Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who Makes Me So Happy!

Last night my boyfriend asked me when I knew I was happy. I asked him if he meant in the past or with him. He said in the past and I told him when I had my kids.

I thought when I got married I was happy. Then when I had my kids I knew I was happy. During my marriage I realized that I was not happy but I stayed in my marriage for my kids. I will do anything for my kids.

Then my boyfriend asked me when I knew I was happy with him. I told him when I met him for the first time last May I was happy. There is something about him that always makes me smile. When we first met I knew he was the one I wanted to be with. With my boyfriend I know that I am safe, he cares about me, he is very kind, he knows how to make me laugh, he knows how to make me smile, he is the sweetest man, he is very handsome and he loves me as much as I love him. The reason I feel so safe with him is because I get a safe secure feeling inside me when I am with him.

I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. You can ask my family they have never seen me this happy in a very long time. My cousin told me before she even met him that she could tell over the phone how happy I am with him.

So who makes me happy that would be my boyfriend and I would not change a thing about this relationship with him. I love him just the way he is and he makes me very very happy. I love him with all of my heart and soul!♥

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Revue of Led Zeppelin!

I read this book and the information you will find out in this book will blow your mind away. While I was reading it I couldn't believe it myself. There was days I just couldn't put the book down. This book was written by Led Zeppelin's road manager Richard Cole.

The band members are - Robert Plant lead vocals, Jimmy Page guitar, John "Bonzo" Bonham drums and John Paul Jones bass and keyboards. The music the band plays is Rock. The band is from England.

The way the band had gotten started was Jimmy use to play for the Yardbirds. The Yardbirds broke up in 1968 and Jimmy was able to keep the name of that band. Then Jimmy started to look for other people to join the band and his friend John Paul said he would join. But then Jimmy started to look for a singer and he went to talk to Terry Reid. Terry gave him a list of singers and Jimmy went to concerts to hear these people sing. The last one he went to was were Robert was singing. When he heard Robert singing it blew him away and he set up a meeting with Robert. He talked to Robert about joining his band and Robert said if he would bring John Bonham in the band. Jimmy said he had to hear him play so Robert set it up for Jimmy to hear John play. John blew Jimmy away with the way he plays the drums. So Robert and John joined the band.

When they first went to the studio Jimmy couldn't believe it. It was like they have been playing together forever. The first name of the band was the New Yardbirds to finish the tour for the Yardbirds in Scandinavia. In late 1968 while recording there first album they came up with the name Led Zeppelin. After they finished recording there album they had there first tour as Led Zeppelin in the states for Christmas.

The band did have good times on there tours it was there bizarre way to relax while on the road. In Seattle at the Edgewater Inn they would fish off the balcony, the have also tried to get a VW Bug to float in the creek, then they went fishing for sharks and stored them in a closet at the hotel, throwing t.v's and furniture out windows. They also had girls coming up to the rooms after concerts having a party drinking and doing drugs. The band members did have girlfriends on the road while there families where back home. 

Before the band would leave to go home they did some shopping. They like to shop for antiques and then send them back home. Antiques like cars, pictures, jewelry etc.

A friend of there's had gotten the band some tickets to go and see Elvis Presley in concert. They really enjoyed going to see him and after the concert they went to the hotel Elvis was staying in and hung out with him. The only one that night that really got along with Elvis was John. Then the second time they met Elvis the only two that went was Richard and John Paul. It was funny because they exchanged watches John Paul gave Elvis his Mickey Mouse watch and Elvis gave him a Baum & Mercier watch. Richard gave Elvis the watch he was wearing and Elvis gave him one with 12 diamonds in it. They just kept exchanging what ever they had on them and Elvis would give them something else in return.

Then in August of 1975 in Rhodes Greece Robert Plants family was in a real bad car accident. His wife was driving and she hit a tree. In the accident Robert shattered his right ankle, elbow and many of the bones in his right leg. The kids had bumps and bruises but his wife was the  worst she was losing blood and needed surgery right away. Robert and Jimmy had taken there families there on vacation but Jimmy left early and his family stay with Robert and his family. Jimmy's wife was driving the car behind Robert's family. The doctor didn't know if Robert would ever walk again with as bad as his leg was. The cast went from his hip to his toes.

In 1977 when the band would leave the concerts like in miami and houston the fans started to get in a rampage. They would start fighting and throwing things around.  Some fans got arrested and a lot of damage was done to the stadiums. The blame for all of this was drugs. Also in 1977 the band started to stay in different hotels. They really didn't get along anymore they would fight off stage but on stage the music sounded like the first day they got together.

There was one real sad tragedy in July of 1977. Robert Plants son passed away he was having respiratory infection and with in 24 hours he had gotten worse. On the way to the hospital his son passed away. Robert was not home he was on tour in the states. That night Richard had made arrangements for Robert to get home. The only way he would leave is if John Bonham and Dennis Sheehan his personal assistance to travel with him. The only members of the band that showed up at the funeral were John and Richard. Jimmy, John Paul and Peter stayed in the states. The band had to cancel the last seven concerts that year. In September of 1977 John was drinking and while driving himself home he drove his car into a ditch. The only thing wrong with him was a couple of broken ribs.

The band members never pushed Robert to get back on stage. They let him take his time to get it together and in December of 1978 they finally got together. In 1979 they recorded a song called All My Love and that was written for Roberts son.

In 1980 Richard Cole has a choice to get off the drugs or he didn't have a job. But what happened is that Richard was arrested but happened to be the wrong person they were looking for. But Richard ended up spending six months in prison.

The worst thing to happen to the band did happen. The day John " Bonzo" Bonham passed away. This was on September 25th, 1980. He died of an over dose of alcohol he basically drank himself to death. He was one of the best drummers out there. At his funeral there was over 300 fellow musicians that had attended his funeral. John is very much missed to this day.

The rest of the band talked it over that there was no way that John could ever be replace in the band. So they all decided that was the end of Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin had a great twelve years together with the practical jokes to each other, laughs and a lot of stories.

If you like Led Zeppelin this is a book you have to read. I am sorry I kept going on about them but I just wanted you to get most of the high lights about the book. It is a real good book of what the band went through. I really enjoyed reading it. Like I said earlier this book just blew my mind.  

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Visiting Family!

My boyfriend is very family oriented. To him his family comes before anything else and he loves his family very much. He considers my kids and I his family. That means so much to me because of how my marriage was. He is so caring and loving to all of us.

Yesterday I got a text message from his sister. Her and her husband where on there way back from a business meeting down south. They where stopping in town to have there camper checked out. So they wanted to see us and I told her that we would meet them.

I had to wake him up to let him know she was on her way to town. I had to call her back because she texted me. They were two hours away from here when I called her and that was enough time for everyone to shower and get ready. 

