Friday, December 30, 2011

My Revue on Air Supply Mumbo Jumbo Album!

This revue I am going to do different. This album was given to me by my boyfriends mom. She asked me if I liked the group and I said yes and she handed me the cd.

His parents went to the concert to see them. They both said that they could hardly hear the music and was a little upset with the concert. They did get the cover of the cd signed by the group. I thought that was awesome.

I did listen to the cd in my car while I was driving around doing shopping and paying bills.

Listening to this album it is different. Some of the music is like the romantic type, then you have some just different. It is the mellow music still. But this one is just really different for the group. I think they did an awesome job with this album.

I can't do this album song by song like I usually do because the whole album is just so awesome. I really like the whole album. It is so awesome you just have to listen to it yourself. I can't say enough about this album of how much I really like it.

The song for the cover is  great and when I first heard it I was dancing in the car while I was driving. You should have seen the other people looking at me. It was really funny.

I looked on all music and they gave this album four stars for it. I thought that was amazing to see that. What they wrote about the album was really good too.

I would really like to hear what your thoughts of this album is. I am leaving you with a video like always!♥
Have a save and Happy New Year!♥

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year!

I thought for this blog I would tell you what I have been doing this year.

This whole year has been so great for me. I have been with the best man. I know I have never told you my boyfriends name. His name is Drew. Drew is so sweet, kind, caring, handsome, knows how to make me laugh and just wants me to be happy. He is everything I could dream of in on man. We have been together for over a year and a half.

It has been a very busy year for me. This is what

I have been busy doing this past year.

My son came down for the Superbowl and he told me that his girlfriend was pregnant and I was going to be a Grandma. I was in shock that day. All I remember is calling for Drew to tell him what my son just told me.
Yes we did have the blizzard the beginning of the year. After the blizzard our car decided to go on us and we had to go looking for a new car.

For Easter we went up north to be with our families and friends. It was really nice to see them after the long winter. It was great to get away.

Then we had a lot of graduations. There was my daughter, Drew's daughter and my niece graduating from high school. Then Drew's son graduating from eighth grade.  This was a really busy time for us. This was the same time as Drew's birthday too. I had the graduations, the parties and Drew's birthday all at one time.

Then Drew had his vacation and we didn't really do a lot. We did go to Summerfest and we seen Styx. We did plan to go and see some other concerts but we didn't. During his vacation we did go to the beach to see bands there and we went for long walks in the woods around here. 

During the summer we did have my ex husband's seven year old daughter. We had her one time for a week and then on weekends. We took her to the pet store where she could pet animals, to the park by the lake, my daughter had her in the pool here and we went out to eat one day. But most of the time she followed Drew around. She also went with me to see Drew for lunch.

Then my niece that graduated got married. This was on the hottest day of the summer too. Then come to find out she was having the service outside. But the wedding was beautiful and it all turned out great. I was really happy for her.

I was getting everything ready for the kids for school again. My youngest daughter was starting college and his son was going into high school. My daughter is going to Gateway so I had to go with her to find out what classes she wanted to take and get his son's class schedule for high school. This was all during when I just started my new job too. It was hard getting all this together plus going school shopping for the things they needed for the first day.

Then next was the baby shower. I was going and buying some things for my first grandchild. We had to go up north for the baby shower. Drew's mom went with me and this was the first time she met my kids and the rest of my family. She also met my ex husband. This turned out really good.

Then my son called me and said the baby was coming and wanted me up north with him when the baby was born. I just happened to have this weekend off of work. We had my ex's youngest daughter with us for the weekend. I told my son I had to talk to Drew about it and my son kept calling and Drew gave in. So we went up there for when she was born. We missed a concert we planned on going to but it was worth seeing my granddaughter being born. She was a little stubborn one like her daddy too.

To tell you how sweet my man is he took me away for my birthday. Yes we did go up north by ourselves this time to get away from everything here. My daughter stayed here with the dog. It was so nice to just get away with no kids. We did spend time with both families and I did get to see my granddaughter again. It was just what we both needed time alone together.

