling off the trees and it sounded like ice hitting the top of my car. When the snow fell on the ground it was like slush you would be walking through. 

I hope everyone made it safe on Friday were ever you had to be.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

American Idol Top 24!

Yes this week the judges had to go from 42 contestants down to 24. It was a really hard decision for the three judges this week.

They all sang for the judges on Tuesday night. I did not see that.

Here is how they all did-

Jen- Made it.
Creighton- Made it.
Lauren- Didn't make it.
Joshua- Made it.
Naomi- Didn't make it.
Blaire- Didn't make it.
Haley- Made it.
Neco- Didn't make it.
Clayton- Didn't make it.
River- Didn't make it.
Caleb- Didn't make it.
Elise- Made it.
Reed- Made it.
Erika- Made it.
Baylie- Made it.
Chelsea- Made it.
Richie- Didn't make it.
Heejun- Made it.
Jessica- Made it.
Phil- Made it.
Colton- Made it.
Brielle- Made it.
Adam- Made it.
Jeremy- Made it.
Shannon- Made it.
Scott- Didn't make it.
Skylar- Made it.
Haley- Made it.
Chase- Made it.
Aaron- Made it.
Deandre- Made it.
Jermaine- Didn't make it.
Ariel- Didn't make it.
Shelby- Didn't make it.
Hollie- Made it.
David- Didn't make it.
Eben- Made it.

They guys will be singing on Tuesday night and they are going to be adding one more guy to make it a top 13 for the guys.
The girls will be singing on Wednesday night.
Then on Thursday night will be the results show.

So now it is up to America to vote for who they like to become the next American Idol. Good luck to all the contestants.

I will keep everyone up to date on who is voted off and to let you know what I think of each of the contestants. The one I really like is Phil Phillips.

Please let me know who you are voting to become the next American Idol. Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear who you like!

Friday, February 17, 2012

American Idol In Las Vegas!

Yes this was a really sad day to a lot of contestants. There was 70 contestants last night and they had to get down to 40 contestants last night.

Day 1- They had to do music from the 50's. They are at the Viva Elvis Stage tonight. It is another group night and the groups are suppose to be 3-4 people.

1st Group- It was two guys and two girls. I think they all did really good. Only two guys and one girl made it.

2nd Group- It was two guys and two girls. They did alright not the best. They all made it.

3rs Group- It was one guy and three girls. They sang alright and they all made it.

4th Group- It was three girls. I think they did really good and only two of them made it.

5th Group- It was two guys and two girls. They did alright and they all made it.

6th Group- It was two guys and they had real low voices. I think they did really good and they both made it.

7th Group- It was one guy and two girls. Not real bad but alright. They all made it.

Day 2- The rest of the groups. I did get the songs that they sang on day 2.

1st Group- It was four guys and they sang Jailhouse Rock. It was awesome and only three of the guys made it.

2nd Group- It was three guys and one girl. They sang Burning Love It was not that bad. All of them made it.

3rd Group- It was two guys and two girls. They sang Blue Suede Shoes and it was not to bad one guy and one girl made it.

4th Group- It was three girls and they sang You Keep Me Hangin' On I think they did really good. Only two of the girls made it.

5th Group- It was one guy and two girls they sang Will You Leave Me Tomorrow it was alright. The two girls made it.

6th Group- It was four guys and they sang I Only Have Eyes For You I think they did great. The all made it.

7th Group- It was three guys and one girl they sang Sealed With A Kiss it was not to bad. Two guys and One girl made it.

They had to make more cuts to get down to forty contestants. So here is who I know got cut-
 Gabbie, Skylar, Angie, Candice, Johnny Jairon and Brittany.

Next week they all sing there own song and then they have to go in front of the judges individual to talk to them and  see if they make it.  Only the top 24 will stay next week. So this means they have to do there absolute best next week.

So far the ones I do like are Phil Phillips and there is a couple of the younger singers. I don't remember there names right now.