So we went out for lunch with them and we talked. It was so nice to see them since we haven't seen them since Christmas. We all had a real good time and they finally got to meet my daughter for the first time. We were making jokes and laughing and just having a good time visiting with them. I couldn't have asked for a better day this weekend. It really put a smile on my boyfriends face.

This was the first time they got to see the new car too. They both liked the car. I found out a lot more about car repairs  from her husband. That some places here in town are charging us way to much to get our car fixed. I had no idea about that. I am so happy that they let us know about that.

I just can't wait to see them again. The next time we get to see his family might be for Easter. It will be so good to see them all. We Love all of you very much!♥

Friday, March 25, 2011

Amerian Idol!

I was watching American Idol last night and It gave me the idea to write every week about what has happened. Also to see what everyone's thoughts are with who is being eliminated.

I had taken my daughter to the auditions in Milwaukee back in July. It made for one long day watching everyone audition and how they all practiced there. What is really neat is I met Chris Medina there. He was sitting right behind my daughter and I. I also talk to him in the hallway and I heard him practice out in the hallway. Here are all the audition places they had this year- Nashville Tennessee, Milwaukee Wisconsin, San Francisco California, Austin Texas, East Rutherford New Jersey and New Orleans Louisiana. The ages for the auditions range from 15-28 years old. They just changed the age this year from 16-24 years old for the first three seasons. Then in season four they changed it to 16-28 years old.   

The last three seasons they have been changing the judges. The judges for this season are Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. I think these judges are doing a great job this year. It is so nice not hearing Simon being so negative about every singer. It always seemed like Simon had something bad to say about every singer. Ryan Seacrest has been hosting the show since the first season.

Here is the top 13 that made it out of thousands that tried out. Paul McDonald, Jacob Lusk, Pia Toscano, Naima Adedapo, Lauren Maina, Haley Reinhart, Tia Megia, James Dulbin, Casey Abrams, Stephano Langane, Scotty McCreery, Aston Jones and Karen Rodrieguez.

The Eliminations have been first week was Aston Jones, the second week was Karen Rodrieguez and this week was Casey Abrams. But for this week the judges used the save for Casey. I was really surprised that Casey was even in the bottom three. He sings really good and the instruments that he came play blows me away. I am so happy that they used the save this week. The judges were shocked that Casey was in the bottom three also.

When they start the top 13 there is a theme every week. The first week the singers had to pick a Beatles song. The second week the singers had to pick a song from the year they were born. This week the singers had to pick a song from Motown.  They also have special guests appear every week. This week was Stevie Wonder, Sugarland, Hulk Hogan and Jennifer Hudson.

The Top 11 for the summer tour is going to be Paul McDonald, Jacob Lusk, Pia Toscano, Naima Adedapo, Lauren Maina, Haley Reinhart, Tia Megia, James Dulbin, Casey Abrams, Stephano Langone and Scotty McCreery.

These are my top three picks for this season James Dulbin, Scotty McCreery and Casey Abrams. Please let me know who your top three picks are for this season. Here is one thing that has been bugging me for awhile and I just want to see what other people think. To me Chris Medina sings a lot better than a couple of the people that the judges did pick. Yes I know people will say that I am saying this because I met him in Milwaukee. No I am not he does have a great voice and can really sing. When I heard him in Milwaukee he blew me away with the way he can sing. Then when I seen him on t.v. I told my boyfriend that I met him. Please leave your thoughts about the show!♥

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Revue on Jim Croce!

The way I decided to write about Jim Croce is I was going through some songs on youtube today. I was listening to some of his songs and I thought it would be cool to write about him today.

His real name is James Joseph " Jim " Croce. He was born January 10th, 1943 and he passed away September 20th, 1973. I remember when he passed away. That was a real sad day for me because I love his music.

Jim and his wife Ingrid sang as a duo from 1960 to 1970 with capital records. They really didn't do well with that. They ended up moving back home and Jim went back to work for a construction company. He never did like to do that so then he went in to truck driving. He really had it hard trying to get his singing career going. Jim and Ingrid did record two albums that were released.

In 1970 he ran into a friend of his Joe Salviuolo that plays music too. Jim use to play guitar for him when he had shows back in college. Joe introduced Jim to Maury Muehleisen. Maury is a pianist, guitarist, singer and songwriter. Jim was going to back up Maury but it turned out that Maury was going to back up Jim. In 1972 Jim's career was taking off. He signed a three record deal with ABC Records. With them he recorded three album's. He started going on tours with his band.

Then on September 20th, 1973 after him and the band had left a show and was on the plane to the next show the plane crash. Everyone on the plane died. His last album was just about to come out. In December They did release that album. Jim has a son Adrian was born in 1971. Adrian is a singer, songwriter and musician and he also has some cd's out.

If you really want some good music Jim Croce album's are some to have in your collection. He has a soft and soothing voice and the music with his songs is really good. I wish I had my music collection then I could listen to this music more. In 1972 when his song operator came out is when I really got into his music. Then he came out with bad bad leroy brown and I just love that song.

I hope everyone likes this revue. I am going to leave you with a video of a song that I do like. This song was written for his son Adrian.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Revue of Shania Twain!

Today I decided to write about Shania Twain. Her real name is Eilleen Regina Edwards and she also goes by Eilleen Twain. I really like her music and she does have great concerts. I have never been to her concerts but I have seen them on t.v.. She also cares about her fans very much.

I don't know it is something about her voice that I really like. She just has that voice that is so soothing to listen to. The some of her songs she has also written. I have listen to her music ever since she started out.

Her career went from 1993 to 2005. Yes it was a short career but she did have a real good career. When she first started out she went to the top with her music. She only had six albums come out but a couple of the went to Diamond Platinum. She also sold over millions of copies of her albums.

She always had sold out concerts and she always made sure the fans had a good time at the concerts. She was a great entertainer and she had received Entertainer of the year awards and she was inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame.

There is one thing about Shania that did not like. It was the way she would dress for her shows and for the Award shows. She is a very pretty lady but to me she could have dressed better than she did. The way she dressed was like telling her young fans it was alright to dress like that too. That is the only thing I never did like about her. She never dressed like that when she first started out but when she made it big is when she started to dress like that.

I also just found out she has a biography coming out on May 3rd, 2011. I am hoping to get that to read and then I will do a revue on the book also. So I hope you keep a look out for me to do the revue. It will be very interesting to see how she grew up and what has happened in her life. I look forward to reading her book.

The songs from Shania that I do like are Any Man of Mine, Who's bed have your boots been under, Raining on our love, Man! I feel like a woman, From this moment on, Come on over, You're the one, Honey I'm home, Forever and for always. This just some of her songs that I really like. I am listening to some of the songs while I write this.

