Monday, January 2, 2012

Bears Week #17

Yes this was the last game for the Bears. They won this one against the Vikings 17-13.

McCown was sacked three times during the game. One of the sacks he barely got up.

Then there was the interception in the second quarter by Tillman. That really helped the team.

This is stop the losing streak but a little to late for the team to get in the playoffs.

Now Urlacher is on the injury list with a sprained knee. This would not help them if they did make it into the playoffs.

I do have to say this was a great game even though it was the last for the season. Yes we did have two of are better player injured that didn't help us. We do need a new second string quarter back.

Lets pray next year will be a better year for our team. Lets also pray we get some better players for our team so we can go further then this season.

The Chicago Bears in the Pro Bowl are Running Back Matt Forte, Outside Linebacker Lance Briggs, Inside/Middle Linebacker Brian Urlacher, Cornerback Charles Tillman and Special Teamer Corey Graham. That is great to see some of our team going to the Pro Bowl.

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