Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Weekend With The Seven Year Old!

Yes we had my ex husband's seven year old again this past weekend. She just kept bugging her mom to come by us again. So I said sure she can come here for the weekend.

We did have her for a week last month too. That was the week of my boyfriend's birthday that she had come here. That week I didn't know what he wanted to do. We were asked to go up north by his parents but he didn't want to do that. I told him it was his birthday so we would do what he wanted to do. He just wanted to be home and go and see a band. So I asked him if my ex husband's daughter could come her for the week and he said yes.

That week was really funny. Because on that Monday she woke up and said were is he and I told her he went to work. You should have seen the look on her face. Then she said I didn't get to say good bye to him. I told her that he would be calling. She said alright and when my phone rang I said it is him. She had a smile on her face. She was real good that whole week. When I got the car and went to see him for lunch and to pick him up she had to go with me. I call her his shadow.

This past weekend with her she had to be with him. My daughter got upset because she was with us most of the time. I said there is nothing I can do about it. Saturday he cooked out and she was outside with him. Then she wanted to sit outside with only him and eat dinner. They sat outside for about three hours just the two of them. After they finished dinner they were catching fire flies. Then Sunday she stayed here with my daughter while my boyfriend and I went to see some friends of ares. When we came home we had dinner then it was time to take her home. She was also helping my boyfriend Saturday night with some things and he bought her two coloring books and crayons to take home.

While she was here on Saturday we took her to petland to pet the animals there. Then we went downtown to the lookout so she could see out on Lake Michigan and see everything there. But then she wanted to put her feet in Lake Michigan so we took her to the light house to do that. We made the whole afternoon to do that with her.  She had a really good time doing that.

Every time we have to take her home she says to me I want to stay here with you. I ask her why she wants to stay with us. She tells me because we don't yell at her and she does more. I understand Mom and Stepdad don't have a car but they do need to do more with her. We don't have the money to do a lot when she comes here either but we find something to do for her. She just puts on her little sad face in the car all the way home. I feel so bad when we have to take her home and she don't want to go. Sometimes I just wish she could stay with us but I know she can't. So that was are weekend with the seven year old!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Revue On Air Supply Lost In Love Album!

I decided to write about this album because a friend of mine and my boyfriend parents went to see Air Supply in concert last weekend. I do like a lot of there music. They have a lot of great music over the years. My friend said the concert was great and her and her daughter had an awesome time.

Well I am going to keep this short so here is what I think of each of the songs-

Lots In Love- This a an awesome song and I just love it. It is one of my favorites on the album.

All Out Of Love- I know this song has been over played. But I will always like this song because it has a really good message to it. The music is awesome in the song too.

Every Woman In The World- This is a great song. I really like this one it is so good.

Just Another Woman-  This one I like the music but the song I don't care for.

Having You Near Me- This is a real slow ballet. It is good but not something I would listen to all the time.

American Hearts- I love the music on this song. It is a good song. It makes me move my foot while I listen to it.

Chances- I really like this song. This has a really good message to the song and the music is awesome.

Old Habits Are Hard To Die- This is a good song and the music is alright. But not one I would listen to all the time.

I Can't Get Excited- I really like the music in the beginning of the song. This is a really good song I really like the song.

My Best Friend- This is a great song. I love the song because it tells you how much your friends mean to you.

I hope you like my revue about this album. I would love to hear what you like and dislike about this album. I am leaving you with a video!♥

Friday, July 22, 2011

My Revue on Linda Ronstadt Prisoner In Disguise Album!

I wanted to write about Linda Ronstadt and I didn't know what album to write about. She has so many good albums. So I chose this one to write about. I really like a lot of her music.

So here is how I feel about each of the songs on this album-

Love Is A Rose- This is a good song. I do like it but this is not a song for her.

Hey Mister, That's Me Up On The Jukebox- This is alright but not one I would listen to all the time.

Roll Um Easy- This is not a bad song. I do like the music in the song but not something I will always listen to.

Tracks Of My Tears- I really like this song. It is different and the music is really good.

Prisoner Of Disguise- This is not bad at all. I do like the whole song. It has a really good meaning to the song itself.

Heatwave- I know this song was really overplayed. But you have to say this is a really great song. This is one of my favorites.

Many Rivers To Cross- This is a good song. I really like this one very much.

The Sweetest Gift- This is with Emmy Lou Harris. This is a really good song sung by two great singers. It is more of a country song but it is real good song.

You Tell Me That I'm Falling Down- This is alright but not one I would listen to all the time.

I Will Always Love You- I Love this song. But it has been done by so many singers. I think she does an awesome job on this song. This is a favorite of mine by her. She does it just right.

Silver Blue- This is a good song. I do like it a lot and the music on it is great.

