Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Revue on Kiss Album Dressed To Kill!

Yes I am doing my revue on Kiss this time. I do like their earlier music but not my favorite group.

The person in the band that I do like is Paul Stanley the Star Child. I have like him since I started to listen to their music.

I chose this album because it has a lot of good songs on it. It was released in 1975. I wanted an album with all of the original members.

So here goes my revue on the album-

Room Service- I like this song and listen to the music is great.

Two Timer- This song is alright but not one I would always listen to by them.

Ladies In Waiting- I like the music in the beginning and this is a good song. I do like this one.

Getaway- This is good song and Ace sings this one. I think he does a good job with the song.

Rock Bottom- I like the guitar in the beginning that is awesome. This is not bad at all.

C'mon And Love Me- This song is not to bad and the music is not bad at all. I like this one.

Anything For My Baby- This is really good. I could listen to this anytime.

She- This one I do not like.

Love Her All I Can- This is a little more mellow for the band. I do like this one.

Rock And Roll All Nite- I love this song. Yes I know it was really overplayed. But this is an awesome song.

I would like to hear what you have to say about this album!

Yes I am leaving you with a video!


  1. Dressed to Kill is not a bad album, certainly not their worst. I prefer the first two, Hotter Than Hell and their self titled debut over this one. Tunes I love off of this one are "C'mon and Love Me", "Rock Bottom" and "She"

  2. I agree with you about C'mon and Rock Bottom. I really don't like She. The debut album is alright but I think this one shows how they can play as a band.