Monday, June 25, 2012

I Have Been Busy!

Since my last post I have been busy. I know I haven't been posting much lately because we have been going out and getting a lot of pictures of wildlife and wild flowers. We have been to Tichigan, Grant Park in South Milwaukee, up north, Schoop Park, Colonial Park and a few other places.


This is a picture of a Day Lily. Drew took this picture at Trout Pound while I was at work. 

We went up north the weekend of Father's Day. It was a real busy weekend for us. We left Thursday when Drew got off of work. On Friday I had my three kids together to clean out my storage shed up there. I have no more storage shed now. The only bad thing about that day was Drew got sunburned really bad. Then on Saturday we went to my nieces wedding. Drew was the photographer for the wedding. The wedding was really nice and the pictures turned out great. Then Sunday we went to see his family for Father's Day for a little while and also was able to see his sisters new house. Her house is beautiful and in the woods, by a river it is peaceful out there.

After seeing his family we went to pick up my daughter and came home on Sunday. It was a very long weekend for us.

Since we have been home we have been going driving around for pictures to different places. Also just sitting outside listening to music.

This past weekend I had to work. Drew took me to work to go and find wildlife pictures. Then when he came to pick me up we either went to rummage sales looking for pajamas for my granddaughter or going driving to more pictures.

Wednesday he starts his vacation and it is going to be a busy couple of weeks for us. We have to concerts next week at Summerfest and this weekend we are going back up north for a couple days. So I will keep you updated with some pictures of what we are doing!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Drew!

Yes today is Drew's birthday.  I can't believe this is the third birthday I have been with him for.

The first one was when he came up north when I kept begging him on the phone to come up there because I wanted to be with him for his birthday. I could not go down by him because I was working. The second one was last year and I was down here. I made him dinner and a cake. The third one is today and I have dinner going in the slow cooker and I am making him a big homemade chocolate chip cookie and letting my daughter decorate it.

Right now he is out getting his wildlife pictures at trout pond while I get everything done for him at the house. I told him this weekend was his to relax and do what he wants to do.

These last two years being with Drew have been the happiest years of my life. I could never ask for anything better than being with him. That is why I try to make his birthday the best I can for him. He means the world to me and I never want to know how it is to live with out him in my life.

I hope he is enjoying his weekend. It means so much to me that he enjoys the weekend.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Revue on Marie Osmonds Book Might As Well Laugh About It Now!

If you like Marie Osmond this is a book to read. I grew up watching the Donny & Marie show, I use to buy her music and Donny's. This book is awesome to have and read. I got lucky and found this book at a thrift store to buy. Here is a little bit about the  book.

She talks about when she was three when she started to sing. This was when the Osmond brothers has just started to sing together. At this age she was going on the road with the family from show to show.

The two oldest brothers are deaf. The doctor wanted her parents to put them in a institution but her mother would not hear of this. Her mom taught them sign language and how to hear the beat of the music herself. The whole family learned how to talk to the boys with sign language.

When she was young she was having a weight problem. She was a chubby girl and she never did like this. It didn't help that her mom always had fudgesicles in the house. She had that problem when she got older and she had to lose weight for the Donny & Marie show. The way she did that was not eating but telling the family that she already had eaten.

I remember the very first Donny & Marie show. I would always watch it with my parents. I thought at the time this was the most awesome show. She does talk about the show in her book. 

She was married four times but two of the four times was to her first husband. She has eight children: one biological with her first husband, with second her husband two biological and adopted five children.

In order to get to certain events she had to fake dinners. By this she is talking about getting frozen meals and heating them up for the kids. Sometimes she had to ask people to hold seats for her and the family at one of the children's concerts because she was running late. Believe me I know what she was going through and I only have three kids to try to do this with.

She was on Dancing With The Stars for season five. She did have a hard schedule for the show with being a single mom at the time. In one episode she did collapse while talking to the judges. Marie, Mel B, Jennie Garth and Jane Seymour took their barbie style dolls and made a video call "Dancing With The Starved". Marie did this because she didn't know how to ballroom dance she only knew basic tap dances and some moves for Saturday Night Fever.

She was very close to her mom and when her mom passed away on Mother's Day. She felt like she had lost her best friend. She always went to her mom for advise and when she needed advise and her mom was not there for her she was lost. When Marie started her doll collection the first doll she made was the Olive doll and named after her mom. The Osmond's are a very close family, they are always there for each other. Olive passed away 2004 and George passed away in 2007.

She did have a bought with depression for awhile but has come over that. Then she had a problem again with her weight and her oldest son talked to her about it and that is when she went on Nutrisystem. Her son said that the children wanted her to be around for their children.

There is a lot more in the book but I do not want to put everything on here. This is a book to read and it is very good. I am going to leave you with a clip of the first Donny & Marie show. Please feel free to leave any comments!♥