Friday, March 4, 2011

My Revue about the Little House on the Prairie Play!

My mom and I where watching t.v. one night and we seen a commercial for a play about Little House on the Prairie. I told my mom that I wish I had the money to go and see the play. I have watched the t.v. show and I have read all the books. I love Little House on the Prairie.

About two weeks before the play came to Appleton Wi. my mom asked me if I still wanted to go and see the play. I said yes I really would like to. Then she goes in her purse and takes out four tickets to the play. My mom, both of my sisters and I went to see the play on March 28th,2010.

Melissa Gilbert played Ma and she did a great job.  The play went by both the books and the show. There was some singing and dancing,  where Laura got into some trouble, the kids in school, Nellie being mean to the kids, horse race, church, about Mary going blind, Laura meeting Almonzo and Laura and Almonzo getting married.

If you grew up watching the show or have read the books this is something you would really like to go and see. I couldn't believe the parents bringing the little kids to go and see the play. Some of the kids where even dressed like the kids in the show. The play was really amazing if it ever comes back and I have the money I will go and see it again. My mom and my sisters liked the play too.

After the play out in the lobby they did have souvenirs that you could buy. I bought the program book, bracelet and a tin cup. The money for the bracelet went for a charity that Melissa is working with. So I bought one for my mom, both my girls and I. The only thing I was kind of upset about is that Melissa did not come out to sign any autographs. The main thing is that I really enjoyed the play and everyone in the play did a fantastic job!


  1. Hi there..thanks for dropping by my blog! I grew up watching this series on TV..I didn't know they have plays now..and I don't think they'll come to our shore. Good you enjoyed it!

  2. I know that they are still touring. Check it out on the computer and see if they are going to come that way. I know that Allison Arngrim ( she plays Nellie) is out that way touring with her book. Thank you for dropping by my blog and hope to talk to you more.