Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Daughter Is Graduating College!

Yes my daughter is in her last year of college. She is doing really great with her classes. We are very proud of her and we do let her know that.

She is really busy these days with her job, her internship and all her classes. I really don't know how she does it. Sometimes she just has enough time to go home get a couple hours of sleep and start the next day.

She does call me when she has a few minutes in between what ever she is doing. That is when I find out what she has been doing. She has talked to Drew on the phone a couple of times. You should her them two when I put the speaker on the phone for them to talk. This one time I do remember it was last month she was in  a car accident not real bad. There was snow on the ground and a car slid into her car and I was trying to explain it to Drew and I said forget it and put the speaker on the phone so my daughter could explain it to him. 

My daughter just barely graduated high school. Her grades are a lot better in college now. With what she has been through with her dad leaving her, barely graduating high school, working and going to college I think my daughter deserves this graduation from college. I am a very proud mother right now and I know that Drew is just as proud of her. She has been working her butt off for the last four years for this.

Right now all I know is her graduation will be sometime in May. Yes I am taking time off work to go and see my daughter graduate. This is one thing I would never miss for her. I will tell you this is the one parent that is always there for my kids no matter what. I will always be there for my kids too.

She called me last night to tell me about the graduation. She asked me if she should tell her dad about it and I told her that it is up to her. I can not be the one to decide this one for her. He always told the kids he would be there when they graduated high school and never showed up for them. So I do not see him showing up for her college graduation. But that is up to her to tell him not me.

I will keep you up dated on the graduation. All I know that day the waterfalls will be going for my daughter and not only me I know Drew's will be going too. Just like when my youngest daughter and his daughter both graduated high school. From the very proud mom!♥


  1. College and high school are taught very differently to one another. And your daughter's case would not be the first time I've heard of someone who struggled in high school excelling in college. I think some people are just "wired" in such a way that they're more receptive to learning one way over the other.

    In contrast to your daughter my freshman roommate in college had excelled in high school. He even was chosen to go to a special school that catered to students gifted in math and science but that was high school... He flunked out of college after a semester and a half with a 0.3 GPA.

  2. I have heard of that too. I was also thinking that she could have been bored with what she was doing in high school and college is more of a challenge for her too.

    She is going for business management and design. But the forensic teacher said she is very smart that she should apply for forensic science in the fall. So she is looking into doing that now.

  3. You must’ve been very proud of her. It's great that she left behind all her issues and problems in high school behind, while keeping the lessons she have learned, as she entered a new chapter in her life. This is the most critical and challenging phase of the education. The experience will teach you to stand on your own and move independently. And I think the hardships she had gone through made her give her best right from the start. And she did a great job. Cheers!

    Valerie Casey @ College Funding Freedom