She married her first husband Robert in 1993. She does have one child it is a boy Eja D'Angelo was born in 2001. In 2008 Shania and Robert were separated and there divorce was final in June 2010. In January 2011 Shania and Fredrick were married.

I wrote this because I heard that someone I know really likes Shania Twain. I hope this person likes what I have wrote about her!♥

I hope that everyone enjoys this revue and I am leaving you with one of her songs that I really like!♥

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Revue of Twister!

I decided to do a revue on Twister today. I have the book and the movie. I can watch the movie over and over that is how much I like the movie. Then one day my boyfriend and I were at a thrift store and I saw the book. I just had to get the book to read it.

In the book they go into more details about the tornado's. It does have some of the movie in the book but not that much. Tornado's are very dangerous when they come around. They can take down one home and leave the next one alone.

The width of a tornado is fifty to one hundred feet. There are different strengths of a tornado. They are called f1 to f5. The f1 is like the winds from the tornado and the f5 is the worst one of all it takes everything in its path down. Like in the movie they call everything debris that is what the f5 is like.

Between the movie and the book I have learned a lot about tornado's. I lived in Illinois and have been through a few tornado's and I didn't know a lot about them. One place that I lived took a baby out of the house still in the crib and set her down a block away and did not harm her at all. Then another time by my mom's house a tornado went through and kill one man working on a building and crippled another man. This is how different the tornado's are. Last year we had a tornado touch down here and it destroyed a barn, the wal-mart sign and the roof of a business. I also remember about 4yrs ago up north  a tornado took out a lot of our forest. That tornado also took a friend of my mom's house and was only about two miles away from my mom's house. I was afraid something happened to my mom's home. But we got lucky with that.

The reason why I am writing this today is because tornado season is approaching. I just want to let everyone know how dangerous they can be. Right now I don't know how good are alarm system is for tornado's but just be very careful. One thing I can let you know is when a storm is coming just watch the clouds. If you see the clouds going in a circle and a funnel starting go for cover. Sometimes the clouds will go to a green color too. This is what I have learned with the book and the movie. I am just looking out for the safety of everyone's families.

If you haven't seen the movie I would rent that or try to get the book from the library and read it. I have learned so much from both of them. I really recommend both of them. The book really goes into more detail about the tornado's. I pray everyone stays safe! I am going to leave you with a couple pictures from a tornado that happened up by my mom about four years ago.

This is what the tornado did up north June 7th, 2007.
The owners are leaving this alone to remember what happened.

This is what the woods up north look like from the tornado. 
This happened June 7th, 2007.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Revue of Journey!

This is one of my favorite bands from growing up. So I thought I would do a revue on them for everyone. When I first heard them on the radio I thought wow what a band and how they could come up with some awesome songs. I use to have all of there albums but thanks to my ex he sold them.

The band started in 1973 with band members- Herbie Herbert as Manager, Neal Schon on lead guitar, Gregg Rollie on keyboard and lead vocals, Ross Vallory on bass, George Tickner on rhythm guitar and Prairie Prince on drums. This was the very first band line up. They didn't have a name for the band yet. They had a radio contest to come up with a name for this band. But the band had not success to find a name. Then one day one of the roadies came up with the name Journey and that is what the band went with for the name.

The very first couple of albums that the band recorded were jazz fusion style. The first place that they played these songs was at Winterland Ballroom for a New Year's Eve show. Then shortly after this show the drummer Prairie Prince left the  band. So the band hired drummer Aynsley Dunbar.

In 1974 the band debuted at Great American Music Hall and that is when they landed  a recording contract with Columbia Records. So in 1975 the band finally released there very first album called Eponymous. After recording this album the rhythm guitar player George Tickner left the band. Then in 1976 the band's second album came out Look Into The Future. These album's did not have much sales on them. The band was missing someone that could do lead vocals. So some of the band members went for some vocal lessons.

In 1977 the band hired Robert Fleischman for the lead vocals. He would give the band more of a popular style. The fans were not to happy with the change in the band sound. But with Robert there the band did write the song Wheel in the sky. But with in a year Robert had left the band.

In late 1977 the band did hired Steve Perry for lead vocals. Steve added a clean tenor sound to the band. The band became a true pop act and there fourth album Infinity in 1978 had reached number 21 on the charts. Then the band had there first platinum album. Also that year the drummer Aynsley Dunbar got fired from the band. The band hired Steve Smith on the drums. In 1979 the band recorded Evolution and this album gave the band there first billboard hot top 20 single with Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin song.

Then in 1980 the band recorded Departure and reached number 8 on the album charts and also number 25 on the single chart with Anyway You Want It. Also this year during there tour they recorded there live album call Captured. They also recorded a sound track for the movie Dream After Dream while in Japan. The band has been doing very good at this point in there career.

In 1984 the band has decided to take a break for awhile. That is when Steve Perry decided to try his solo career. He did have a couple of hits on his own. There was some songs that were released while the band took the break.

Then the band reunited in 1985. The only way that Steve Perry would return was if Herbie Herbert was fired. So the band fired him and then they hired Irving Azoff from the Eagles. So then the band was back together recording albums and touring.

In 1997 Steve Perry was hiking in Hawaii and he injured his hip. The only way he could perform again is if he had surgery done on his hip. But he refused to have the surgery done so that meant that he could not be in the band anymore. Also at this time Steve Smith quit the band. So in 1998 the band hired Steve Augeri for lead vocals and also hired Deen Castronovo on the drums.

The next album that was released was Arrival in 2001. Then in 2002 the band released a four track cd box set title Red 13. In 2005 the band was industed to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. By everyone's surprise Steve Perry showed up for this. This also the band's 30th Anniversary for touring. In 2006 Steve Augeri had to leave the band. He was battling Chronic Thoat Infections. In 2007 the band hired Arnel Pineda for the lead vocals. Neal Schon saw him on youtube singing some of the bands songs.

There has been so many band member coming and going. But the band has had so many great songs along the way also. The time that I really liked the band is with Steve Perry.  I think he is the one that really made this band with Neal Schon too. Here is a list of the band members past and present-
Current members
Former members
Touring members
Session musicians

I am also leaving you with one of my favorite songs from Journey.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

This weekend we decided to do some spring cleaning in the house. It was my boyfriend, my daughter and I all pitched in and cleaned.

We just got the inside of the house. We washed all of the bedding, vacuumed the whole house and I vacuumed the furniture off, cleaned the whole bathroom, dusted everything off, got all the junk that was stuffed in the furniture out and cleaned the whole kitchen.

I vacuumed the furniture to get all the dog hair off of it. The furniture looks so much better. It also had a lot of dust on it from the heater going.

I didn't realize it when I started to do the laundry I was going to end up with nine loads of laundry. It was all the blankets, sheets, pillow cases and or clothes from the week. That was a job in it self to get done. I was up until 1am just with the laundry.

