Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NFL So Called Replacement Officials!

I have been seeing a lot of very bad calls with the so called replacement officials since preseason of football. This is getting so bad that a lot of people are starting to say they are not going to be watching football anymore. I found out a lot of information from a friend at work today. The people that are the refs right now only had two weeks of training before preseason, also they have regular jobs like us. What gives them the right to even be on the field with the NFL players if they do not have any experience.

Since regular season there has been so many bad calls on all the teams. This is really getting bad and the NFL really needs to get the original officials out there to do their job and end the lockout with them. Yes I know that they also have some bad calls but not this bad. The NFL needs to come to an agreement with them real quick so this stops already.

I was watching last nights Monday Night Football game it was the Packers and the Seahawks. This game was really bad from the beginning with the calls. Aaron Rodgers was sacked about eight times and some of them should have been penalties. Then the refs could not get the players numbers right when they did call a penalty. The first half was mainly an all defense game. I have to say that part was really good with the way the defense did play. But the offense did a bad job protecting Aaron Rodgers.  Then the second half was like the Packers are back.

This is the main reason I am writing this post. The last call of the game in which the Packers lost the game. The picture below show two refs calling to different things. One is saying touchdown and the other is saying touch back.This was the worst call they could have made for the season everyone could see in the replay last night that clearly the Packers had the ball. But yet they called it that the Seahawks won the game. They only looked at the replay for a couple minutes and made that call. If this was up to me to say I would say these refs are paid off by the other team with the way they made the calls last night.

 To let people know I grew up in Illinois and I am a Bears fan. But when I see something wrong like this last night I will stick up for the right team. Right now I am sticking up for all the NFL teams because this is completely wrong right now.  I really hope everyone understands why I am writing this, I just had to voice my opinion on what I have seen happening.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall In Horicon National Wildlife Refuge!

Yes this past Sunday we went back to Horicon. This time I was able to see a lot more than the last time we went up there. I really enjoyed myself so much. Along HWY 49 we seen so many different wildlife animals, there was a field just full of so many different animals I just could not believe my eyes when I seen all of them. We did take pictures of the fields of the wildlife.

Then we went on the auto tour road and I was taking pictures of the Fall colors changing. The picture above is of the floating Boardwalk. This is so beautiful to walk and see. Sunday was the first time I was able to take this walk with Drew. I just could not believe my eyes when I seen this.

This is along the auto tour road. I had to stop and get this picture for everyone. The fall colors are starting to come in up north and it is so nice to see. 

This is a pond on the side of the same road and you can see a swan in the water towards the top of the picture along with the flowers. I just could not believe my eyes when I seen the scenery it was so lovely and the swan in the pond just made it more beautiful.

This is the blanket of yellow flowers that I was talking about in my last post. It is just beautiful and it is along the floating Boardwalk. This is in a lot of the fields in Horicon. If you remember the first picture at the top of this post you see like a lookout tower that is were I took this picture.

This is down the road from the floating Boardwalk. It is two different ponds with all kinds of wildlife in them. This is towards the end of the auto tour road.

In the distance you can see the turbine's above the trees. Yes we were not that far away from them, we past them on the way down the road to the wildlife refuge. If you see the tops of the trees starting to change there colors it is so beautiful. 

Along this road is a lot of different bike or hiking trails you can go down. In the spring I would love to go and walk the trails to be able to get the wildflowers just starting to bud. I will try to get back up that way to get the fall colors of the trees when they change the beautiful colors.

If you like to see the wildlife and the wildflowers this is the place to go and see it all. For me this is the best place to take a walk and see the beautiful land and how peaceful it is up there. It actually give you a true peace of mind how beautiful our land and wildlife really is. If it wasn't for Drew taking me there I would have never known how this really could make a person feel.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Flowers From Horican Marsh!

This past Saturday Drew, his son and I took a ride up north between Lomira and Fond Du Lac. We went to Horican Marsh Wildlife Refuge. The place is really huge it goes from just south of Fond Du Lac to down by a town call Theresa. We went to the north side of it to see what we could find between the wildlife and the wildflowers.