I would really like to hear what you have to say and who you like on Idol!♥

7th Group- It was three guys and one girl.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

American Idol Last Day In Hollywood!

Yes this was the last day in Hollywood.

There was 185 contestants left tonight. About half of them were really sick. Some of them fainted, had the flu or stomach flu. It was a really bad night for them. They were also tired and scared.

The first half of the show was group night and I have some results from that part.

1st group- It was four girls and only two of them made it.

2nd group- It was four guys and one girl and all of them made it.The whole group was awesome.

3rd group- It was two guys and three girls one guy and three girls made it.

4th group- It was two guys and two girls only one guy made it. This group had one girl that fainted and the other girl was the one that lives in the woods.

5th group-It was  four girls and one guy- No one made it.

6th group-It was two girls and three guys they all made it. The whole group was not bad a all.

7th group- It was two girls and two guys only one guy made it. One of the girls kept fainting and they didn't was to take a chance on her health. I don't blame them.

8th group- It was four guys and they all made it. This one guy I do not like at all the cowboy. He is way to bossy with the rest of them and thinks he knows everything.

Second half of the show was the last day in Hollywood-
This is singing with the Idol band. Randy and Steven played with the band at the beginning of the show that was really awesome to watch.

I have some that I seen on t.v. to let you know what I thought of them -
Joshua- Was not bad but not his best
Colton- Not bad at all
Phil Philips- That was awesome and he had his own guitar it was a Gold Top Guitar.
Craton- I thought was really good.
Reed- Was going to sing without the band but then was told he could not do that. So he had a half hour to figure out a song to do with the band. He did really good and he played the drums also.
Skylar- She is 17yrs old and was really good.
Rachelle- I thought she did great even though she messed up at the beginning.
Adam- I was really good and the judges said he is like Casey.

The final cut last night was-

Room 1- Stays- Adam was in this room
Room 2- Stays Phil Philips was in this room
Room 3- Didn't make it- Rachelle was in this room
Room 4- Stays- Brittany was in this room

Thursday is in Las Vegas and it will be group night again. 

I would really like to hear what you have to say about this night. Thank you for taking the time to read this!♥

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Kids Expect From The Parents!

Yes Today I decided to write about the kids. Lately I have seen so much going on in Our house and my sisters house. It all finally got to me this past weekend.

I was talking to Drew about this one day. We both figured something out the kids sometimes treat us as maids, entertainment and a bank. I will explain each one of these. Just remember my kids are over the age of 18 and his son is 14.

The Bank Part- Any time I would like my two older kids to come down here to visit us or even for Christmas they would say we don't have the money to come down. My older daughter would ask if she can borrow money and she will pay us back. Then my younger daughter always says she wants something and I tell her I want does not live with me. Then she will go and ask Drew for the same thing and sometimes he will give in to her. My kids didn't get much of anything growing up because I could not afford a lot of things. My sisters kids got what ever they wanted. Her kids treated her like crap in the process. Yes I do understand there is the necessities that they do need. But not everything they see or want. We have only seen Drew's son once since Christmas that is because he needed some clothes washed for school. The only time we do hear from him is when he wants something. I do not think this is fair to Drew. We are here we do not push him away but yes I do understand that he is at that age that he only wants to hang out with his friends.

The Entertainment Part- I do not understand with the kids at this age why we have to find a way to entertain them. I understand if they were a lot younger when I had to do that but not at this age. If we ask them what would you like to do they say I don't know. Then if we come up with something like going for a walk somewhere that is to much work for them. They would rather go and buy games for the game systems or go and buy movies to watch. Drew and I in the summer time would rather be outside going for a walk somewhere or just go for a drive. That is boring to the kids. They just want us to spend money on them which goes back to the bank.

