Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Revue on Boston Album is Boston!

I know I have not done an album revue in a long time. So I decided to do this album today.

This is there debut album it was released in July of 1976 on Epic records. This album went to number three on the billboards. It also went 17 times platinum by the recording industry association of America.

I remember when the album came out I was listening to it on the radio and I wanted the album so bad. So what I did was I asked my mom and dad for the album for my birthday and they said we will see. Then when my birthday came I didn't get the album so I took my birthday money and went and bought myself the album. I was so determined to get the album.

Yes I am going to write about each song today. So here I go-

More Than A Feeling- The music on this song is so awesome and the lyrics are just great. Yes I really like this song.

Peace Of Mind- This is another awesome song for them. The music and the lyrics are just so great.

Foreplay/ Long Time- I just love the music on here it is so awesome. This is an great song I really do like this one.

Rock and Roll Band- This is a good song. Don't get me wrong I do like this one.

Smokin'- I do like this song. The music is great on here and the lyrics.

Hitch a Ride- This is more of a mellow song for them. I really like this song.

Something About You- This is a good song. The music is awesome.

Let Me Take You Home Tonight- This song is a ballad song. It is really good and I do like this song.

This album is so awesome and a great debut album for a band. To me the whole album is awesome and it is really hard to pick one song from this album that is my favorite. This is a must have album if you are a Boston fan.

Like I always do I am leaving you with a video of one of the songs. Just remember I like the whole album so this is a really hard choice for me. But this time it is not going to be one that has be played on the radio all the time.  

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