Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Moving My Daughter!

Yes today we are moving my daughter into her dorm room at the University of Whitewater. This past week has been crazy at our house. Trying to make sure she has everything to move into her dorm, getting everything packed up and making sure my son is coming to help us.

I know there is always a lot of the last minute things you have to get from the store that you forget when you are there. It just feels like you are at the store everyday getting something that she forgets to tell me that she will need. But we put all the main things on layaway back in the beginning of July. I will let you know that really helps out a lot doing it that way.

Now for the packing part was just crazy here. Lets see were to start about this one. In one of the bins I packed all of her school supplies and in the other bin is all of her extras like plates, bowls, cups right now I don't remember what else. Then two duffel bags of clothes yes two and one of the duffel bags is ours. There is a lot of stuff that I had to make sure was packed for her. She told me that if she did the packing that there would be a lot more bags or boxes needed. She even has a 6 drawer plastic dresser to take with her that is packed with stuff in it.

Last night Drew packed out car and there is still more to be packed when my son gets here with his car. I even went through my cabinet and refrigerator to see what food she would be able to take.I just found out that my son got pulled over by the state police an hour away from here. But he got lucky and just got a warning because he told the officer that he was on his way here to move his sister to college.

I know I keep saying I can't wait for this day to come but deep down inside me I am going to miss my daughter being around. She is my youngest child out of my three kids. I am just so proud of her going to college and I pray she keeps up her grades and proves her dad wrong. Her dad said she will not make it to get her major. I know my daughter if she puts her mind to it and does her best she will make it. Kimmy we love you and we will miss you!

Friday, August 17, 2012

My Mom Losing Her Home!

You have seen with my other posts that we have been really busy the month of July. Sorry I haven't written much.

We went to two concerts at Summerfest, had my Granddaughter for a few days and we have been going back and forth up north a lot and I will be explaining the reason for that. This summer has been going pretty good this year. When we didn't have my Granddaughter or going to concerts or going up north we went walking or driving looking for wildlife or wildflowers.

The concerts I really enjoyed both of them. We got to see some friends we haven't seen since last year and I got to meet another one of Drew's friends this year. For the Aerosmith concert it was Drew, two of his friends both men and myself. So I looked at it this way I had three bodyguards with me. That week was just awesome.

Then the weekend with my Granddaughter I had a great time with her. Everyone said she was just going to cry the whole time but the only time she did cry was when she was tired. I would do that again for my son and his girlfriend. I enjoyed every minute with her and I know that Grandpa did too.

Now for the reason of going up north so much is last year my older sister told me that my mom's mortgage was three months past due and it was going to go into foreclosure. My mom had an acre and a half of land with a mobile home.So she was looking for everyone to help her get the money together before my mom found out about it. At the time she was asking for the money I didn't have a job yet so we couldn't help her out.

My mom found out about it and she talked to the people at the bank and they said if you come up with this amount of money then we will work with you. So we were sending my mom money every month and all of a sudden she said that she is going to have to file bankruptcy on her house and land. So she told me not to send her anymore money. So I thought everything was alright until this past June on the way to my nieces wedding. My mom told me she had to come up with so much money to file her bankruptcy the following month.

Before we left that weekend of my nieces wedding I stopped to talk to my mom and find out exactly how much money she needed. She showed me all the papers and she thought she had told me all about this a long time ago. I told her she never told me about the bankruptcy money other wise we would have been sending her some money every month to help her out.

Drew and I came home I looked over the bills and took care of the checkbook. Then we sat and we talked about it. We decided that we are the only ones that are willing to help my mom out. My older sister only cares about her kids and what they want and need, my younger sister cares only about herself and has my mom paying all her bills. So that only leaves my kids, Drew and I. My older sister's kids are all grown but they still expect mom to do everything for them.

Then the weekend after I had my Granddaughter we had to go up there and start going through my mom's house to get rid of things she didn't want. It was just Drew and I helping my mom that weekend. That was the weekend we were suppose to go out to South Dakota. My mom wanted to go and get a tea set that my Great Aunt had left for me it is an antique tea set with twenty four karat gold on it.

We went through twelve big plastic bins from her shed and pack away a good dinner set that was my Grandma's and a silver serving set. In one of the bins was all my Dad's things that my mom kept. I was able to get a few of my dad's things and some pictures. I didn't have any pictures of my dad's mom and him. We filled my car up twice once to go to Goodwill and the second time to go to my mom's storage shed in town.

Then the last three weekends my son, one of my nieces, my son's friend and my mom finished packing and moving the rest of my mom's things. I wasn't able to go up there to help my mom get the rest of her things out of the house because we didn't have the time with work or the gas money. My mom is so understanding about that.I felt so bad about not being there for her then. My son is so tired from moving everything so is my mom.

The thing for me with my mom losing her house is I feel like I am losing my dad again. Going up there was like being with my dad again. It was the place my dad was always happy at. My mom and dad had bought the land forty years ago when we lived in Illinois.  When we first went up there we had a travel trailer then the following year they bought a mobile home. Then twenty three years ago my dad had a triple bypass and my parents bought a new mobile home with a big deck and central air for my dad. My three kids grew up there part of there lives too just like I did. My kids are so upset with what is happening to there Grandma.

My mom is going to be living with my younger sister since she pays the bills there anyway. Then my older sister said she can stay by her house when she wants to and she knows she is always welcome to come by us to get away too. My mom keeps saying this is a new start for her.

There was a lot of things that needed to be fixed on her house like the roof, electric pole,the siding and the deck. Some trees needed to get pruned back and her shed up there needed to be rebuilt. I know she could not afford to fix all of that herself. Plus her land taxes kept going up on her and she was having a hard time paying that.

Well in a week and a half my youngest daughter will be leaving for college. I have been helping her get everything she needs for college. That is another post about all that.

Thank you for reading this and feel free to leave any comments!♥