Then for Thanksgiving we spent here. I could only get one Holiday off of work and I decided not to take Thanksgiving off. Drew's parents went out of state for the month and my family understood. I had to work and Drew made dinner. The dinner turned out great and this was the first time he had made a turkey.

So for Christmas I took the time off of work and we had a wonderful Christmas. This was our second Christmas together. It just seems like each year just gets better and better for us. This year on Christmas Eve morning my son, older daughter, granddaughter and the seven year old came in the morning. My younger daughter was here with us and Drew's son also. It was great. We opened gifts with them then they went to Illinois and we went up north by Drew's parents. We had Christmas Eve with his family. Then Christmas Day we went and did Christmas morning with my mom and younger sister then we went to my older sisters and had dinner there. Then we left there and came home. We got home just in time for the Packer game.

So for New Years it is going to be a nice and very quiet one for us. My daughter is up north and his son is spending it with his mom. I am going to enjoy every minute I can alone with the one and only man that I love in this world. Yes that is Drew. I could never ask for a better man I have the best man in the world right here with me. I have never been as happy as I am with him right now. This past year has been the best for me and I have been so happy being with Drew.

I am leaving you with a video that I thinks tells you how much I love Drew!♥

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bears Week #16

Yes the Bears lost to the Packers 35-21.

I think the Bears did the best that they could with all the injured players Cutler, Forte and Barber.

I also think the third string quarterback did a good job. McCown did a better job than Hinie has done. Yes I know we are still not in the playoffs.

The defense did give the Packers offense a little run for the game.

Like Urlacher said " If we play like this it's what we get". Yes they could have played a lot better but what can you do when you don't have your other players there. Also what can you do when the second and third string people don't get the same practice time as the first string. This is what happens.

All in all I do think this was a good game. I am also going to say good luck to the Packers in the playoffs!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

This Is How It Is At Our House For Football!

Yes this is exactly how our house is. I am a Chicago Bears fan. I grew up in Chicago for 13years and then my parents moved out to a suburb. So yes I have lived most of my life in Illinois.

My boyfriend is a Green Bay Packers fan. He has lived in Wisconsin all of his life.

So yes our house is divided between the two teams. But we have fun teasing each other about the teams. Like today they are playing against each other and we are having fun tonight. This is all in good fun with the two of us.

It would be nice to hear if anyone else has a house divided between two football teams!♥

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Revue on Heart Presents A Lovemongers' Christmas Album!

Yes I know I have not done an album revue in a very long time. I am sorry about that it is I just have been so busy with work, family and the Christmas Holiday.

The past couple of weeks I have been making my Christmas cookies and listening to different Christmas music. This is why I am choosing this album to write about.

My boyfriend had told me that this is one Christmas album that he really likes. So I decided to listen to it. This is a really good album and if you like Heart this is one to get. The music on here is so awesome and the songs are really different. This is not your regular traditional music like all the other Christmas album's out there. When I listened to it for the first time I kept an open mind about it and I just love this album.

Here are my thoughts about each song on the album-

Here Is Christmas- The music on here is so awesome. I just love the story this song tells you about the song.

Balulalow- This is a great song and it sounds like they have a choir singing with them.

Christmas Waits- This is a really good song. I do like this one.

William and Rose- This is a sad but good song. I really like this song it is like they are singing about a true story in this song.

Ave Maria- I like the guitar in this song. This song is alright not my favorite on the album.

How Beautiful- This song is really good. I do like this song a lot.

The Last Noel- The person singing this song on here is Frank Fox. But it is a great song I really like this song.

It's Christmas Time- This is a great song and I really like the music on this song.

Oh Holy Night- Yes this song is a traditional song. But her voice on here is so great and just catches you so much. The music is great on this song too.

Bring a Torch- The beginning with the music I just love it. There is no lyrics to this song it is all music and it is great.

