Friday, January 27, 2012

American Idol in Houston Texas!

Yes American Idol was in Houston, Texas last night. It was a really interesting show.

They handed out 54 tickets last night. 

At the beginning of the show it was a lot of cowboys that could not sing worth anything. 

Then there was a girl from Mississippi and she was really good. She had the right stuff and she made it to Hollywood.

After she sang it looked like everything was turning around for the judges.

Then a 28 yr old lady that is going through a divorce came out. She was really good. Her and her husband at the time had a band. But then she was pregnant and she had to put her dreams on hold until last night because she is going to Hollywood. Her dreams are coming true now.

Then after lunch a battle between the judges started. Because the guys started to pick people that really could not sing and Jennifer was really getting frustrated.

On the second day there was a guy that was born with no ears. When he was younger he had to go through a lot of surgeries to get ear drums and ears. I will tell you one thing he can really sing and also he made it to Hollywood.

Then there was a guy who was singing and Randy tried to stop him but Jennifer stopped Randy. This guy really could sing good. He made it to Hollywood also.

Then there was a girl this was her second audition her first one was at age 16. She did make it to Hollywood her first time but not after first cut. This time she did make it to Hollywood again and I hope she makes if further because she is really good.

Next week Wednesday they will be in Portland, Oregon. I would really like to hear what you have to say.

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