I just really like a lot of her music and I picked this one because it is an earlier album. I will be doing more of her music down the road. I would really like to hear what think of this album. I am leaving you with a video from this album!♥

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Revue on Joan Jett's I Love Rock 'N" Roll Album!

This is one of them I was thinking about yesterday. I know I have been doing bands and male singers. So I wanted to do some of the female singers that I like.

I remember when this album came out. I was still in high school and I wanted the album so bad. So I asked my uncle to get it for me for Christmas. That is what he gave me for my Christmas present and my parents got upset with me. They wanted me to earn the money to get the album. My uncle always asked us kids what we would like for Christmas so I mentioned the album and some other things. This is what I told my parents. But the where still upset with me.

Well on with what I think of this album since it has bonus tracks on it too-

I Love Rock 'N' Roll- I love the music in the song and the lyrics. This song is one of my favorites on the album. It makes my feet move when I listen to it.

(I'm Gonna) Run Away- This is really a good song. I like listening to the music in it a lot.

Love Is Pain- I like the guitar in the beginning. This isn't one I would listen to all the time.

Nag- This makes my feet move but I really don't like the song that much.

Crimson and Clover- I really like this song another one of my favorites. I know this has been over played but it is a really good song too. Just listen to the music in the song.

Victim of Circumstance- This is a really good song. It is more up beat and I really like it.

Bits and Pieces- This is alright but not one I would listen to all the time.

Be Straight-  This one is not that bad. I kind of like it. I do like the beat of the music.

You're To Possessive- This is not one I would listen to all the time. It is alright.

Little Drummer Boy- I really like how they do this song. This is one of my favorite Christmas songs.

Bonus Tracks from the album-

Oh Woe Is Me- I Like this song it is really good.

Louie Louie- This is another one of my favorites. I love the beat of this song a lot. The whole song is so good.

You Don't Know What You've Got- I really like this song. The meaning of this song is so good and the music is really good too.

Summertime Blues- The music of the song is great. I really like this song and it just makes you want to get up and dance.

Nag ( Featuring the Coasters)- I really don't like the song much. It is not one I would listen to all the time.

I just love this album and I like Joan Jetts music so much. There are good and not so good songs on all albums. I would really like to hear what you think of this album. I am leaving you with a video.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Revue George Strait's Pure Country Album!

This morning I couldn't figure out what to write about. I had three singers on my mind. I guess I will do one of them each day. I figured I haven't done a country artist this week yet so I will do it on the Pure Country sound track.

If you like watching movies and you like George Strait this is a movie to get. This is an awesome movie and sound track. My girls love this movie and every time my youngest heard the songs on the radio she wouldn't say George Strait she would say his name from the movie. He is an awesome singer/ songwriter and he is a great actor.

If no one knows this he not only has a son but he also had a daughter the died when she was very young she was thirteen years old. It was very hard for him when this all happened. His son Bubba is a professional rodeo cowboy.

So now on to the songs on the album and what I think about each one of them-

Heartland- In the first one his son is singing it with him at the beginning of the song.This was when his son was young and I thought that was really neat. This is a really good song I like it.

Baby Your Baby- This is a really good song. This is basically telling you how to treat a woman. I really like this song.

I Cross My Heart- This is my favorite song from the album. This is the last song from the movie and this is an awesome song. I can listen to this song all the time. When I listen to the song it reminds me of how I feel about my boyfriend.

When Did You Stop Loving Me- This is a really good song. I like this song and you can hear the instruments in this song.

She Lays It All On The Line- This one I like but not one I would listen to all the time.

Overnight Male-  This is a really good song. I do like this one.

Last In Love- This is a really good song. It is a very slow song but a real good song. I like it.

Thoughts Of A Fool- This is a good song but not one I would listen to very much.

The King Of Broken Hearts- I really like this song. It brings you back to your roots and is really good.

Where The Sidewalk Ends- This is really good. I really like this song it is a faster song on the album but is really good.

Heartland- Yes it is on here again the full length song is the last one. I do like both version of the song they are both really good.

I would really like to hear what you think of this album. I am going to leave you with a video and yes it will have part of the movie in it too!

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Eighteen Year Old Niece Got Married!

Yesterday we had to drive up North for my nieces wedding. She is eighteen and just graduated High School. I couldn't believe she was doing this.

The first thing I thought when my sister called me and told me she was getting married was is she pregnant. Well I was wrong on that one. I felt bad thinking that about my niece.

The wedding was beautiful and so was my niece.  It was outside yes in the heat and humidity. But one nice thing was they had water bottles for everyone. The wedding party came dancing down the isle and the groom escorted his mom and her mom to there seats. Then her brother escorted her out because her dad passed away a long time ago. The pastor was really funny while talking to them he was joking around.