The Maid Part- My kids growing up always got yelled at if they refuse to pick up after themselves. I would just tell them I was going to throw the stuff out. There was times that I bagged up my kids clothes and toys. I was about to take them out to the garbage. They said that they would put it all back and they did. From that day on they always picked up but argued about doing dishes. When I came down here by Drew his son would sit on the couch and have a table with his garbage on. I made a day for doing dinner dishes and wrote a set of rules down for my daughter and his son. I told them what dishes you make during the day you have to wash and this is the list for days you do dinner dishes. I was starting to feel like a maid doing everything in the house. Trying to keep the house clean while Drew was at work. The kids would sit there and watch me cleaning the house not asking if they could help me at all. That pissed me off so much. I finally said something to Drew and he said that is because his ex wife would always pick up after his son. I told Drew I am not a maid to pick up behind kids that are old enough to clean up after themselves. I have to say Drew does clean up after himself except when he pulls his music out. That I do not touch because I did put it away one time and I put some in the wrong spots. My sister's daughter is staying with her. My niece is thirty years old and has her boyfriend, her four year old daughter and newborn son there also. None of them clean up anything. My sister does it all or my mom when she stays there. The two of them are old enough to clean up the house while my sister is at work. This is what just put me over the limit this weekend. When my mom told me this. My sister is afraid of her kids because they have hit my sister in the past. If I was there they would have gotten a beating of a life time from me. They should never hit there mother I don't care how old you are that is your mother.

Yes this is how I am feeling about the kids these days of what they want and how they treat us. I would really like to hear what you have to say about this!♥

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is Valentine's Day.

I just wanted to write a little something I had read on Wikipedia. This was put on the calendar in 1969 by Pope Paul the VI. At first this day was just suppose to show the person that you love how much you love them.

Then all of a sudden Hallmark came along and started to put it all on the greeting cards. Then there was the clothes and the flowers and candy. Then came the kids exchanging the cards and candy at school.

I just can't believe how commercialized this has come over the years. Yes I had to buy the cards for my kids for school because I did not want them left out in school. They started to put all the things out for Valentine's and Christmas wasn't even over yet. This is really getting out of hand.

I have told Drew all I need is to be with him I don't need anything else. I did surprise him last Thursday there was a c.d. he wanted and I went out and bought it for him and I tied a balloon to it and I told him it was a early Valentine's for him. I did this because when I have a bad day at work he will surprise me with a rose laying on the bed. This was my way of showing him how much I love him.

I just want to wish everyone a Very Happy Valentine's Day!♥

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Revue on Kenny Rogers Ten Years Of Gold!

Yes I have not done a revue on Kenny Rogers yet. So I decided to do one on this album. It will not be like my other revues. I will not go through what I think about each song. This one is going to be different.

The reason why I picked this album today is because Drew and I had gone to thrift stores looking for albums. I had told him I would love to find this album on vinyl. He seen it at a thrift store and showed it to me. The album is in perfect condition. The cover is worn but still in descent condition not torn or anything. You will not believe this  we only paid one dollar for the album. I was not going to pass that up at all. That day we walked out of the thrift store with about twenty dollars worth of music on vinyl, cassette and c.d's.

He was in a band called The First Edition. Some of the songs on here are from with the band but he had the rights to put them on the album. 

The reason why I like this album so much it has a lot of great music on it. This album came out in 1978 and it is his first single collaboration  album.  With songs like Lucille, Day Time Friends and While The Feelings Good. These are all songs from his first decade of singing by himself.

This album went number one on the country music charts. It also went 4 times platinum in the United States and went platinum in Canada. 

The songs are all off of different albums like Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town, The First Edition, Kenny Rogers, Daytime Friends and Love Lifted Me.

There is something about his voice it is so different from any others. When you are listening to new music on the radio you can pick his voice out and you know it is him.

Yes I did grow up listening to country music with my parents. But I like country music and rock and I still listen to both.