We took Hwy 41 to Cty Hwy 49. When you get off at Cty Hwy 49 you go left and you come to a lookout point. I pulled into the parking lot and seen so many different flowers. I could not believe this it was just so awesome. The flower above is an Orange Milkweed flower. This is just the start of what we seen out there.

As we walked the path I was just getting to see so many different flowers. It was so exciting to be able to see the different flowers. The one above is an Ironweed flower. I thought this one was just beautiful and I had to take a picture.

We also seen Purple and Yellow Cornflowers. It was like a blanket of different kinds of flowers out there. I have so many pictures of the Cornflowers that is why I just picked this one. I was in heaven with all the flowers out there.

This is a Golden Ragwort. Between the Golden Ragwort, the False Dandelion and the Tall Golden Rod you could see this for miles they just blanketed the prairie. It was just so beautiful to see that out there. It was just a gorgeous blanket of yellow flowers to see.The one below is a False Dandelion and below that is Tall Golden Rod.

Then we left this area and we drove down the road to a marsh. I was driving on the gravel along the road and water looking at the wildlife in the water. This was just as beautiful as looking at the prairie of flowers. I was so peaceful out there listening to the calls of the wildlife. It was about a mile of driving and stopping for pictures.

Along the way I could not pass up this picture of the Cattail above. The two different colors of brown and tan on it. That was just so different for me. The only ones I was seeing was brown and fuzzy around here. You would see the Cattails along the side of the road with different flowers. The flower below the Cattail is a Chicory, Cichorium Intybus. It is really nice to finally see a lot of different flowers and they are so beautiful.

Down the road I seen this purple flower then when we came up to the flower I seen it and said I don't have this flower in my wildflower folder. So I took a picture of Purple Prairie Clover with False Dandelions. That looks like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

Then we went further down the road I seen a sign to turn left for an auto tour that takes about a half hour. Well with us it was a lot longer than that. When we keep seeing different wildlife and wildflowers to take pictures.

We came along the auto trail to find this flower Late Purple Aster. It looks like a daisy because it is in the daisy family.

Going down the road we seen a lot of different birds flying across the road like a Cardinal, Swallows and Starlings. Drew had the binoculars and in the distant he saw a Bald Eagle out there.  There are lots of walking trails and a Boardwalk. We got out of the car to go by the Boardwalk and when we came back to the car I told Drew we had to start heading home. We spent about three hours out there and I promised Drew we would go back there. This was just one little spot that we spent three hours at. More to come from Horicon Marsh.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday To My Granddaughter!

A year ago today my Granddaughter was born at 1:35 am. My son's girlfriend went in to labor the day before and it made for one long day at the hospital. But in the end we have one beautiful Granddaughter.

I remember my son calling me asking if I was going to go up to Shawano, Wi to be there when she was born. I told him I had to talk to Drew about it. My son kept calling every half hour and kept saying mom I want you here or  I need you here. So we made the trip up there and we stayed there with him until she was born.

I can tell everyone one thing I am the proudest Grandma and I am so proud of my son he is such a good Dad with her. When she see's her Daddy that is all she wants is to be with her Daddy.

This last year having her in our lives has been a blessing. When we see her it is like she just lights up our lives with her smiles, laughing and just being a very happy little girl. Now she is walking and getting into everything, when I seen that I was just so happy.

At the birthday party I was really surprised to see my ex-father-in-law there. He lives down in Illinois and he made the trip up there for her first birthday. I was so happy to see him and see he is doing really good. My two older kids were just as happy to see him. My youngest daughter didn't make it to the birthday party because we moved her to college.

The party was just great and we had a great time with everyone. She got spoiled with a lot of gifts from everyone and Grandpa and I bought her a little rocking horse that she just loves to play on. She did not want to get off of it.

Then it was time for the cake and she tried so hard to blow out the candle. It was so cute how she just kept trying. I didn't know that you can get a separate little personal cake for the kids now. That is what she had and did she make a mess out of it. 

Just like any little kid with there first cake making a mess. All I can say to my son was have fun cleaning her up. She was having so much fun eating her cake she always had a smile on her face eating it. I think she was getting a real sugar high eating the cake because she was just eating all the frosting more than the cake.

I just want to say HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY to my Granddaughter. Grandpa and Grandma love you very much!♥