Friday, March 25, 2011

Amerian Idol!

I was watching American Idol last night and It gave me the idea to write every week about what has happened. Also to see what everyone's thoughts are with who is being eliminated.

I had taken my daughter to the auditions in Milwaukee back in July. It made for one long day watching everyone audition and how they all practiced there. What is really neat is I met Chris Medina there. He was sitting right behind my daughter and I. I also talk to him in the hallway and I heard him practice out in the hallway. Here are all the audition places they had this year- Nashville Tennessee, Milwaukee Wisconsin, San Francisco California, Austin Texas, East Rutherford New Jersey and New Orleans Louisiana. The ages for the auditions range from 15-28 years old. They just changed the age this year from 16-24 years old for the first three seasons. Then in season four they changed it to 16-28 years old.   

The last three seasons they have been changing the judges. The judges for this season are Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. I think these judges are doing a great job this year. It is so nice not hearing Simon being so negative about every singer. It always seemed like Simon had something bad to say about every singer. Ryan Seacrest has been hosting the show since the first season.

Here is the top 13 that made it out of thousands that tried out. Paul McDonald, Jacob Lusk, Pia Toscano, Naima Adedapo, Lauren Maina, Haley Reinhart, Tia Megia, James Dulbin, Casey Abrams, Stephano Langane, Scotty McCreery, Aston Jones and Karen Rodrieguez.

The Eliminations have been first week was Aston Jones, the second week was Karen Rodrieguez and this week was Casey Abrams. But for this week the judges used the save for Casey. I was really surprised that Casey was even in the bottom three. He sings really good and the instruments that he came play blows me away. I am so happy that they used the save this week. The judges were shocked that Casey was in the bottom three also.

When they start the top 13 there is a theme every week. The first week the singers had to pick a Beatles song. The second week the singers had to pick a song from the year they were born. This week the singers had to pick a song from Motown.  They also have special guests appear every week. This week was Stevie Wonder, Sugarland, Hulk Hogan and Jennifer Hudson.

The Top 11 for the summer tour is going to be Paul McDonald, Jacob Lusk, Pia Toscano, Naima Adedapo, Lauren Maina, Haley Reinhart, Tia Megia, James Dulbin, Casey Abrams, Stephano Langone and Scotty McCreery.

These are my top three picks for this season James Dulbin, Scotty McCreery and Casey Abrams. Please let me know who your top three picks are for this season. Here is one thing that has been bugging me for awhile and I just want to see what other people think. To me Chris Medina sings a lot better than a couple of the people that the judges did pick. Yes I know people will say that I am saying this because I met him in Milwaukee. No I am not he does have a great voice and can really sing. When I heard him in Milwaukee he blew me away with the way he can sing. Then when I seen him on t.v. I told my boyfriend that I met him. Please leave your thoughts about the show!♥


  1. last night sucked i wanted casey to go home cause he doesn't sing good...the bottom three are going to be James Durbin, Paul McDonald, and Scotty McCreery...FYI scotty is going to win because he has a good voice and is hot...and paul reminds me of David Cook

  2. OMG i met him to i was sitting right by him ha ha ha....he was awesome and he is really nice...when u meet him u would never think that his fiance has problems cause he doesnt talk about that....he has a really awesome voice i think he should of made it on the show cause he would of went probably to the bottom 2

  3. Admittedly, I've gotten into Idol this season (gasp) I have to blame a certain individual for that :P

    Anyways, I was quite surprised to see Casey Abrams nearly eliminated this week. I felt Casey was the most unique performer on the show. He has that aura of originality and the talent that is needed to rise above the bullshit pop scene that irks me to the core. I could easily see him fronting an alternative band like Primus-thumbing the bass.