If you are a Kenny Rogers fan this is a must album for your collection. I can tell you it is a very hard one to find in good conditions. I really would like to hear what you think of this album.

Yes I am leaving you with one of the songs I really like by him.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

American Idol in Hollywood!

Yes I know I am really late with this. I have been busy with my family and work.

There was a total of 309 tickets in total handed out this year. This past week half of the people would be sent home.

Wednesday night- The guy that had the ear surgery did not make it. I was hoping he would make it.

68 people went home on the first day.

Second day- Jane Carey went home this is Jim Carey's daughter.

The girl that her boyfriend had the stroke last year made it.

Then at the end of the day a 17yr old girl fell off the stage. She is alright she was just dehydrated. She did make it.

I was not home to see what happened on Thursday night. That was group night. I just can't wait to find out on Wednesday then I can get you completely up to date on here. I just wanted to get you a quick up date on here. I would really like to hear from anyone that is watching the show to find out what happened on Thursday's show. Thank you for taking you time to read this!♥

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI!

Yes last night was the Super Bowl. We stayed home to watch the game and I made a little buffet with snacks. It was really nice to watch the game with Drew again. This was the second year we watched the Super Bowl together.
My highlights of the game-

Faith Hill sang the Super Bowl song at the beginning of the show. I really enjoyed that song.

Black Shelton and Miranda Lambert sang America The Beautiful. They did a really great job on the song.

Kelly Clarkson and a Children's Choir sang The Star Spangle Banner. They sang that so beautiful.

Steven Tyler was at the game he was in one of the box sets.

First half of the game-
The Giants-  Eli Manning was sacked two times. They got a touchdown first quarter. Then on Patriots first play of the game the Giants got a safety.
The Patriots- Field goal second quarter and a touchdown second quarter.

Half Time Show-
This year was Madonna the show was really good and it was different. She sang Vogue, Music, Give Me All Your Lovin' and Like  A Prayer. 

Second half of the game-
The Giants- Got an interception, a field goal and a last minute touchdown.
The Patriots- They got a touchdown.

The Giants won the game 21-17.

Eli Manning got the MVP Award. That was great.

This was the fifth time the Giants made it to the Super Bowl and it was the seventh time the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl. Also this is the second time that the Giants and the Patriots played in the Super Bowl together and is the second time the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

I would really like to hear what you have to say about the Super Bowl. Thank you for taking your time to read this!♥

Friday, February 3, 2012

American Idol in Portland Oregon and St. Louis Missouri!

I know I did not write yesterday about American Idol in Oregon. I was really sick to my stomach. So I am going to write about both of them today. I will write something short about both of them.

Portland Oregon- They handed out 45 tickets Wednesday night. I was really shocked about that. I did not think they handed that many out. But I have to remember we only see an hour long show.

The one that really got to me is the girl that is taking care of her boyfriend. Her boyfriend had a real bad stroke last Easter and she has been taking care of him and put her dreams on hold. But now that he is doing better she came to try out and she made it to Hollywood. She is really good too.

A single mom of two small children is going through a divorce and her son said she is the next American Idol. It was so cute. She did make it and her son goes my mom is going to Hollywood.

There was a guy that sang a Queen song and I thought he did really good. The song was really hard to do and he did not make it.

St. Louis Missouri- They handed out 46 tickets last night. One more than Wednesday night.

This lady brought her daughter into the audition with her and it was really cute. The little girl was dancing while her mom was singing. She made it.

Then Steven went into the room where the people where waiting to sing and gave them all a pep talk. I thought that was really neat to do. It really helped the contestants.

There was this guy who is in a family band and they sing country music. His dad was in the band also but then his dad was on drugs and alcohol really bad and went into rehab. His dad is clean now. The guy sang a rock song and he was really good. Steven said he would really like to meet his father. So the guy is going to set that up.

Next week starts the cuts in Hollywood. I can't wait to see that. I would really like to hear what you have to say about what is going on with American Idol!♥