I am just happy that this is all done and the next time I will have to clean like this will be in the fall. Everyone was real tired by the time we got done with the major cleaning and just wanted to relax. The next big job is the outside when it warms up again. To get everything cleaned off out there for the summer.

I just thought I would let everyone know what I had been doing for the weekend!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Revue of Garth Brooks

These are my thoughts about Garth Brooks. I really like his music also I have gone to one of his concerts. He does have a real good concert and he can not stand still when he is on stage. He says that the stage is his playground and he wants all his fans to be able to see him. That is the main reason why he is always walking and running around on stage.

Garth's real name is Troyal Garth Brooks and he was born on February 7, 1962 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This was his mom and dad's second marriage. Garth has four siblings that are half brothers and sisters.

In High School Garth was in sports. These are the sports he was in Football, Baseball and Ran Track and Field. Then he went to College and he got a degree in advertising.

In 1984 Garth began playing his music in clubs and bars. He was more into Rock music but in 1981 his his main influence was George Strait. After he started to hear George Strait's music then he was inspired to play country music.

In 1985 a lawyer named Rod Phelps drove from Dallas to hear Garth play. After he heard him play he told Garth that he would produce his first demo. So he went to Nashville to record his demo then he went right back home with in 24 hours.

Garth was working as a bouncer in a bar and that is how he met his first wife Sandy. They got married and the in 1987 they moved to Nashville. They had three girls together. It is said to say that in 1999 they got  a divorce.

His first album was released in 1989. It hit the charts with great success and went to number two. Once the first album came out Garth was a real big name in country music. Every album he put out there was always a big hit for him. Not only was the albums a big hit so was all of his concerts. I remember when I was at his concert it was standing room when he hit the stage. I can say one thing for him he had a great career with his music. His career went from 1989 to 2005. He was a singer and a song writer the whole time for his career.

Also one sad thing happened to Garth in 2005. He lost his best friend and another great country music artist his name is Chris LeDoux. Chris was battling cancer of the liver. He did have a transplant but it came back again and took him from us.

Also in 2005 Garth signed a deal with Wal-Mart for a box set. The name of the box set is The Limited Series. This has six- cd's with past songs and lost sessions disc also with eleven previously unissued recordings. The first day it came out he sold over 500,000 copies then by December he sold over a million copies. Wal-Mart was the only store that you could buy this box set at.

Garth had received a number of awards also and here they are Artist of the Decade, Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, Country Music Awards, World Music Awards, People's Choice Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Recording Industry Association Award, Radio Music Award, Golden Globe Award and CMT Awards. I think with the way his career went for him he really deserved these awards.

Here are some of his songs that I really like The Dance, The Thunder Rolls, The River, Friends in Low Places, If Tomorrow Never Comes, Shameless, Good Ride Cowboy ( this was for Chris LeDoux) and  When you come back to me again. There are a lot more I can name but I am going to put a video on here from a moving that he made a song for.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day!

I thought since today is St. Patrick's Day I would write about it today.

St. Patrick's Day has been a Religious Holiday ever since the ninth century. It was named after the Saint Patrick of the Patrons Saints of Ireland. Back then the color was Blue. They made the color Blue because of the color that the Patrons wore.

Then in the 17th century the color changed to Green. They changed the color because of the the clovers and the shamrocks. 

This day is observed my many Religions. Some of them are the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox and the Lutherans.  There are more but these are the ones that observed this day back then. 

In the 17th Century this day became a Feast Day and a celebration for the Irish. This also became a public holiday in Ireland. They made St. Patrick's Day on March 17th so it didn't interfere with the Holy Week. Holy Week is Palm Sunday and Lent. 

In 1903 St. Patrick's Day became an Official Public Holiday in Ireland. This was with the help of the bank act 1903 an act of the United Kingdom Parliament. This was introduced by Irish MP James O'Mara. He is the person that helped get this day for a holiday for the Irish culture. 

The first parade was held in the Irish Free State of Dublin in 1931. They had to close the pubs and bars down because to many people were drinking and getting really out of hand. Starting fights in the middle of the streets and in the bars and pubs.

The first festival was held on March 17, 1996 this was a one day event. Then in 1997 it became a three day event and in 2000 it became a four day event. In 2000 there was more than 675,000 people at the festival. The festival included concerts, bands, the parade, theatre performances and fireworks.

The biggest celebration was held in Downpatrick, County Down. They had more than 2,000 participants and 82 floats, bands and performers. This was in 2004 and it was a week long festival.

In 2007 Vincent Twomey wrote this " It is time to reclaim St. Patrick's Day as a Church Festival." They are worried that this day has gotten way out of hand.

This is how the Holiday St. Patrick's Day had started many years ago.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How I met my boyfriend!

After my divorce I was not looking for another man. It was very hard for me to trust anyone after my ex-husband cheated on me for over a year.

Yes with working with karaoke there has been men that wanted to go out with me. But I did not want to babysit a drunk. I seen how mean the men get when they are drunk and I did not want that for my kids or myself. I did go out with someone that I thought was being true to me. But then I found out that he wanted me there to take care of his kids and did not care about me. He also cheated on me with his ex-wife. So I ended that relationship. After that I told myself I would only be friends with men. I didn't want another relationship ever because I was tired of being used like that.

Then one day I was online on a website called myyearbook. I was on there talking to a few men on there and telling them I only wanted to be friends. I saw a picture of my boyfriend and we started to talk to each other May 2010. At first we started to talk on the computer and then he gave me his number and said for me to call him. I did not have a computer at my house so I had to go to the college to talk to him. So that night I called him and we started to talk. 

In late May my  ex- mother- in- law passed away. I had to go down to Illinois for the funeral. I told my boyfriend about that and he told me to text him to let him know I made it down there. He had me letting him know ever time I left each place and when I made it to the next place that day. Just remember at this point we have not even met in person. When I was on my way back from Illinois we where going to meet but he had to go and get his son from school. I did call him when I got home to let him know I made it home. That was one long day for me. 

Since the first day that we started to talk he would text me when he would leave for work, text me on his breaks and either text me or call me on his lunch. Then he would call me when he got home from work. 

Then we finally met for the first time in June 2010. When he pulled into the parking lot I got this feeling in me. It is hard to explain but it is like a real safe secure feeling I got inside of me. I never believe at love at first sight. It happened to me when I saw my boyfriend. Between the feelings I was getting and seeing him for the first time I knew he was the one I had been looking for. When we first met it was at a restaurant for dinner. We sat there and we talked to get to know one another better. 

