Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Thoughts about Prairie Tale!

This book is about how Melissa Gilbert grows up. I read this book and some of the things in the book I could not believe. The things that she had gone through growing up is really unbelievable.

Melissa was adopted at birth. Her adopted parents were both in show business. Her dad was in stand up comedy and her mom was in movies. So growing up her family was all in the spot light. So when she was little she was always dressed in real fancy dresses. Like satin with the lace. Her mom would stay up all night to iron the dress so that it looked perfect for the next day.

Then when she was about four year old her parents adopted her brother Jonathan. At first she was jealous of him but then she started to play with him in the playpen. When her mom seen her in the playpen with her brother Melissa would get yelled at.

Her mom and dad did get a divorce and she was unhappy about that. She thought it was all her fault that is was a bad girl. She could never cry about it because it wasn't right for someone in show business to show your emotions. She also could never say anything bad about the family in public.

When Melissa was about nine years old she went for an audition for Little House on the Prairie. When she got there she seen Micheal Landon sitting there and she was scared. She did her audition and she got the spot for Laura Ingalls.  So she grew up playing Laura and her brother Jonathan played Willie Olsen on the show. Melissa's mom did marry again. But Melissa wasn't happy that someone was going to try to take the place of her dad.While on Little House Melissa's mom had another baby Sara Gilbert.

Melissa's grandpa was in show business too. So one day she went with her grandpa to meet some people and she got to me Groucho Marx. This was something she really loved. She met a lot of other people but this is one that she mentioned on the book.

Micheal Landon's family and her family would spend a lot of time together. She had gotten real close to the kids. Like any teenager you go through relationships and that is what she did. They went on vacations together also. Micheal was like a dad to her growing up. When he passed away it was really hard for her. She was thankful her husband and kids were there for her.

Her sister Sara Gilbert was on the Roseanne show. So all the kids are in show business. Her mom was the manager for all of the kids growing up. She to care of all the finances. 

I know I am going on with this book but to understand what she has been through this is a book to get to read. It is really a great book. It tells about all her ups and downs growing up. She was also married a couple of times. I would really recommend this book to read!

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