Thursday, March 3, 2011

How I Got Started and Ended Working with Karaoke!

One night my son told me about this guy doing karaoke at the bowling alley in Shawano Wi. So one night my girls and I went to the bowling alley to see what it was all about. My older daughter started to sing karaoke that night. So I started to take my girls there every friday night. That was the one thing my girls and I did every week. Karaoke started at 9pm to 2am. We had a really good time going every week. We got to know the D.J. and a lot of the people that came every week. My son and his friends would be there every week also.

If some of you do not know what karaoke is there is a t.v. there with the words on and you sing to the music. The words on the t.v. light up when you have to start to sing. You get to pick out your own song that you would like to sing. If I remember right there are over 20,000 different karaoke songs out there. Each D.J. has there own songs that they have. They all do not have the same list of songs.

Terry is the one that had karaoke at the bowling alley. Then a friend of mine said there is a better one at a bar. So one friday night I went to the bar with my girls to see how this guy was. So we kept going to the bar and got to know the people there. If you wondering no I do not sing karaoke. I started talking with the D.J. or you can say who owned the equipment. He asked me if I would be interested in helping set up the equipment, look songs up for the people and take down the equipment. I said yes and that is how I got started.  I was helping in Shawano Wi then I started going with another person up to Wabeno Wi.

When I started to work for T- Bone the music was on c.d's towards the time I quit everything was on a laptop. There is a lot of equipment that you have to set up. The way it is set up is not real easy to do when you are first starting out. When I got use to setting it up I could get everything done by myself  with in 20 minutes. I was the D.J. five times. The main place I always went to was in Wabeno Wi every saturday. While I was going there I had four different people that was the D.J..

We had people that would come every week for karaoke. So what I did was I had index cards with there songs on. The people would sing the same songs every week. Then I got to know the people so when they would walk into the bar I would just pull out there card and write them in on the list. We had to stay in an order so people were able to sing in a rotation. I would hear the same songs every week. I was glad when we got some new music so then there was something different. But then you would start to hear that every week also. It starts to get to you when you hear it all the time.

Then May of 2010 I started talking to my boyfriend. We met for the first time in June. He lived two hours away from me and we couldn't see each other that much. I had to work on the weekend's and he only had the weekend's for us to see each other. I did go and see him for Summerfest and I spent a week with him. Then I went back home and I really missed him. So in July I quit karaoke and we have been living together since then. I will be honest with you I never have been as happy as I am right now. I do not miss doing karaoke at all but yes I do miss the people that I got to meet. Being here with the man that I love very much I would never give this up in a heart beat. I am happier than I have ever been and I know this is where I am suppose to be. I Love him with all of my heart and soul and I always will.


  1. Seriously, I don't know how I could manage having to deal with karaoke every weekend. You know the endless amounts of drunken singing "Every Rose Has its Thorn'. I'd be going insane.

  2. It is not easy having to deal with hearing the same songs every week. There where times I didn't even want to go. Not only do you have to deal with the people singing you have to deal with all the drunks. On New Years it is even worse. We are there from 9pm to 6am. Then you hear the same songs over and over. You also have to deal with the drunks and the bar fights. With the bar fights you have to watch out for the equipment. I am so glad I do not have to deal with it anymore!