Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crazy Things That Happen At Work!

I work at a grocery store, I am a cashier there. On August first I will have been there for a year. I have never seen such a turn around with employees coming and going.

Yesterday my supervisor was training four more people for cashiering. I could not believe that since I am only getting about thirteen hours a week right now. This is really crazy and I am looking for a new job.

In the mean time I figured I would give you some of the crazy stories about my last year working there. This place is really unbelievable and is good for a laugh.

We have to check I.D's for liquor with every customer. I get yelled at by all the elderly people. They say to me what do you mean you have to see my I.D. for this. I tell them I am sorry but is town ordinance and my register will not go any farther until I see an I.D.. Then they show it to me.

I had this one lady she had liquor also, I asked her for her I.D. and she said what are you talking about. I told her that I needed to see it for her liquor. She said I was asking for it to be racist. I told her that I am not racist that this is the town ordinance and we have to ask every customer that purchases liquor. She still called me racist and I asked her if she would like to talk to a manager. She said yes and I called the manager on duty and he came to the register and told the lady the same thing I did. She told my manager I was racist and he said no not this cashier she is not racist. He explained it again to the lady and she called both of us racist. He asked the lady nicely if she still would like to purchase the liquor and she said yes. He said we will need an I.D. then. She finally showed us her I.D. and said she is never shopping here again.

With dealing with this customer I had about five people in line after her with shopping carts full of groceries. So my manager stayed and bagged the groceries for me. He said that he was having a hard time keeping up with me.

Then on Wednesday's is the worst day with the elderly. I had this one elderly lady come through my line with her groceries. She was yelling at me saying some of what she had was on sale. I looked at my ad and there was nothing on sale that she was talking about. Our ads go from Thursday to Wednesday. I asked her if she was looking at the one that started on Thursday and she said no. So I had to call my manager and he came up there. The lady said I was being rued to her. The manager asked what she meant by that and she said I was telling her that she was wrong about the things on sale. He looked at what she was purchasing and he said that is all for Thursdays ad and she could not get the sale price until then. Then she yelled at him and said he was rued too. We both did apologize to the lady but demanded the sale price that day. We could not do that and she left with out buying anything.

I have these regular customers that come in when I am working. This one guy was in the line with the elderly lady and when he came up to the register he told my manager that I am never rued to any of the customers. The manager told him that he knows I am not rued and said that I always joke around with the customers and the employees. My manager said that I also give some of the managers a hard time too. The guy said you have to be joking. I said if I can't have a good time at work why work at that job.

Here is the best one of all. This happened about two weeks ago. I had a guy come in my line to purchase liquor. I asked him for his I.D. and he said why, so I told him the reason. He asked to talk to the manager. So I called my manager I explained what was happening. The guy said he does not have to show any kind of I.D. he is old enough to purchase the liquor. The manager said we know you are old enough but it is the town ordinance and we can not sell this to you with out seeing an I.D.. The manager voided out this sale because the guy wanted to talk to the police about this. He did not believe that this was true. The next thing I see is the guy handcuffed and the police walking him out. I asked my manager what was going on come to find out this guy had five warrants out for him. I was like how stupid this guy was to want to talk to the police if he knew about the warrants.

I had a girl come through my line she had a new born baby in the car seat on the front of the cart and a diaper bag in the back. I rang up what she was buying she paid for her groceries. Then I see security taking her to the office with the cart. The next customer in line was the girls mom and she asking me what is going on. I told the lady I have no idea that I can call the manger up and she can ask him. So I called my manager he came up and told the lady to go with him and they will find out together. I found out she was stealing about sixty dollars in groceries it was in the diaper bag under the diapers.

I have to ask every customer if that is everything out of their carts. This girl said yes it was, I am not allowed to go around the counter and go through a diaper bag. The store did press charges on this girl and she did have to do time in jail. There has been a lot of customers that have gone through my line and have tried to steal but have been caught. I have no idea until I see them going to the office.