When you got to the reception hall you had to find a test tube with your name on it. Then it had a chemistry code on it for what table you would be at and you had to get a sparkler for when they came there. They came in a horse and buggy to the hall. Everything was in chemistry code because that was how they met. We really enjoyed it. It was really different.  

My niece and her now husband met in chemistry class in school and just got along really good. We met him at Christmas and found out then that they were engaged. I was like what is going on here. I didn't want to start questioning them with everyone there. But I was really worried about my niece.

The year before she was really happy with another boy. She went out with him for a year and you couldn't keep them apart. They went to all the school events together. I didn't even know that they broke up until I seen them for Labor Day weekend and my mom told me about it. I felt really bad for my niece so I called her to make sure she was alright.

So for the reason they got married is that they are both going to college down in Texas. They said it would be cheaper if they are married and they can get a place together. They are both going for missionary. I am very happy for my niece and I wish them the best.

My boyfriend went with me and I was so glad he was there with me. Because there was times I couldn't take pictures. But most of all I had my best friend and the one and only man I love with me at the wedding. Yes I was crying during the ceremony.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Revue on Pat Benatar's Live From Earth Album!

I was thinking this morning who to write about today. Then I was thinking not a lot of people write about Pat Benatar. So I decided to write about this album. This is one of my favorite albums from her.

There is something about her voice that I really like. When I listen to the songs it is like she just draws me in with her voice. Then again maybe that is just how I have always listened to her music too.

Here is what I think about each of the songs on the album-

Fire and Ice- I really like this song. I just really like everything about it the music and the lyrics.

Lookin" for a Stranger- I like this song but not one that I would always listen to all the time.

I Want Out- This is alright not one of her best songs. But it is good I do like the music.

We Live for Love- I do like this song. I know this is one of her slower songs but it is a really good song.

Hell is for Children- I didn't like the title for the song at first. But then I understood what she was singing about. I really like this song for what it stands for. It is about children that are being abused.

Hit Me With your Best Shot- This is one of my favorite songs by her. I just love the the whole song the music the lyrics. It is a really great song.

Promises in the Dark- This is one of her ballad songs and it is really good. I do like this song. The piano in it is really good then the music goes up. That is so great.

Heartbreaker- This is another one of my favorites by her. The music just makes me move my feet while I am listening to the song. This is a great song all the way around.

Love is a Battlefield- I remember when this song came out. I really like this song and it is the truth about relationships it was not easy back then. Now I found the love of my life and I wouldn't change a thing now. This song is so strong and the message in it is very strong. The music is great too.

Lipstick Lies- I really like this song. Not one I would listen to all the time but the music is really good.

I remember when this album came out. It came out right after I graduated high school and I have really liked this album ever since. Like I said before I really like her music. I hope to hear what you think of this album. I am leaving you with one of her official videos!♥

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Revue on The Led Zeppelin Saga Hammer of The Gods!

Yes I finally finished this book. I know it took me awhile to finish it. I was busy with a lot of things around here. I am sorry this has taken me so long.

Now about the book. There is a lot of things in this book just like the other Led Zeppelin book I read before and I did a revue on it. This book does go into more detail about what happened while they were on the road.

There was a tax exile that they had to go by so they didn't have to pay so much in taxes in England. They could stay in the states for six months then go back to England for six months. By doing it this way they only had to pay half as much in taxes.

The media blamed Jimmy Page's black magic on the accidents that happened to the band and the family's. But that was not true at all. It was just things that happen in life.

It still tells how the band loved to party when they were on tour. By using drugs and throwing things out the windows. This was something normal with them. When they would go to check in the manager of the hotel would ask for a deposit on the rooms for the furniture that would get thrown out the windows and the damage of the rooms.

The reason John Bonham would get so violent when he was drinking is because of being away from his family. He missed his wife and kids so much that it really hurt him. So he would drink to try to get rid of the pain. One thing about John I read in here is that John let his son play the drums during a rehearsal. He said his son just banged on the drums so hard that is sounded just like him on them. John was sitting out in the chairs and he said this is was the band looks like and sounds like. He thought that was so awesome.

The band never went for anyone making bootlegs of the shows. They would take the people in back and beat them really bad. It was the road manager and some other roadies that would do it.

The accident that Robert Plant was in with his family he almost lost his wife. The kids were not that bad but his wife almost died from that accident.

John Paul Jones was mainly to himself. He was always late for rehearsals and when they were leaving from one place to get to another show.

When the band was in the states Jimmy Page was getting death threats. He was always with extra security at the shows and at the hotels. He was not taking any chances with the threats.

Led Zeppelin did sell more albums than The Rolling Stones. When I seen that in the book I was so amazed by that. But then I read that they shared a recording studio and when Jimmy called and asked if they could have the studio one more day Mick Jagger said that it was alright. They were really good friends too.

