Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bears #5

Yes the Bears lost to the Lions 24-13 last night.

I couldn't believe 19 penalties during the whole game. Out of the penalties the Bears had 9 false starts because of the crowd noise.

The second quarter they started to look like they would keep the Loins back. The offense even was looking good. Then they came back from half time and started looking like the first quarter.

This does not look like the same team as last year. The defense let one big play go right past them for 88 yard touchdown. After that I agree with Urlacher for getting mad at the side line. This guy didn't even get touched my one Bears defensive player. The defense was doing really good at the beginning then the second half gave up.

The offense was doing good protecting Cutler so he could get passes thrown and runs made. Then the last quarter it was like they gave up to let him get sacked.

I know they lost Peppers there for awhile but they could have stilled played a lot better.

I have to say both teams played really good last night despite all the penalties.  

I just hope Sunday they play a lot better against Minnesota.

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