I was saying earlier about the regulars that come into the store. It is nice to see them because you know you have someone to joke around with, especially when you are having a bad day at work. On a Friday I had the day off and I went to work to get my check and get next weeks work schedule. I came out from the back of the store getting my schedule and one of the guys I joke around with was in the store. He said that I was not in my work clothes to be there. I told him that is because I had the day off and he said I am not allowed to have a day off when he is in the store. I told him he will have to deal with who was up front on the registers. He told me he wanted me to be up there so he had someone to pick on. I said he is picking on me now so that should be good enough. One of the guys in the meat department said that he was glad he wasn't the only one I pick on. My daughter was with and she told both of them that this is how I am at home to with her and my boyfriend. They both said they were glad I was like this all the time.

When was on vacation and when I went back to work some of the people thought I quit my job. I said no I was on vacation, I said what did you miss me. A couple of them said yea because no one was picking on me and I said oh poor baby. Then they would said yea you are back.

I hope you enjoy what I deal with at work. Feel free to leave a comment!♥

Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend WIth My Granddaughter!

Thursday I went to Oshkosh to pick up my Granddaughter. I was up and out of the house by eight o'clock in the morning. I had to go and drop something off to Drew at work on his break. I could not believe it how busy it was up there already. I was up there at noon and it was the first day for Rock U.S.A.. I was meeting my son at the motel they were staying at to pick up my Granddaughter.

When I got there it was my son, his girlfriend, my older daughter and two of my sons friends. I know his two friends they call me mom too. They put all the stuff in my car and I was talking to them for a few minutes. I couldn't stay long because I had to be back to pick Drew up from work.

I was really surprised that my Granddaughter was really good when I left the motel. She didn't cry and she fell asleep in the car on the way back. I had the air conditioner on and the radio going. It was a lot of driving for me that day. When we finally came home with Grandpa we just stayed home the rest of the day so she could get use to the house.

Then on Friday I took Drew to work again. I had some errands to do that day like always when I have Fridays off. So we went and seen Grandpa for his lunch and he had to share his sandwich with her. Then from there we went to my work to get my work schedule and then we went to do the rest of the errands. She just loved going running around with Grandma. By the time I was done with that it was time to go and pick up Drew from work. When we came home it started to storm here. I put her in the stroller and we went out on the patio to watch the storm and she was just love watching the rain come down. When we ate dinner she just eats what ever we had and right off our plates. She does not like the baby food. After dinner we went to this ice cream shop called Scoops. She just loved it because she got ice cream for all of us. It was my youngest daughter, Drew and I.

Saturday we went to Illinois to see my aunt and my cousin. It was funny because when I made breakfast she was facing me to eat up on the bed then she would turn to Grandpa to get some of what he had on his plate. My aunt has never seen my Granddaughter and this was the first time. It was really nice to see my aunt and cousin again. Even though I don't live that far from them it is hard to find the time to go and see them. They couldn't believe she is walking holding on to furniture. She was really good while we visited no crying and just really happy with all the attention. My cousin made an early dinner that was really good.  When we ate she sat on my lap and she had to have what ever Grandma and Grandpa had on there plates.

Then on the way home that day we stopped at the store and she was just sitting in the shopping cart looking around. I went to get some cheese and she had to hold the cheese. It was a small brick of cheese and she tried biting through the wrapper. We did are shopping and came home by that time it was almost time for her to go to bed.

Sunday morning we had to get up early to get ready to take her back to mom and dad. I made breakfast and then it was time to give her a bath. After the bath I made Grandpa get her dressed because he had something on his mind. I was not getting in the middle of this between him and my son. Drew is a Packers fan and my son is a Bears fan. Her is the reason Grandpa dressed her.

When we went to leave there was an Iron Man Marathon going on in town. It felt like it took forever to get out of here. But we made it on time to get her to mom and dad. You should have seen the look on my sons face when he seen her in the Packer outfit. It was funny his friends were laughing so hard. But he had his girlfriend change her right away. But you should have seen mommy when we got there she missed her baby so much. This was the longest she was away from her.

She was a really good baby the whole weekend. The only problem we had was getting her to sleep. Grandpa figured out an easy way to get her to fall asleep is put her in the stroller and just push her back and forth in it. But just leave her in there for about twenty minutes. We really enjoyed having her for the weekend. But I really didn't get to do a couple things I really wanted to with her. I wanted to take her to our zoo in town and take her and put her feet in Lake Michigan. It was like the weekend went so fast with her. I think last night Grandpa went into a Granddaughter withdraw. I was teasing him about that. We had a great time with her here for the weekend.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spring In Wisconsin Wildflowers 3!

