Friday, January 20, 2012

American Idol in Pittsburgh!

Yes American Idol was in Pittsburgh last night. This was the first time that they ever went there.

Last night there was a guy from Wisconsin his name is Reed Grim. He sang a different style of " Family Matters" and it was really good. He has been in the family band since he was two years old. He did make it to Hollywood.

There was a fifteen year old boy that looked like Justin Bieber. He said he gets that all the time because of his hair cut. He did make it also.

There was a waitress from Baltimore. She is really good and I know she will make it really far this season.

There was a guy that on his way to the auditions he wrote his own song. He sang that song last night and he made it. The judges asked him to sing another song and he sang a Justin Timberlake song. He is really good.

Last night there was just so many people that were good. The show was only and hour long. They handed out thirty or more tickets to Hollywood.

Steven came in on the second day with a sound toy. It was so funny watching him with it. I was laughing so hard.

They are going to have a special day on Sunday night after the football game. They will be in San Diego. I would really like to hear what you have to say about the show!♥

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