Then we were talking during the week we were talking and come to find out that his birthday was the following weekend. I kept telling him I would really like to see him for his birthday. So him and his son came to see me for his birthday. This was the first time I met his son and we had a good weekend. They both met my son and my younger daughter. They also met my mom and my younger sister.  Also that weekend I met his mom, dad, his sister and brother-in-law. 

Then after he went home and we started to tell each other how much we missed each other. Then at the end of June I went and spent a week with him. He was on vacation then. So we really were able to spend a lot of time together and get to really know each other. He took me around to see were he lives. He even cooked on the grill for me and I made the side dishes. We even spent time with his son going out. It was really nice I really enjoyed myself. 

In July my daughter and I came back down here by him. My daughter auditioned for American Idol that month and sorry to say she did not make it. We have been down here with him ever since.  I know I am were I'm suppose to be and that is with him.

He is the sweetest, kind, caring, honest, handsome and loving man I have ever met. He was through a bad relationship and a bad marriage just like I was. So we know what each other has been through. I can say one thing that is he is there for me and he listens to what I have to say. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship. 

This is how much I trust him. I trust him with my kids lives and with my life. I know for a fact that he will never hurt us or let anyone else hurt us. I love him and all four kids more than anything else in the world. I know he loves all four kids and myself the same. I can honestly say I found the most wonderful man in the world. I have told him that I do not plan on ever leaving him.


Monday, March 14, 2011

My Revue of ALABAMA

This is my revue of a Country group that is my favorite. I have listen to there music since they came out. There music is country/southern rock.

Alabama band members- Randy Owen is lead singer and  rythm guitar, Teddy Gentry is back up singer and bass, Jeff Cook is guitar and violin and back up singer , Mark Herndon is drums. Randy, Teddy and Jeff are cousins.

The way the band started out is Randy, Teddy and Jeff formed the band for a talent show in High School. They called the band Young Country. They won the talent show contest. After high school Randy and Jeff went to college. Then after college they formed the band again to pursue there dream. This was one dream that there parents could not stop them from doing. They loved there music and they believed in themselves.

In 1972 they reunited and they called the band Wildcountry. They played in clubs across the Southeast coast. The one place they mainly played was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. While the group had this name for the band they had gone through three drummers. At this time of there career it was really hard for them to get a record deal with a recording company.

In 1977 they finally got to sign a one album recording contract with General Recorded Tape Inc.. Then they changed there name to Alabama. The album that they made with this company was I Wanna Be With You Tonight.  A year later the company went bankrupt and on the contract it said that the group could not sign with another label. So what the group did was try to get this company paid off so they could find another record label. What it is called is buying out the contract and that took over a year to do.

In 1979 when the last drummer quit they went looking for a new drummer. Teddy had heard Mark playing and he went and talked to him asked him if he would be interested in playing for them. Mark said yes and then Teddy had told Randy and Jeff about him and they wanted to hear him play. So Mark played for them and then they hired him.

In 1980 Alabama signed with RCA. This is when there career really took off. But before they signed with them Randy was about to quit the band. His father passed away and it really hit him hard. When he went to sign the contract he said he was doing this for his father. I am so glad that Randy did go and sign the contract otherwise we would never have this band. From 1980-2003 they have a lot of great music.

They band has over 30 number on hits, sold over 73 million albums. The Awards that they have received are Album of the year, Entertainer of the year, Favorite group of the year, Instrumental group of the year, Vocal group of the year, Presidents Award in 2000, Inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005,  Inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2004. The are also all the charities that they work with.

This band has a lot of great songs and here are some of my favorites. I like Feels so right, Dixieland delight, 40 hour week, Roll on, Mountain Music, Love in the first degree, If your gonna play in Texas, Down home, Why lady why, Pass it on down and Forever is as far as I will go.

There signature song is My homes in Alabama. I Love this song too.

I think the reason why I like this band so much is because they are so down to earth. They love there fans and they have taught there kids how to earn there money. I have read the biography about the band and in there they have said for the kids to earn there money they would take them along the roads to pick up the cans and take them in. Yes the band had the money to buy the kids anything but they wanted to teach the kids how it was for them.

In 2002 the band announced that they were going to be doing a Farewell Tour. I know that Randy was having medical problems at this time. That on stage he could only sing or play the guitar. So during 2003 and 2004 they did the Farewell tour. I know that they showed it on T.V. and I have it on tape. It was a great concert and I will never tape over that.

In 2006 they did record another album called 16 Greatest Hits and in 2007 The Very Best of Alabama. These are there last two albums and they also have one 2003 called In The Mood: The Love Songs. There are a lot of good albums for the band.

I know that there is an autobiography about the group. I had read it a long time ago and it is a really good book. It really goes into detail how the band started out and when they had gotten married about there families and life on the road away from the families. I had just found out that Randy Owen has a new book out it is called Born Country: How Faith, Family and Music Brought Me Home. I hope I can get this book and read it then I will do a revue on how that book is.   

These are my thoughts about Alabama. I hope that you like what I had to say about the band.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Thoughts about Prairie Tale!

This book is about how Melissa Gilbert grows up. I read this book and some of the things in the book I could not believe. The things that she had gone through growing up is really unbelievable.

Melissa was adopted at birth. Her adopted parents were both in show business. Her dad was in stand up comedy and her mom was in movies. So growing up her family was all in the spot light. So when she was little she was always dressed in real fancy dresses. Like satin with the lace. Her mom would stay up all night to iron the dress so that it looked perfect for the next day.

Then when she was about four year old her parents adopted her brother Jonathan. At first she was jealous of him but then she started to play with him in the playpen. When her mom seen her in the playpen with her brother Melissa would get yelled at.

Her mom and dad did get a divorce and she was unhappy about that. She thought it was all her fault that is was a bad girl. She could never cry about it because it wasn't right for someone in show business to show your emotions. She also could never say anything bad about the family in public.

When Melissa was about nine years old she went for an audition for Little House on the Prairie. When she got there she seen Micheal Landon sitting there and she was scared. She did her audition and she got the spot for Laura Ingalls.  So she grew up playing Laura and her brother Jonathan played Willie Olsen on the show. Melissa's mom did marry again. But Melissa wasn't happy that someone was going to try to take the place of her dad.While on Little House Melissa's mom had another baby Sara Gilbert.

Melissa's grandpa was in show business too. So one day she went with her grandpa to meet some people and she got to me Groucho Marx. This was something she really loved. She met a lot of other people but this is one that she mentioned on the book.

Micheal Landon's family and her family would spend a lot of time together. She had gotten real close to the kids. Like any teenager you go through relationships and that is what she did. They went on vacations together also. Micheal was like a dad to her growing up. When he passed away it was really hard for her. She was thankful her husband and kids were there for her.

Her sister Sara Gilbert was on the Roseanne show. So all the kids are in show business. Her mom was the manager for all of the kids growing up. She to care of all the finances. 