Yes it has been a long time for me to get more of my wildflowers named. Last month and this month are really crazy times in this house. I have been going up north and then working, tomorrow I am going to get my granddaughter for the weekend.

I decided since I had today off of work to get some more pictures of my wildflowers posted for everyone.

I don't know if anyone knows right now we are in a drought here. All of the pictures I have taken in the spring that most of the flowers are gone already. We haven't had rain in about six weeks here. I am so glad we went out to get the pictures when we did.

This is a Compass Plant. It is really funny how we found this one. Drew had picked me up from work one day, we were going down Green Bay Rd. and Drew seen this flower and he turned the car around. We pulled on the side of the road so I could get a picture. At first we thought this was a Sunflower but then when I looked it up I found out it was a Compass Plant. If you look at the flower it is like a compass for the sun dial the way it is tilted up.

This is a Trumpet Creeper Vine. This is another really funny story how I got this picture. We had just left Sanders Park on our way home. On the corner by a stop light at Taylor and Wood Ave. I looked out my window and asked Drew what that was he said just a minute and turned the corner pulled by the curb so I could get a picture. I just could not believe this is growing on a electrical pole.

This is a Day Lily it was taken at Grant Park in South Milwaukee. Drew and I decided one day to take a trip out that way. We went for a walk by the beach and then Drew pulled on the side of the road at wanted to see if he could find any wildlife in the trees by the lake and he also found this flower for me. I noticed one thing with this flower, since we took the picture I have been seeing them all over now.

This is a Black Eyed Susan we seen it at Pritchard Park. Just driving through there looking around and I seen this so I took a picture of it. In this park we have seen baby Goslings so we would go and see how much they have grown.

These are Brown Eyed Susan taken at the Root River. Drew went for a walk here while I was at work one day and seen them. He took the picture for me. I was really surprised when I came home and he showed this picture to me.
I know some people get the two flowers mixed up. What I am talking about is the Black Eyed Susan and the Brown Eyed Susan. I almost did but then I looked how many pedals, the leaves and the difference with the brown center area of each flower. That is the only ways to figure out which one it is.

This is a Thistle Plant at Schoop Park. This was another day while I was at work and Drew went for a walk. This one was really hard to figure out what kind of plant it was. That is what happens when he goes for his walks and I am at work. But I do figure out what kind they are but it takes me awhile to do that. It is a very pretty plant too.

I hope you enjoy the crazy way we go out and look for wildflowers. I have to say one thing it is fun going out there and looking for the wildlife and the wildflowers. We take turns doing the driving and taking pictures. I hope all of you enjoy these pictures.

It will be awhile before I get to post anything on here. I will be getting my granddaughter for the weekend. Please feel free to leave any comments you would like. Thank you for reading this!♥

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cheap Trick & Aerosmith Concert!

Last night we went to see Cheap Trick and Aerosmith. I can tell you this was one awesome rocking concert. I really enjoyed this concert more than the one we went to see Wednesday night.

The night started out with Cheap Trick taking the stage. Everyone got up on their feet for the first two songs. Then I could not believe it everyone sat down to watch the concert. That was really different for me at a concert. All the concerts I have been to you would stand to watch. Then for the last song everyone stood for the last song.

Here is the setlist for the concert:

1)  Clock Strikes Ten
2)  Elo Kiddies
3)  California Man
4)  Ain't That A Shame
5)  Sick Man Of Europe
6)  Baby Loves To Rock
7)  Need Your Love
8)  I Know What I Want
9)  Surrender
10) The Flame
11) I Want You To Want Me
12) Dream Police
13) Goodnight

This was an awesome set of songs that they played last night. There was a couple of songs I have never heard by them. I really like them too.

I know they had a smaller stage to perform on because of Aerosmiths equipment on there too. But one thing is the lead singer could have moved around more so the people in the seats on the side of the stage to see them more. Most of the time he was standing in the center of the stage. That was the only thing that was wrong for me.

The music was so awesome. The last song was "Goodnight" and Rick Nielsen came out with a five neck guitar. I never seen one like that and it was so awesome to see a guitar like that. My mouth probably dropped and I probably went bug eyed. The crowd was going crazy when he came out with that guitar.

