Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our Weekend and What We Came Home To!

This is how the trees looked when we left town on Friday afternoon. We got about nine inches of wet snow Thursday night into Friday morning. When I took Drew to work on Friday morning some of the roads were alright but then some roads were really bad. While Drew was at work I finished packing everything and I packed the car. When I picked Drew up in the afternoon the roads were really good and I was glad because that was when we left town to go up north.

Driving up north was so relaxing for me and I was really enjoying the time with Drew in the car. Drew was watching for the birds and other animals while I was driving. He kept saying there this kind of bird there is this kind of hawk. We didn't stop until we got to Appleton to have dinner and met my older daughter she had my little great-niece with her. Drew didn't know we were going to have dinner with my daughter until I told him when we were in the middle of Milwaukee on the bypass. That is because I just talked to my daughter that morning to see if she had to work. It was so nice to see her again, we haven't seen her since Christmas. Then from there we went to Drew's parents  house which is where we stayed for the weekend.

Saturday morning we got up at 7am so we could get out early to go to Door County. The weather was alright a little foggy and misty.  On the way we saw some Ravens, Crows, Bald Eagles, Morning Doves and Red Tailed Hawks. The reason for the trip to Door County is in the town of Ephrain there is a Northern Hawk Owl on the corner of Hwy 57 & Cty Hwy Q. Below is a picture of the Northern Hawk Owl.

He was really hard to find we are so thankful to a lady stopping and letting us know were he was sitting. If it was not for her we probably would have never found him. I think he is a beautiful owl. This was a seven in a half hour round trip to find him. Then when we got back to the house Drew's dad said that the deer were out by the driveway. There was six deer right by the driveway eating and we stood by the kitchen window watching them. That day I was so relaxed and just enjoying myself so much.

Sunday morning we got up at 7am again and packed the car up said goodbye to Drew's parents. I was so thankful that they let us come up and stay at there house and  for everything and we do miss them very much. That morning we met my son and grandkids in Shawano for breakfast. The grandkids are getting so big. Here are some pictures of them.

This is our seventeen month old Granddaughter. She is a very happy little girl and Grandma shared her breakfast with her that morning. She is looking more and more like her mom.

This is our four month old Grandson. Grandpa was holding him so I could get a picture of him. He is a very happy little boy. He is looking more and more like his dad.

It was funny Drew was showing my son some pictures and our Grandson was looking at the camera like Grandpa show me the pictures too and our Granddaughter was looking at the pictures smiling and pointing at the pictures. Even though it was a short visit at a restaurant I really enjoyed it. We miss them all so much. My son is on medical leave from work because last month he had knee surgery done. It was great to see him up and walking around already. The kids were great while we were in the restaurant. You can say we are very proud Grandparents.

Then on the way home I get a text message from Drew's son asking if I can do him a big favor Monday. I asked him what and he said to take his girlfriends dad to the school and pick up his IPhone that was taken away by a teacher. I told him that I would have to talk to his dad about it and would let him know later. So when we got home and put everything away I called Drew's ex-wife and talked her about it and to see if she knew about it. So her and I came to a agreement that the IPhone would stay here by our house. His son text me that night saying don't take the IPhone away my girlfriend has notes on the there. I told him he has to come over tomorrow and talk to his dad about it.

Monday morning I took the girlfriends dad to get the IPhone and come to find out that she lied to her dad. She told him it was her mom's cell phone that was taken away. So when we got to the school I asked the lady in the office if she had something stating about the electronics and she gave me a handbook and showed me what page it was on. Her dad and I looked at the phone and found out it was the IPhone and it has been sitting in the office for six days. Him and I were so mad because of the lying by the kids. When I went to see Drew for lunch I told him about this and he said wait until his son came over. So when the kids came over they did not get the IPhone back. I talked to her day and we made her write all her notes down on paper. When the kids left I told them to be honest with us because I am never going to lie to her dad for them. All I can say it is going to be a very long time before I believe anything they say to us. I am very upset with both of them and my stomach all day yesterday was very upset. After enjoying my weekend this is not what I wanted to come home too.

Let's just say four days of getting up early and doing a lot of driving. I was so worn out last night from the last four days and my body was hurting. Last night sitting watching t.v. I felt like I was still in the car driving. I asked Drew if we could go back up north and stay there because this is not what I want to come home to again. I hope everyone enjoyed there weekend.