I know I am going on with this book but to understand what she has been through this is a book to get to read. It is really a great book. It tells about all her ups and downs growing up. She was also married a couple of times. I would really recommend this book to read!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

About My Marriage!

I know I have told you some of what happened to me while I was married. I thought I would let you know how I met my ex-husband,what happened while we were married and how my marriage ended.

I thought I would do this so that people would get a better understanding what I have gone through in my marriage and with my kids. I can let you know one thing it is not easy being a single parent to three kids. My ex's name is Don.

When I first met my ex-husband I thought he was pain in the butt. Some friends and I would go to a restaurant on Friday nights to hand out and talk.   He always tried to start a fight with my friend Blair.  I would have to get in the middle of the two of them to stop them. Blair was in the Army Reserves in the Barret. I would get so mad at Don every time he would start this with Blair. Don would do this in the middle of the restaurant. Don always thought he was Gods gift to woman. Don would come there with his friend John and I would tell John to get him out of there before they both got kicked out. John was really nice to everyone it was just Don acting like an idiot.

About a month later Blair and I started to go out and that made Don really mad. Don came up to Blair and I and told Blair to go outside because he was going to beat him. So Blair got up from the table and went outside to see if Don had it in him to beat him. But like always I got in between them and I told Blair not to do this because I loved him and  I didn't want Blair to go to jail. So Blair backed down and walked away from Don. Then Don told Blair that he was a chicken because of what I said to Blair.  Blair and I went out for about six months then Blair broke up with me.

Then in September of 1983 I started to go out with Don. While we were going out he was really nice to me and he told me that in January he was going in the the Military for basic training with the Army. He met my parents and my parents really liked him. Then Don asked my dad if he could marry me and my dad said yes. So in December of 1983 we got married. Then in January he left for basic training which was suppose to be for three months. But he had to stay a month longer because there was one test he couldn't pass.

So when he came home I found out that he was going to be stationed in Louisiana. I was not happy about that because he was taking me away from my family. He was stationed here for three years..So he left in June and in August my mom and dad took me down to Louisiana. By then Don had a house for us off base. The housing list for on base was two years long. My parents only stayed over night there then they went back home. When they left I had no car to get anywhere. I was thankful there was a little store down the block from me so I could go and get a few things that we needed. If I had to do regular shopping on base I would have to walk or take a cab.  I did make friends with some of my neighbors. My one friend Renee her husband was in the Military also. So when she went shopping I would go with her. Also our landlord's son was selling a car and we went to look at it. It was a station wagon but I didn't care what kind of car it was as long as it ran real good. So he came down in the price and we got the car. I was so happy when we got the car so I could go and do laundry at the laundry mat and go shopping when I wanted to go instead of waiting for Renee to go. Then in November of 1986 I had my son. He was born at the Military hospital in Louisiana and I was in labor for 18 1/2 hrs with him. Then in December of 1986 Don got an honorable discharge from the Military. So we were home for Christmas that year for good.

So in December we packed everything up and we went back to Illinois with our son. We missed my nieces birthday but I made up for it when we got home. We stored most of our things at his mom and dad's house. We lived with my mom and dad until we both got jobs and a place of our own. This was not easy living with my parents again. But with in about six months we had our own place again. I was happy again because I could do what I wanted to do. My son was like the son my dad never had. He loved his grandson. My dad spoiled his grandson so much. Once I had our son Don wouldn't help with him at all. The  only time he would help with him was when I was at work.

Then in October of 1989 I had our daughter. Our son got so jealous of his sister. After I had her my older sister had a baby shower for me. I never got to have one with our son because we were in Louisiana. So this was really nice of my sister.  With my daughter I had a C-section. So it was hard for me to get around but I had to take care of two kids. I didn't even get help with either of the kids to give them baths. Don's friend John was living with us when I had our daughter and he helped me out when he wasn't working. I will say one thing John helped me out more than there own father.

Then in November of 1992 I had our other daughter. I had another C-section with her. Both the girls were born in Illinois. This wasn't easy with the three kids. I had to get them each there baths and try to keep the two older ones entertained and take care of the youngest when she woke up. At this time my son was in school and I had to get him back and forth to school. So I would have to get the girls dressed and get him dressed to get him to school.

I think it was in March of 1996 my dad talked Don into moving up to Wisconsin. So we moved up here because my dad had retired from the Chicago Tribune newspaper. Then in May of 1996 we moved my mom and dad up here. They have an acre and a half of land up here. Then in September my dad passed away. 

I was also getting the kids dressed and ready to go to church. All three of my kids are baptized. When the kids got older Don would just yell at them all the time because he could not hear his t.v.. He would call them and I all kinds of names. Basically he verbally and mentally abused us.  I was scared to come home from work because I didn't know what kind of mood he would be in. He would throw dishes, lamps, chair, end tables, coffee tables and toys. It would not hit us. He has also put holes in the walls with his fists. He would never help the kids with homework. I would come home from work and help the kids with homework, get dinner going, make sure they got there baths and get clothes out for the next day. Don would sit there in front of the t.v..

So in May of 2003 he decided to leave us while I was at my mom's house. He was suppose to meet me at my mom's but he never showed up. I found out from my son that during the week Don was packing some of his things into his truck while I was at work. This was on a Saturday that he had left. Then on Monday I went to my case worker I had for medical assistance and she filed for child support for me. I almost lost my job on Monday also because I went in and talked to my manager and told him what Don had done to me. Then  week later I find out that Don left me two months behind in rent, three months behind in car payments. I was so mad at him to do this to the kids and I. So three months later I lost the apartment and the car.

The only way he would see our youngest daughter is if I brought her over to his place. Then I find out he moved out because he got his new girlfriend pregnant.  He told me before I had my tubes cut and tied that he wanted one more baby. I told him no more with this body. So he found someone else and had one more.

So in June of 2002 I filed for my divorce. I had to see him so he could sign the papers. The dog I had at the time would not let  Don in the house. The dog knew what he did and was mad at Don too. So I got the papers signed and my divorce was final in January 2003. So I have been a single mom for nine years. I will tell you when the judge said my divorce was final I was so happy. I have been happy ever since because I got the main stress out of my life. To this day if the kids want to talk to there dad they have to call him he will not call the kids. All I can say to that what a real nice Dad.