Then after that song they introduced all the band members and said goodbye.

At intermission it was crazy long lines all over even the restrooms. I made it back to my seat just in time for the first song.

Yes it is time for Aerosmith to take the stage. I was waiting all night for this one and it was time. Everyone was on their feet screaming when Aerosmith took the stage.

I just can't believe how much energy Steven Tyler still has on the stage. He can not stand still when he is singing, he is all over the stage. There was a cat walk for him to walk down, he was back and forth on that.

Then as I was watching the show it is like Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are connected at the hip most of the time.

The song choices are awesome here it the list:

1)  Draw The Line
2)  Love In An Elevator
3)  Oh Yeah
4)  Livin' On The Edge
5)  Jaded
6)  S.O.S. (Too Bad)
7)  Last Child
8)  Drum Solo
9)  Lord Of The Thighs
10) Boogie Man
11) Combination
12) What It Takes
13) No More No More
14) Legendary Child 
15) Sweet Emotion
16) Mother Popcorn
17) Walk This Way
18) Dream On
19) Train Kept A-Rollin

It was one rockin, wild and crazy concert last night. Each of the band members had solo's it was Brad Whitford had a solo introducing "Last Child", Joey Kramer had his drum solo,Steven Tyler came to bang on the drums with him and then Joey was hitting the drums with his hands and his head, Joe Perry had his solo introducing "Boogie Men" and Tom Hamilton had his solo introducing "Sweet Emotion". All of these solo's were just so awesome. I could not believe it.

Steven had a bandana on and then during Oh Yea he throws it into the audience. 

There was one song I was hoping that they would play "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" but they never did play that one. That is all right, I enjoyed every song on the list. That is one of my favorites by them. I can tell you one thing I didn't miss one bit of the concert and I enjoyed every bit of it.

With the lights, music, Steven singing and the energy the whole band has makes you keep wanting more and the night never to end.

For the encore they brought a piano out on the cat walk for Steven to play with Dream On. The next thing you see is Joe Perry climbing on top of it playing his guitar. Then after the song Steven climbs up on top of the piano for Train Kept A-Rollin.

I can tell you this is one band I would go and see again. If they come to your city don't miss this concert it will be one to put in the books of a great concert.

Here is a song I found from the concert last night and I hope you enjoy reading this!♥

Friday, July 6, 2012

Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden at Summerfest!

This was one very hot and humid day for a concert. It was 102 degrees outside and we were by Lake Michigan for the concert and we had very little breeze out there. The nice thing was we were able to bring in an unopened bottle of water with us.

This year Drew and I decided to take the shuttle bus from are area to Summerfest. I was so glad the bus was air conditioned. It was nice not to have to drive down there and deal with all the traffic. I was just watching out the window on the way there.

There was two shows that night. The first one was Alice Cooper and the show was so awesome. I used to have all of his albums. The curtain dropped and the band came out Alice Cooper came out on a pedestal singing Black Widow in a spider costume. He really knows how to make an entrance! To this day, He really knows how to get the audience going.  Here is the setlists to the concert:

1)  Black Widow
2)  Brutal Planet
3)  I'm Eighteen
4)  No More Mr. Nice Guy
5)  Hey Stupid
6)  Guitar Solo ( This was really awesome by a 27 year old girl)
7)  Billion Dollar Babies
8)  Feed My Frankenstein
9)  Poison
10) Wicked Young Man
11) I Love The Dead
12) School's Out

Yes, one awesome setlist of songs he sang. He did bring out the snake for No More Mr. Nice Guy. Then for Feed My Frankenstein he had a twenty foot robot Frankenstein looking like him come out. When he was singing  School's Out confetti and big balloons were coming down that was the last song. I was really enjoying listening to him and watching the show. This was one awesome show and it was the first time I seen him in concert. If he came back here I would go and see him again.

The second show was Iron Maiden. It was a good show and great music. I know some of the songs from Drew playing the cd's. But this band I really don't care for and I just can't place the reason why I don't. They really know how to get the crowd going also. I just could not believe it.

