Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Revue on Kiss Album Dressed To Kill!

Yes I am doing my revue on Kiss this time. I do like their earlier music but not my favorite group.

The person in the band that I do like is Paul Stanley the Star Child. I have like him since I started to listen to their music.

I chose this album because it has a lot of good songs on it. It was released in 1975. I wanted an album with all of the original members.

So here goes my revue on the album-

Room Service- I like this song and listen to the music is great.

Two Timer- This song is alright but not one I would always listen to by them.

Ladies In Waiting- I like the music in the beginning and this is a good song. I do like this one.

Getaway- This is good song and Ace sings this one. I think he does a good job with the song.

Rock Bottom- I like the guitar in the beginning that is awesome. This is not bad at all.

C'mon And Love Me- This song is not to bad and the music is not bad at all. I like this one.

Anything For My Baby- This is really good. I could listen to this anytime.

She- This one I do not like.

Love Her All I Can- This is a little more mellow for the band. I do like this one.

Rock And Roll All Nite- I love this song. Yes I know it was really overplayed. But this is an awesome song.

I would like to hear what you have to say about this album!

Yes I am leaving you with a video!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Yes I know this is early. I will not be around for weekend to post this.

My boyfriend and I are going away for the weekend so I just figured I would get this post out now.

When I was young I remember my mom telling me the day before Halloween they would go on one side of the railroad tracks to see if they could get candy. Then on Halloween they would go on her side of the railroad tracks. This is down in Illinois. They did get the candy the day before Halloween. I didn't think they would get the candy.

I also remember taking my kids trick or treating the different costumes I would get them. There was a couple of them that I did put together for them. I really enjoyed taking my kids out trick or treating because I had just as much fun with the kids as they did.

The only thing I don't like about Halloween is how the older kids think it is funny scaring the little kids. Yes I can see how some of them like to do it but I remember how much it hurt my youngest daughter. My son did it to my youngest daughter and I spend some endless nights up with her.

I think carving the pumpkins with the kids is so much fun. My kids made some really neat ones. I also remember taking my son to a haunted house and he was so scared. I also like some of the music that they have out for Halloween and there are also some really good scary movies to watch.

Some people have Halloween parties that you can go to so that the adults can dress up too. But to me Halloween is for the kids and I don't dress up.

I am going to leave you with one of my favorite Halloween videos. I would like to hear what you like about Halloween!♥

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bears Week #7

Yes this week the Bears went overseas to Wembley, England. This is the sixth NFL game played over there.

I had to work yesterday so I didn't get to see the game. But customers were telling me about the game and my boyfriend had told me some of the game also. From what I have heard this was a great game that I had missed.

The Bears won 24 - 18. Makes the Bears 4 and 3 now.

It really sound like the Bears are really getting it all together on both sides. The offense is doing really good and the defense is doing really good.

Cutler threw for 226 yards and a touchdown. It just sounded like he was on fire yesterday for the game.

Urlacher got an interception and it sounded like he was on fire too. In the paper it said that he is the best player in the NFL.

I just wish I could have seen this game. If anyone had seen this game please let me know what you thought of the game. I would really like to hear what you have to say.

Next Sunday the Bears do have a bye week so it will be a two weeks before I have another post about the Bears.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bears Week #6

Yes the Bears beat the Vikings 39-10. The offense is back and was on fire last night.

Hester with a 98 yard kick off return for a touchdown was awesome. He also had a 48 yard touchdown catch.

At halftime the score was 26-3 and that I just could not believe.

The defense just would not let the Vikings anywhere near to get a touchdown and that was great.

Urlacher was on fire too. The way he was just plowing into the Vikings offense. Making it look so easy to get through them.

Then the offense was great at blocking so that Cutler didn't get sacked. But he did only get sacked last night once.

This was one awesome game and I hope the Bears play like this more often. I really enjoyed watching this game last night.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

What I Got For Sweetest Day!