This is a mellow Christmas album but it is just so awesome. I can listen to this one over and over. If you like Heart this is a Christmas album for you collection. Yes I am leaving you with one video of a song that I really like off the album! I hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas!♥

Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Yes it is time for me to write about Christmas.

I think everyone has forgotten the true meaning of the Christmas Holiday. This is suppose to be about Baby Jesus born to Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. He was wrapped in cloth and laid in a manger in a barn. They had visits from the animals, wisemen and angels. They brought Mary and Joseph gifts.

I remember growing up and going to church to celebrate Christmas about Jesus being born. This is the way I had raised my kids. Then all of a sudden I am listening to my nieces telling my sister what they want for Christmas. The things that they wanted was really expensive. I asked one of my nieces if they know the true meaning of Christmas. She said yes just to tell my mom what I want for Christmas and I will get what I want. I was really shocked what came out of her mouth. I heard the same thing from my boyfriends son saying what he wanted his grandparents to get him for Christmas. Then my youngest daughter told me he said he can get what ever he wants from his grandparents. I know he was never taught this from his dad. That is not what you would hear from my kids.

When I was living back in Illinois my kids and I would help out with a live nativity scene for church. The kids loved to do this with my parents. You should have seen my son and my dad just goofing around getting ready for it. I wish I would have taken pictures of them. My ex-husband would never take part in this with us.

I love going around looking at the Christmas decorations. I remember when I was younger my dad taking my sisters and I around looking at the decorations. My dad has been gone for about fifteen years and I miss him so much.  This was his favorite holiday and the one holiday I really like. There are times I get sad because I think of my dad.

When I was growing up my parents would have the family and friends coming over to visit during the week of Christmas and New Years. Some of them would call and ask if they could bring one of there friends and my parents would never say no. This is how I was raised you never say no to people and you share what ever food you have with people. There was also one Christmas my dad was laid off his job. That Christmas we really didn't get anything from our parents but we where happy with what we did get. My mom would make all her homemade cookies and give them out to family and friends. I took on this tradition with my mom.

 Now it is all about getting what you want not about being with your family and friends. I really miss seeing my family that I use to see when I was younger. Some of my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents have passed away.

I just wish some of the kids would just realize how it was for us when we were younger. The really should get the real reason for Christmas.

I also have fun putting up the Christmas tree and the decorations in the house. While I was married my ex-husband started a Christmas village for me and my family kept it going. I have about a fifty piece village to put under the tree. I haven't put it up in the last two years because we don't have the room for it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and please be safe. I am leaving you with a Christmas song and video!♥

Bears Week #15

Yes what I hear the Bears lost to the Seahawks 38-14.

I had to work yesterday. Then when I was done with work I had to go and finish my Christmas shopping so yes I did miss the game. I am going to write about what I heard about the game.

Hanie got 10-23 passes for 111 yards with a first half touchdown.

The second half of the game the Seahawks defense made it hard on Hanie to get anywhere. They sacked him and the turnovers also.

This was just a really bad game for the Bears. I just hope they get it together for Christmas Day with the Packers. If someone can just let me know how the game was I would really appreciate it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bears Week #14

Yes the Bears lost again but to the Broncos this time 13-10 in overtime.

The whole game was a no score game until the third quarter when Barber went in for a nine yard touchdown. That was great. Then in the fourth quarter there was a fieldgoal.

The defense was on fire with Urlacher sacking the Bronco quarterback five times.

Hanie completed 12 passes for 119 yards. That is 12 out of 19 passes which I don't think that is bad for a second string quarterback. He was also sacked four times during the game.

Everyone is trying to blame this all on Barber. I thought this was a team not just one person. I don't blame anyone for the Bears losing. Yes it would have been nice to see them win the game but somehow the Broncos pulled it out at the end of the game with 13 unanswered points.

I would really like to hear what you have to say about the game!♥

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Boyfriends Work Christmas Party!

Last month my boyfriend came home and showed me a piece of paper saying his work was having a Christmas party at his work. The Christmas party was this past Sunday.