Here is the setlist for the show:

1)  Moonchild
2)  Can I Play With Madness
3)  The Prisoner
4)  2 Minutes to Midnight
5)  Afraid to Shoot Strangers
6)  The Trooper
7)  The Number of the Beast
8)  Phantom of the Opera
9)  Run to the Hills
10) Wasted Years
11) Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
12) The Clairvoyant
13) Fear of the Dark
14) Iron Maiden
15) Aces High
16) The Evil That Men Do
17) Running Free

Yes a long set of songs for the second show. I have to admit it was a great show and Drew said that is was a mixture of old and new music.

They said that they could only use two thirds of the stage set up. The stage set up, fire techno and the lighting was so awesome I couldn't believe it. We didn't need to see any fireworks that night we had it all on the stage. The lead singer had so much energy running all over on the stage I was trying to figure out how he could keep going like that.

During Run To The Hills they brought out a twenty foot robot called Eddie. This was really awesome watching him walk around the stage. The crowd was going crazy when he came out on stage.

Around the inside of the stage they had pictures going around similar to the cover of the Seventh Son album. That was really different to see. 

This was during the Iron Maiden song. I just wanted you to see the stage set up and see the top of it where the lead singer was running around.

What really amazed me was all the real young kids there that were more than half of our age. We had the kids on each side of us. They were getting into the music so much with head banging, swinging the arms and singing all the songs to both shows. I just could not believe it.

We did meet up with friends of ours and they did go to the show. We just had different seats but did meet up with them between the show and after the show. It was so great to see them again. We haven't seen each other for a couple of years.

I hope you enjoy reading this and feel free to leave any comments. I will be in touch with our next concert on Saturday and I can not wait for that one!♥

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our Trip Up North!

Saturday after work Drew and I went up north. It was one very long day for me but I made it through the day. For us to get up north to my mom's place it is about a four hour drive. Drew can not drive long distance his legs cramp up on him so I do the driving.

Drew has been on vacation since last Wednesday, So it was not like he was losing time from work. I started my vacation when I got off of work Saturday.

We went up there to help my mom pack some of her things up into plastic bins to put into her storage shed. I had no idea we would be going through twenty other bins of hers to see what she wanted. This was all day Sunday that we did this. She has two sheds up by her house and one in town. Drew was bringing all the bins into the house so mom and I could go through them. By the time we had gotten done we had five boxes to take to Goodwill and four bins to take to her shed in town. So we made two trips into town one to Goodwill and one to moms shed. All of us were just so tired when we got back to the house.

The main reason we went up north was my mom wanted me to go and get a tea set that my great aunt had given me. This tea set my great aunt had was given to her for a wedding present from her parents. She told my grandma that was mine because I was the only niece that was closest to her. When she would come over she always called me her girlfriend.

Then on Monday we went to see Drew's family for a little while. We had a early dinner with his mom and dad, we went to see his sister at work. We had a really good time with his mom and dad. His dad made a roast on the grill we had potatoes and corn on the cob with it. It was really good.

On the way to their house I was seeing these butterflies on the road. They were sitting right on the road and I could not believe it. It was just thousand of them and I was hitting them with the car. I felt bad about hitting them because I love butterflies but just sitting on the road what am I suppose to do about that. They are called Red Admirl butterflies. On the way back to my moms they were still on the road and back to town also. I did have one hit my windshield too. Drew said I was having to much fun hitting them after awhile. Here is a picture of the butterfly.

After we took mom back to town I was able to see my son and granddaughter. I was so happy to see them. A week from tomorrow I will have my granddaughter here for a few days.

On the way home we ran into a couple storms but the worst storm was in Oshkosh because there was a parking lot that was flooded with cars in there. It was across the street from were we stop. It was really hot and humid when we left up north then it cooled down when we got to Oshkosh. Then when we got to Milwaukee it was really hot and humid again. The storm cooled it off up there.

We didn't get home until about ten thirty that night. Even though I had to go up there and help my mom out I really enjoyed myself. I am just happy to know my mom had what she wanted taken care of done and seeing Drew's family was great too. I hope his mom and dad are having a good time on there vacation they left yesterday.

Tonight we are going to Summerfest in this nasty heat. But plan on having a great time. We are meeting up with some friends we haven't seen in a couple of years. I will keep you up dated!♥