Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Revue of Twister!

I decided to do a revue on Twister today. I have the book and the movie. I can watch the movie over and over that is how much I like the movie. Then one day my boyfriend and I were at a thrift store and I saw the book. I just had to get the book to read it.

In the book they go into more details about the tornado's. It does have some of the movie in the book but not that much. Tornado's are very dangerous when they come around. They can take down one home and leave the next one alone.

The width of a tornado is fifty to one hundred feet. There are different strengths of a tornado. They are called f1 to f5. The f1 is like the winds from the tornado and the f5 is the worst one of all it takes everything in its path down. Like in the movie they call everything debris that is what the f5 is like.

Between the movie and the book I have learned a lot about tornado's. I lived in Illinois and have been through a few tornado's and I didn't know a lot about them. One place that I lived took a baby out of the house still in the crib and set her down a block away and did not harm her at all. Then another time by my mom's house a tornado went through and kill one man working on a building and crippled another man. This is how different the tornado's are. Last year we had a tornado touch down here and it destroyed a barn, the wal-mart sign and the roof of a business. I also remember about 4yrs ago up north  a tornado took out a lot of our forest. That tornado also took a friend of my mom's house and was only about two miles away from my mom's house. I was afraid something happened to my mom's home. But we got lucky with that.

The reason why I am writing this today is because tornado season is approaching. I just want to let everyone know how dangerous they can be. Right now I don't know how good are alarm system is for tornado's but just be very careful. One thing I can let you know is when a storm is coming just watch the clouds. If you see the clouds going in a circle and a funnel starting go for cover. Sometimes the clouds will go to a green color too. This is what I have learned with the book and the movie. I am just looking out for the safety of everyone's families.

If you haven't seen the movie I would rent that or try to get the book from the library and read it. I have learned so much from both of them. I really recommend both of them. The book really goes into more detail about the tornado's. I pray everyone stays safe! I am going to leave you with a couple pictures from a tornado that happened up by my mom about four years ago.

This is what the tornado did up north June 7th, 2007.
The owners are leaving this alone to remember what happened.

This is what the woods up north look like from the tornado. 
This happened June 7th, 2007.


  1. All my life, here in Wisconsin, I never seen a tornado. Seen damage though. Having said that, I wouldn't mind going storm chasing over a summer.

  2. I have seen and experienced tornado's. The winds are really bad and they do enough damage.

    You are really crazy to go storm chasing. Four years ago I was driving to get away from one to go and get my daughter at my sisters house. I never want to do that again. I know you want to go and get pictures of the tornado that is what you want to do.