So everyone that is my life being married. I don't miss that life at all but I do have three wonderful kids out of the marriage. I love them very much!♥

Monday, March 7, 2011

Thoughts for Food 2011-The Review

This was the first time I have been to Thoughts for Food. I didn't know what to expect. This is a benefit for the food pantry here. It cost $10.00 and you can go and see as many bands as you like. They play from 7pm to 1pm. We went and saw five bands Saturday night. I have pictures of the bands and I will let you know what I thought of each one of them and also let you know what kind of music each one plays. I know I am a little late on writing this Iam sorry

This is Identity Crisis we went to see them first from 7pm to 8:15pm they were at the Michigan Pub. They are a Rock Band. I really didn't know what to expect with this band. I was really surprised how they sounded. This was the first time I have ever heard them and they were really good. They played more of the 90's music and I knew some of the music. They played music like Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty. The Rolling Stones. They did a great job on all

the songs that they played. I couldn't believe when we got to the bar it wasn't that crowded but when we went to leave when the band was done playing how crowded the bar had gotten. It was standing room only by that time. I really enjoyed listening to this band playing I could sit there and listen to them play more if the time permitted.

This was the second band we went to go and see. This is Lynden Moon we saw them at Coaster's bar. They played from 8:30pm to 9:45pm. we only stayed for half the time because there was another band playing at the same time that we wanted to go and see also. This is an instrumental band and the lead guitar player writes his own music for the band. I thought I would never like an instrumental band at all. But this band is so good I didn't want to go and see the other band play. I wanted to stay there and listen to them for the whole time. They also have cd's out to buy. I couldn't believe how good they were and there was only one song by the Beatles that they played. The rest of the music was written by the lead guitar player. I really enjoyed going to see this band play. When we got here it was all standing room only.

This is third band we went to see Mean Jake we went to see them at Chartroom Charlie's. They played from 8:30pm to 9:45pm. This is the band that we went to go and see the other half of the time. They have Rock and Blues music. I seen them down at the beach over the summer and they are a really good band. I can't believe with this band where ever they go they have a big crowd of people that are there to listen to them play. I don't blame the people either because this band is really good. The people are out there dancing to the music and sing along with the band. By the time we had gotten to the bar it was standing room only. The people were standing in the isle this is how crowded it was here. The band was in a corner playing and the crowd didn't seem to mind that there was little room to move around. The music was great.

This is the fourth band we went to see Razors Edge they played at the Eagles Club upstairs from 10pm to 11:15pm. This is a AC/DC tribute band. We seen this band play at Party on the Pavement. The band is good. The lead guitar player is dressed in the red velvet short suit. They do have the AC/DC sound. Yes I do like AC/DC's music and they played a lot of it. Like Hell's Bells, Jailbait, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Highway to Hell and You Shook Me All Night Long. They also had people come and play the bag pipes which I thought was really cool. When we got there the band wasn't even playing yet and people were going in and out still. About half way through the show it was standing room only. This was not one of my favorite band's of the night. There is something about this band I just didn't like and I don't know what it is.

 This is the fifth band we went to see Full Flavor they played from 11:30pm to 12:45pm. They were at the Eagles Club downstairs.  They have Classic Rock music. I have seen them play at the beach over the summer. I really like this band the lead guitar player really gets into the music and he also sings some of the songs. By this time a lot of the people have gone home so it wasn't as crowded. The music was great and I really like this band. The people were dancing and singing along with the band. They played music from Aerosmith, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Beatles and Santana. I think what I really like about this band is how the lead guitar player just gets into the music so much. They way he plays that guitar is just great. This was the last band for the night and I really enjoyed listening to the band.

Like I said this was the first time I went to this benefit and I had a real good time going to it with my boyfriend. It was really different and you had to walk from place to place. I also got to listen to some great music and I enjoyed my night. I applaud all the bands for an enjoyable night and they all did a great job. We also ran into some people that my boyfriend knew.

Friday, March 4, 2011

My Revue about the Little House on the Prairie Play!

My mom and I where watching t.v. one night and we seen a commercial for a play about Little House on the Prairie. I told my mom that I wish I had the money to go and see the play. I have watched the t.v. show and I have read all the books. I love Little House on the Prairie.

About two weeks before the play came to Appleton Wi. my mom asked me if I still wanted to go and see the play. I said yes I really would like to. Then she goes in her purse and takes out four tickets to the play. My mom, both of my sisters and I went to see the play on March 28th,2010.

Melissa Gilbert played Ma and she did a great job.  The play went by both the books and the show. There was some singing and dancing,  where Laura got into some trouble, the kids in school, Nellie being mean to the kids, horse race, church, about Mary going blind, Laura meeting Almonzo and Laura and Almonzo getting married.

If you grew up watching the show or have read the books this is something you would really like to go and see. I couldn't believe the parents bringing the little kids to go and see the play. Some of the kids where even dressed like the kids in the show. The play was really amazing if it ever comes back and I have the money I will go and see it again. My mom and my sisters liked the play too.

After the play out in the lobby they did have souvenirs that you could buy. I bought the program book, bracelet and a tin cup. The money for the bracelet went for a charity that Melissa is working with. So I bought one for my mom, both my girls and I. The only thing I was kind of upset about is that Melissa did not come out to sign any autographs. The main thing is that I really enjoyed the play and everyone in the play did a fantastic job!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

How I Got Started and Ended Working with Karaoke!

One night my son told me about this guy doing karaoke at the bowling alley in Shawano Wi. So one night my girls and I went to the bowling alley to see what it was all about. My older daughter started to sing karaoke that night. So I started to take my girls there every friday night. That was the one thing my girls and I did every week. Karaoke started at 9pm to 2am. We had a really good time going every week. We got to know the D.J. and a lot of the people that came every week. My son and his friends would be there every week also.

If some of you do not know what karaoke is there is a t.v. there with the words on and you sing to the music. The words on the t.v. light up when you have to start to sing. You get to pick out your own song that you would like to sing. If I remember right there are over 20,000 different karaoke songs out there. Each D.J. has there own songs that they have. They all do not have the same list of songs.

Terry is the one that had karaoke at the bowling alley. Then a friend of mine said there is a better one at a bar. So one friday night I went to the bar with my girls to see how this guy was. So we kept going to the bar and got to know the people there. If you wondering no I do not sing karaoke. I started talking with the D.J. or you can say who owned the equipment. He asked me if I would be interested in helping set up the equipment, look songs up for the people and take down the equipment. I said yes and that is how I got started.  I was helping in Shawano Wi then I started going with another person up to Wabeno Wi.

When I started to work for T- Bone the music was on c.d's towards the time I quit everything was on a laptop. There is a lot of equipment that you have to set up. The way it is set up is not real easy to do when you are first starting out. When I got use to setting it up I could get everything done by myself  with in 20 minutes. I was the D.J. five times. The main place I always went to was in Wabeno Wi every saturday. While I was going there I had four different people that was the D.J..

We had people that would come every week for karaoke. So what I did was I had index cards with there songs on. The people would sing the same songs every week. Then I got to know the people so when they would walk into the bar I would just pull out there card and write them in on the list. We had to stay in an order so people were able to sing in a rotation. I would hear the same songs every week. I was glad when we got some new music so then there was something different. But then you would start to hear that every week also. It starts to get to you when you hear it all the time.