On the piece of paper is said that there was going to be a lunch, tour of the place, presents for the kids, presents for the employees and Santa and Mrs. Claus would be there.

So I asked him if we could get my ex's seven year old to take her to see Santa. He said yes. We had to let his work know how many people would be coming. It was my boyfriend, my ex's seven year old, myself and my youngest daughter was suppose to go but she got sick.

We had to walk in the main door and sign in. When we signed in you got a name tag and a bell necklace. Then you walked through the design room with the cutouts of gingerbread men, candy canes and Santa's. Like you see in the picture above. Then you would come to a hallway if you go ahead it is the lunchroom, if you went to the left it is a door to the parking lot and if you go right it is to the work area by the machines.

We went to the right to see what was happening there. There was tables set up for the kids to get a book or a poster. This is like one of those places you can order kids books from school. I thought that was really nice. This was like the kids present from Santa.

Then after that we went and had something to eat and I was meeting a lot of the people that my boyfriend works with. It was really nice to put faces with names that I have heard so much about. My boyfriend would talk about the people when he would come home from work and I never met any of them until Sunday. Then I found out that one of the guys I work with his wife works with my boyfriend. What a small world.

Then when we were done eating everyone was going outside because Santa and Mrs. Claus were coming. It was neat they came by tractor and hay wagon. That is the picture you are seeing. The kids went  crazy watching them come in. When they came off the wagon they came up to all the kids and said hello and shook there hands. It really was something different for all of the kids. My ex's daughter really enjoyed this. Sometimes I don't know who enjoyed it more her or my boyfriend. So then all the kids followed them back in the building. The bell necklaces were for when Santa and Mrs. Claus came to ring the necklaces for them.

Santa and Mrs. Claus went into the the area by the books. This is were they would talk to each of the kids and find out what they all wanted for Christmas. Also each of the kids would get there picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

We took are own picture of her and Santa Claus so we would have our own picture.  It was cute watching all the kids sitting on Santa's lap. Some of the real small kids would cry if they went close to Santa and the parents had to sit there on the floor with them for the picture. We have one picture of one of the dads that had to do that. It was someone that my boyfriend worked on the same machine with.

Then after that we went walking around looking at all the different machines in the plant. My boyfriend was explaining what each machine did. I was really interesting. I have always went to take him to work and pick him up. I have been inside but upstairs in the office to help him figure out some stuff. But I never got to go inside and see the machines like this. Believe me when I say the machines are huge they are huge.

Then after we walked around Santa and Mrs. Claus left. It was time for the employees gifts to be handed out. The way the did it was like a door prize but everyone would get a gift. My boyfriends gift is a Smokey Joe Grill. That was good because are small grill is on its last leg. After everyone had a gift they had a big gas grill to give away so they put everyone's name back in the box and picked one name out. But we did not get that grill. We also were able to take a poinsettia plant home. So I let my ex's daughter pick out the one she would want us to take home.

I really enjoyed the day at his work and really enjoyed meeting the people he works with. When we were on are way I really didn't know what to expect. But it was so much better than what I was thinking. I know my ex's daughter really enjoyed herself and I know my boyfriend enjoyed himself there.

Then when we got home we put our Christmas Tree up and the decorations. That was a job in itself.

To end this post this is my boyfriends machine he works on everyday he goes to work. This is the front of the machine.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bears Week #13

Yes I know I am really late in posting this. I am really sorry about that.

I missed half of the game Sunday. My boyfriend had his Christmas party at his work. We also had my ex's seven year old here over the weekend and my mom was here the last two days.

Yes the Bears lost to the Chiefs 10-3. That was a very said day for me to see that.

Matt Forte went out of the game with a sprained knee and is a big question when he will be back to play with the team.

They do not know when Cutler will be back now either. After having his thumb broke.

The defense did a great job in keeping the Chiefs from making anymore touchdowns. I think the defense was on fire for the game.

The offense needs to work with Hanie more at practice so they can get on the same page.

I would really like to hear your thoughts on the game.