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Little House on the Prairie Series Based on The Caroline Years Little House in Brookfield!

I couldn't believe that I found this book at a thrift store. It is with the Little House on the Prairie books. The only difference about this book is it's about Laura's mom growing up. Yes this is about the Caroline years. This book is really good and I am going to tell you a little about it.

Caroline was born in Brookfield  Wisconsin on December 12, 1839. Her parents Charlotte and Henry Quiner. Her brothers and sisters Joseph, Henry, Martha, Eiza and Thomas. Caroline is the fourth child.

When Caroline was five years old her father went to work on a boat on Lake Michigan and never returned home. There was an accident on the lake and her father died. This happened on Caroline's fifth birthday. The way that the family found out was her aunt, uncle and Grandma Quiner came to the house and told them. From that day Grandma stayed to help her mom raise the children.

Caroline loved to help her mother with anything she could. Because she knew that always made her mother happy. One morning her mother was making hotcakes and Caroline just loved her mother's hotcake and syrup.

The girls would only go to school in the summer time and the boys would go to school in the winter time. That was because there was not enough room in the little schoolhouse for all of the kids and also the bigger boys where to busy helping on the farms in the summer time.

During the time the kids did not go to school there mother would make sure that the kids did school work at home. Caroline had a sampler that she would sew the letters of the alphabet on. That was the way she learned her letters. She had to sew one letter each day and read from a book.

All the children had chores to do the boys would split wood every morning and the girls had to make the beds and sweep the floors of the bedrooms. Caroline also had to feed the chickens and bring in the eggs. But on wash day the girls would bring in water for their mother. When their hands would get tired then the boys would bring in the water and the girls would bring in the split wood to keep the fire going for mother.

One Christmas her mother ran out of flour so mother, Joseph, Henry and Caroline went to town to get some flour. Mother needed it for her special Christmas bread. But the store ran out of flour. So mother went to the mill the man had two barrels of flour but one was sold and he did not want to open the other. He said it would sell for the full barrel instead of it opened. He would have more flour in two days he told mother. There was this tall strange man at the mill. That night there was a knock on the door and mother opened the door and the tall strange man was there he had a bad of flour for mother. She wanted to repay the man and he said no he was on his way out of town.

During the winter there was a real bad snow fall that came. The next morning Joseph went to check his traps but he could not find them. He told mother he could not even find the lake it had snowed so bad. Then he went to help Henry finish the wood and all of a sudden the door opened and there was an Indian behind Joseph. The Indians name was Crooked Bone he knew the childrens father. Joseph knew that his father talked to him. Crooked Bone seen Joseph out checking his traps he brought the family a deer. The boys and Crooked Bone went to the barn with the deer to cut it up.

This is some of what is  in the book I am not going to write everything that is in the book. If you like Little House on the Prairie like I do this is a book to get. There are so many books that I did not know about until I found this one. In the back of this book is a list of more books. Here are more books for you to check out.

The Caroline Years-  Written by Maria D. Wilkes
Little House in Brookfield
Little Town at he Crossroads
Little Clearing in the Woods
On Top of Concord Hill
Across the Rolling Rivier
Little City by the Lake
Little House of their Own

The Rose Years- Written by Roger Lea MacBride
Little House on Rocky Ridge
Little Farm in the Ozarks
In the Land of the Big Red Apple
On the Otherside of the Hill
Little Town in the Ozarks
New Dawn on the Rocky Ridge
On the Banks of the Bayou
Bachelor Girl

Then three more from Laura-
On The Way Home
West From Home
A Little House Traveler

I hope you enjoy these books just as much as I will. I plan on reading them and writing about them all. I would really like to hear what you have to say about the books also.

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