Then May of 2010 I started talking to my boyfriend. We met for the first time in June. He lived two hours away from me and we couldn't see each other that much. I had to work on the weekend's and he only had the weekend's for us to see each other. I did go and see him for Summerfest and I spent a week with him. Then I went back home and I really missed him. So in July I quit karaoke and we have been living together since then. I will be honest with you I never have been as happy as I am right now. I do not miss doing karaoke at all but yes I do miss the people that I got to meet. Being here with the man that I love very much I would never give this up in a heart beat. I am happier than I have ever been and I know this is where I am suppose to be. I Love him with all of my heart and soul and I always will.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Little Story About Me Growing Up!

I grew up in Chicago Ill.. It was on the North side of the city. My parents had a two flat house. Upstairs was my Grandma, Grandpa and my Uncle. That was my Mom's parent's and her brother. I have a Sister that is two years older than me and I have have a sister seven years younger than me. While I was growing up I was always closer to my Dad.

I went to School at St. Edward's until the fourth grade. That year it was really cold and the Nun's would not let us girls wear a pair of pants under are uniform. The girls had dresses for uniform's. So my Dad took my sister and I out of St. Edward's and signed us up in a Public School the name of the School was Belding School. St. Edward's School was two block's away and Belding School was eight to ten block's away and we walked back and forth to School. Then I went to Belding School through seventh grade and my parent's moved to a Southwest Suburb of Chicago. That was Woodridge Ill.. Then for eighth grade I went to Jefferson Junior High School and I Graduated eight grade there. For High School I went to Downers Grove South High School. I Graduated High School in 1982.

Growing up in Chicago was really nice with my Mom and Dad. We had a big yard and the park was a half a block away from the house. The neighbors where all real nice to each other. You could go in the back yard and go by the fence and talk to the neighbors. My Grandma had a big garden in the back of the yard, we had a three foot pool in the backyard, a patio. The fence we had went all the way around the house. In the front yard we had a real nice pine tree. I remember walking with my Grandma to go grocery shopping and she had a little shopping cart to take with her so she didn't have to carry the groceries home.I had some really good friends. We use to go ride are bikes around the neighborhood go for walks, I would ride my bike to go to my Grandma's house ( my dad's mom). 

Then in 1977 we moved out to Woodridge Ill.. The house my parent's had was beautiful. Upstairs was the frontroom, kitchen, three bedrooms and a full bathroom. Downstairs was the family room, another bedroom my made into her sewing room, the washer and dryer and another bathroom. I shared a bedroom with my younger sister. The neighborhood was really nice so where the neighbors. I remember one winter it snowed really bad and all the neighbors got together to help each other clear there sidewalks and driveways.   I had some real good friends we would sit outside and talk, go for bike rides, go for walks and just hang out at each others houses.

My Dad's cousin had us come up to Wisconsin by there land they had. This is up the other side of the Menominee Reservation. Then the next thing I knew my parents bought some land up there. That is where we would spend our summers.  

When I got my Driver's License my friends and I would go out at night and meet at a restaurant just to hang out. We would just sit there and talk. That is where I met my now ex-husband. We got married in December 1983 and in January he went into the Army. He had basic training in Oklahoma and then he was stationed in Louisiana. So I moved to Louisiana with him and in November of 1986 I had my son. Then in December he was discharged from the Army. It was and honorable discharge. We moved back to Ill. In 1989 I had my older daughter and in 1992 I had my younger daughter. Then in March1996 we moved to Shawano.  Then in May of 1996 my parents moved up to Wisconsin. My Dad talked my ex into moving up here. Then in September of 1996 my Dad passed away. That was a real hard time for me.

Then in 2002 I was Divorced. I was a single mom with three kids. One thing I am thankful for is my family and my ex's family being there for the kids and I. During my marriage my ex was verbally and mentally abusive to the kids and I. There were times I was so afraid to come home from work because I didn't know what kind of mood he would be in but I did it for my kids.  My ex just packed his things and walked out on us while I was at my Mom's house with the kids. When we came home he was gone. Never said a word to me that he was moving out. I will let you know it is not easy being a single mom raising three kids by yourself. I am very thankful my kids learned real quick the word NO. They would ask me for something at the store and I would have to tell them no I can't afford this. But I can say one thing I have three great kids. They have grown up real good. I am so proud of all three of them and I Love my kids so much.

Yes I have dated a couple of men since my divorce. Right now I am in a real good relationship with the most wonderful man. He is totally different then my ex. My boyfriend is Caring, Kind, Worries about me, I can talk to him about anything, makes me Laugh, knows how to get me to smile, he has a Heart of gold and he Loves me just as much as I Love him. The kids and him are my Life and my World now.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Thoughts about Confessions of a Prairie Bitch!

I was at Barnes and Noble one day looking at some books. I had come across this book I couldn't believe the Title of the book. Then I looked at it and I had to get it to read. I watched the show Little House on the Prairie. I always thought that Nellie was so mean to Mary and Laura. So I bought the book and I read it. This is a really good book. Alison really goes into details about her family, her career growing up.

When I first got this book I thought that Alison would have been  just like she was on the show. But I was really surprised when I started to read the book. She was a really shy girl growing up. She was also sexually abused by her brother. That I would have never thought of with her being on the show. Her own Mom and Dad would not believe her when she told them what was happening. With the help of going to see a therapist she got through it all. She does not talk to her brother anymore.

The one thing the I really could not believe reading this book is the Alison and Melissa Gilbert are the best of friends. They would spend the nights at each others houses and just hang out on the set. It is funny because when she first met her. Melissa told Alison if she ever had any questions about anything to ask her.Alison's Aunt was the one to drive her to the set and back home. She also stayed there with Alison all day long.  Alison was real close to Micheal Landon while on the show. The only person that no one really got to know real good was Melissa Sue Anderson ( Mary). Melissa Sue  was more to herself while on the show.

When Micheal Landon passed away  Alison had a hard time with that. He was like a second Dad to her. She was also real close to Steve Tracy (Percival Dalton) he played her husband on the show. Steve also passed away. 

If you have ever watched Little House on the Prairie I would recommended  this is  book for you to  read. Alison really goes into a lot of detail about the show and her personal life. I can say one thing is that she put her heart and soul into this book. This book was also on the Library Journal's Best Sellers list of 2010. You can also follow Alison on Facebook and Myspace. Alison is on a tour for this book. I just hope she comes up this way so I may be able to meet her.

I told my mom about this book and she asked me if she could borrow it to read. So I gave the book to my mom to read and she really likes the book too. My family has watched Little House on the Prairie ever since it came out. I just hope anyone that likes the show as much as I do will read this book.