Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Thoughts about Confessions of a Prairie Bitch!

I was at Barnes and Noble one day looking at some books. I had come across this book I couldn't believe the Title of the book. Then I looked at it and I had to get it to read. I watched the show Little House on the Prairie. I always thought that Nellie was so mean to Mary and Laura. So I bought the book and I read it. This is a really good book. Alison really goes into details about her family, her career growing up.

When I first got this book I thought that Alison would have been  just like she was on the show. But I was really surprised when I started to read the book. She was a really shy girl growing up. She was also sexually abused by her brother. That I would have never thought of with her being on the show. Her own Mom and Dad would not believe her when she told them what was happening. With the help of going to see a therapist she got through it all. She does not talk to her brother anymore.

The one thing the I really could not believe reading this book is the Alison and Melissa Gilbert are the best of friends. They would spend the nights at each others houses and just hang out on the set. It is funny because when she first met her. Melissa told Alison if she ever had any questions about anything to ask her.Alison's Aunt was the one to drive her to the set and back home. She also stayed there with Alison all day long.  Alison was real close to Micheal Landon while on the show. The only person that no one really got to know real good was Melissa Sue Anderson ( Mary). Melissa Sue  was more to herself while on the show.

When Micheal Landon passed away  Alison had a hard time with that. He was like a second Dad to her. She was also real close to Steve Tracy (Percival Dalton) he played her husband on the show. Steve also passed away. 

If you have ever watched Little House on the Prairie I would recommended  this is  book for you to  read. Alison really goes into a lot of detail about the show and her personal life. I can say one thing is that she put her heart and soul into this book. This book was also on the Library Journal's Best Sellers list of 2010. You can also follow Alison on Facebook and Myspace. Alison is on a tour for this book. I just hope she comes up this way so I may be able to meet her.

I told my mom about this book and she asked me if she could borrow it to read. So I gave the book to my mom to read and she really likes the book too. My family has watched Little House on the Prairie ever since it came out. I just hope anyone that likes the show as much as I do will read this book.


  1. I've seen a few episodes of Little House on the Prairie and thought the show to be entertaining and educational as well. This book seems to get a great look the behind the scenes. I possible read for me....

  2. The shows go by the books but do add little more. I have read all the books and have seen all the shows. Thank you and I do hope you read the book.

    I will be doing a revue about the books soon!