Saturday, January 7, 2012

Renovating Our House!

Yes I have not been on here all week to post anything. We have been cleaning the house.

We went through the storage area, closet, dining room, living room and the kitchen. This was one big job to get done by today because my daughter was coming home from up by my son's house. What we are trying to do was make some room so we wouldn't be stepping over anything. This was a long four day process to try to finish.

This picture is cassette tape drawers that Drew has music in them. He also has about ten crates of vinyl albums and two big cd racks. Yes he loves his music.

 Then we had so many boxes to go through with pictures, nicknacks, rugs and other things. I went through the pictures and started to hang some up. This is a picture of the living room of some of the boxes I was going through. This was not all of them he was still bringing more out.

Yes that is our dog laying on the couch watching us moving everything. She was also getting in the way sometimes.

I also had to go through the metal filing cabinet to get rid of a lot of papers that he kept over the years. I had about eight trash bags of shredded papers from the cabinet. Then going through the bills that we have to keep and making new folders for everything. That took me two days by itself.

On this wall was a dresser of cassette tapes.  That was moved and we went out and bought another bookcase. I went through all the books that didn't fit on the other bookcase and put them on here. Yes this one is almost filled with what we already have. My Little House on the Prairie books are not on here yet because family is borrowing them. I put these books in a certain order by the authors. One shelf is paperback and another is hardcover. Then my daughter has a shelf for her books.

Next to the bookcase you can see some of his albums.

After this I started to hang some pictures on the walls in the living room and the dining room. I also have two racks of spoons that his Great Grandma had. So I hung them up by the counter. I have always liked things like this and I asked him if it was alright for me to hang them. He said do what ever you want to do. So I put them up.

He also had some shelves with cut out hearts in them. I put one about the kitchen sink and I put two candle holders on it. Then I put one in the bathroom and I put a basket of shells on that one.
I put another one in our bedroom with two angel statues and a porcelain doll on it.

I was having fun putting everything up in the house. Going through the boxes and finding all of this was so much fun for me. But then trying to figure out where to hang it or put it up was getting harder for me. Because we have limited space in our place.

While I was having fun decorating Drew was trying to figure out what to throw out and what to pack back up. But we managed to get rid of a lot of stuff. It was basically things we are never going to use or things that are broken.

Above is the dining room finished and I was so happy when that room was done. I just could not believe that it was done. It took a long time to get done but we made it with this room.

The picture to the right is the living room. It is not completely done yet. I still have a few more pictures to hang and some bags to put away.

On the wall you can see a collage of pictures I put up. The top one is his mom and dad, to the left is his grandma and grandpa, to the right is a four generation picture and the bottom is our family picture with our kids and us. Then next to it I am going to put of a collage frame of different pictures. On the chair is three pictures that have to go up still.

The only thing that still needs to be done is our bedroom. Then it will be completely done. This is what we have been doing all week long!♥


  1. Wow! You must be exhausted! It feels good to clean and organize, though--definitely worth all the hard work. Enjoy your new space!

  2. Linda Lou= It was exhausting. But the out come and having everything organized is great. I am so glad it is done and over with.

  3. It's a lot of work isn't it? I'm so glad we're sorted with ours, totally underestimated the job. We had to get a load of electricians in Cambridge to come and sort out all the electrics for us.

  4. Thank you for taking your time to read my blog and leave a comment. I understand what you are going through also. It was a job in itself that week. We are still making more changes little by little.

    If you do have a blog can you please send it to me so I can look at yours? Thank you again!