Monday, October 10, 2011

Seen My Granddaughter Again!

Yes this past weekend my son, his girlfriend and the baby came down to see us. My son brought my mom with also and my cousin came up from Illinois. On Friday I went to go and get my ex's seven year old daughter so she could see her brother.

It was so nice to see my granddaughter again. I haven't seen her since she was born and she is a month old now. I can tell you that Saturday when they were here she got spoiled by everyone holding her. I even fed her.

This was the first time my cousin was able to see her. I didn't think she was going to let my son take her home. I thought my cousin was going to keep her and take her home with her. My cousin is like a sister to me and my kids call her there second mom. This is how close we are.

We surprised my mom and didn't tell her that my cousin was coming up. We spent most of the time outside because it was nice out there. Then it started to get chilly so we went inside. All in all it was a great day with everyone.

I even took my mom and cousin to my work and we walked around there after dinner. Just so they knew were I worked at and to see if there was anything that they needed.

The only one missing was my older daughter the everyone would have been here. She had to work so she could not make it but she did call when she got off of work.

My boyfriend and my son were talking about music most of the night. I thought that was great. We gave my son his birthday present early is was some cd's. His birthday is next month and I didn't think I would make it up there to see him for it so we decided to give him it early. I wish I took a picture of the look on his face when he seen it.

Well I will keep you up dated when I see her again it may not be until Christmas I don't know.


  1. What a beautiful baby and what nice time you had!

  2. HLiza sorry about getting back to you so late. Thank you for the comment and yes we had a great time together. I already miss all of them.

  3. I had a great time. It always so much fun being with you and the family. And you are right iI almost took Skylee home with me. She is really a good baby. Love You All♥♥♥