Today my boyfriend surprised me while we were out shopping. He seen some flowers and he bought these for me today. He asked me if I liked these flowers and I said yes. They are really nice have the Fall look to them. He is the sweetest man I know. I love him with all of my heart!♥

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bears #5

Yes the Bears lost to the Lions 24-13 last night.

I couldn't believe 19 penalties during the whole game. Out of the penalties the Bears had 9 false starts because of the crowd noise.

The second quarter they started to look like they would keep the Loins back. The offense even was looking good. Then they came back from half time and started looking like the first quarter.

This does not look like the same team as last year. The defense let one big play go right past them for 88 yard touchdown. After that I agree with Urlacher for getting mad at the side line. This guy didn't even get touched my one Bears defensive player. The defense was doing really good at the beginning then the second half gave up.

The offense was doing good protecting Cutler so he could get passes thrown and runs made. Then the last quarter it was like they gave up to let him get sacked.

I know they lost Peppers there for awhile but they could have stilled played a lot better.

I have to say both teams played really good last night despite all the penalties.  

I just hope Sunday they play a lot better against Minnesota.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Seen My Granddaughter Again!

Yes this past weekend my son, his girlfriend and the baby came down to see us. My son brought my mom with also and my cousin came up from Illinois. On Friday I went to go and get my ex's seven year old daughter so she could see her brother.

It was so nice to see my granddaughter again. I haven't seen her since she was born and she is a month old now. I can tell you that Saturday when they were here she got spoiled by everyone holding her. I even fed her.

This was the first time my cousin was able to see her. I didn't think she was going to let my son take her home. I thought my cousin was going to keep her and take her home with her. My cousin is like a sister to me and my kids call her there second mom. This is how close we are.

We surprised my mom and didn't tell her that my cousin was coming up. We spent most of the time outside because it was nice out there. Then it started to get chilly so we went inside. All in all it was a great day with everyone.

I even took my mom and cousin to my work and we walked around there after dinner. Just so they knew were I worked at and to see if there was anything that they needed.

The only one missing was my older daughter the everyone would have been here. She had to work so she could not make it but she did call when she got off of work.

My boyfriend and my son were talking about music most of the night. I thought that was great. We gave my son his birthday present early is was some cd's. His birthday is next month and I didn't think I would make it up there to see him for it so we decided to give him it early. I wish I took a picture of the look on his face when he seen it.

Well I will keep you up dated when I see her again it may not be until Christmas I don't know.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Revue on Def Leppard Album Pyromania!

Yes I know I haven't done a revue on an album in a long time. So I have decided to sit down today and do one on Def Leppard.

I have chose this album because I think it is one of the better albums by Def Leppard. It was recorded in the 1982 and released in 1983. When it came out I went to buy it because I thought is was that good.

So here is what I think of each of the songs on the album-

Rock! Rock! (Till you drop)- This is a really good song. I really like this one by them.

Photograph- This is an awesome song and one of my favorites. Yes I know it has been over played but listen to the music in the song.

Stagefright- The music in the beginning is alright. I like how they used Clint Eastwood's thing do you feel lucky in the beginning. The song is alright but not one of my favorites.

Too Late for Love- The guitar solo in the beginning is awesome. This is a really good song and I like it a lot.

Die Hard the Hunter- This song is alright not one I would always listen to.

Foolin- I love the mixture of the harp and the guitar in this song. I love this song it is great.

Rock of Ages- Yes this song has been over played but it is an awesome song. I did get sick of the song but it is so great by them.

Comin' Under Fire- This song is alright but not one I would always listen to.

Action! Not Words- This is a good song I do like this one.

Billy's Got a Gun- This is a really good song. I think it is awesome and I would listen to it all the time.

This is why I really like this album. I like most of the songs on here. I would really like to hear what you think of this album. Like always I will leave you with a video of one of my favorites songs.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bears Week #4

Yes the Bears beat Carolina 34-29. I was really happy to hear that. I didn't get to watch the game yesterday because I had to work all day long. But when I called my boyfriend and he told me that the Bears won I was really happy about that. So if anyone can let me know what happened during the game I would really appreciate that. I am sorry I can not write about the game.