They started a record company called Swan Song Records. The bands that they had there are Bad Company, Pretty Things, Detective, Maggie Belle and Dave Edmunds. This is just some of them that I remembered.

There drug and alcohol use was really bad. It was so bad that at Jimmy's house someone stepped on a needle and died in his home. Jimmy sold that house and bought another house. Then they were rehearsing at the new house and John came there drunk. When Benji who worked for Robert went to wake John up his face was blue and no pulse. He was dead. 

This book is really good if you get the chance please read this book. It really goes into details about what the band had gone through. I really enjoyed reading the book and if you are a Led Zeppelin fan you will love this book. I would really like to hear your comments on this.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My First Grandchild!

On Sunday February 6th my son came down here for the Superbowl. He gave me this to let me know that his girlfriend is pregnant. It says " Your going to be a Grandma". My son made this himself. I also got a Valentine's Day card. When I seen this I was so shocked. I called for my boyfriend to show him what it said. In the Valentine's Day card it said to Grandma and Grandpa. That really made both of us happy.

At first I asked my son if this was some kind of a joke. Because his girlfriend was pregnant before and she lost the baby. My son said no she is pregnant. I just couldn't believe it. He said she was pregnant at Christmas and they didn't want to say anything until she seen the doctor and she was further along. Just in case something happened again.

What was really funny about this is I was teasing my boyfriend earlier about being a Grandpa. Then my son comes here and tells me I am going to be a Grandma. My boyfriends Granddaughter calls me Nana.So now my boyfriend teases me about being a Grandma and I tell him I am only as old as I feel.

The baby is due on September 2nd and I can tell you I can't wait to see the baby. This time I can spoil the baby and send it back home to mommy and daddy. We do know it is going to be a girl and her name is Skylee. I am already buying her stuff for the baby shower and for Christmas. I know my boyfriend will be looking for things for her too.

I will keep you up dated when she is born. Yes I am a very proud Grandma right now!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Styx Album Revue on Pieces of Eight!

All day today I was trying to figure out what to write about. So I figured since I was at Summerfest and seen Styx's in concert I would write about this album.

Seeing them for the first time in concert was awesome. They put on an awesome show and the music I couldn't believe it. I really enjoyed going to see them. I couldn't have asked for a better night out.

Here is what I think about each song on this album-

Great White Hope- This is alright not one of my favorites on the album. The music is good don't get me wrong I do like it.

I'm OK- I like the drums in the beginning. The keyboards is great the music itself is really good. I do like this one.

Sing For A Day- This one is alright. I do like the music but not as much as some of the others.

The Message- The music at the beginning is awesome. This song is great I really like this one it is the beat of the music.

Lord of the Rings- I really like this one. It is really great.

Blue Collar Man- They played this one at Summerfest. They opened with it and this is one of my favorites. I really love the music on this one. I just think the whole song is great.

Queen of Spades- The music is alright but not one of my favorites.

Renegade- This was there final song of the night. When I heard this song I was so happy because I love this song. I just love hearing this in concert it was so awesome.

Pieces of Eight- I like it because you can hear the keyboards and guitar more in the beginning. It is different that is why I like it.

Aku-Aku- This song is alright. It is different for them to do.

I hope everyone likes this revue. I just love listening to the live music better than the studio versions. So I am leaving with a live video of one of my favorites from Styx. I hope to hear what you think of this album!♥

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

I know I am putting this up early but I just want to wish everyone a very Happy 4th of July. I was thinking of what to write about and it is the weekend of the 4th of July so that is why I am writing this.

I was just reading about it on the the computer about the day of Independence and the signing of the Declaration. I just found out the declaration was not signed on this day it was signed on August 4th. It was actually a month later. The only ones that really know the truth are Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin and they are gone. So no one will ever know the truth about this.

Everyone celebrates this day by going and seeing parades, cookouts, visiting family and friends then going to see fireworks. Yes I know some of you have your own fireworks also to shoot off. I remember going up north to my parents land and my dad shooting off the fireworks. We use to enjoy this so much. If you are shooting off fireworks please be very careful and please watch out the the little kids with the sparklers because those can hurt them too.

I would also like to thank all the men and women that are serving  in the Armed Forces. They put there lives on the line for us everyday. A lot of them are still overseas and can not be with there families today and have missed a lot of the Holidays with there families. To me this is there day also.

My dad was in the Army and I have had family and friends in the Armed Forces. My ex husband was in the Army also. I have cousins that are still in the Armed Forces and this is why I put this picture up also. I am just praying they are very safe today. I pray everyday for the safety for each and every man and women in the Armed Forces.

I hope everyone has a very safe Holiday and I hope you enjoy you Holiday with your friends and family. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to all you!♥