Thursday, January 19, 2012

Season 11 Of American Idol Has Started!

Yes American Idol is back on t.v.. I couldn't believe that all the judges came back. I didn't know if Jennifer and Steven would come back this season.

 I watched the show and they where in Savannah Ga. last night. They had a really big turn out for auditions down there. I was really amazed.

But then the ones that went in front of the judges I just couldn't believe that they even made it that far. They should have been turned away from day one. Yes I know I should not be like that but if you did watch the show you will know what I am talking about.

The way I know the different steps of this show is because my youngest daughter tried out for the show when they came to Milwaukee Wi. and she didn't even make it from the first set of tryouts. The first thing you do is sing in front of the producers then you sing in front of the judges another day. After you sing in front of the judges tells you if you make it to Hollywood.

I am not saying that there was no good singers because there was a lot of good singers. The singers came from all over to try out in Savannah. There was some from North Carolina, New York and one came from Africa.

The guy from Africa sang a Rascal Flatts song. But what Randy said to him I think was wrong. Randy told him if he could come back with people said that he could sing then he would get a ticket to Hollywood. The guy came back with people that said he could sing and Randy still told him no. Ryan even went with the guy to find the people. This was really wrong to do to the guy.

There are a few of the singers that I think will really make it far in the competition. Especially the last one that sang his name is Phillip Phillips. He is really good and he also plays the guitar. He can sing with the the guitar and with out it. He is really good.

There are also a couple of girls that are really good from last night and I forgot to write the names down.

Some of the singers that had gotten turned away started swearing and yelling at the camera people. I have seen this happen before on the show. If they don't make it they can tryout again next year. One of the girls said she would see them again in Texas.

This on girl said she would be Steven's ex wife. I started to laugh and I am sorry she really could not sing at all. You should have seen the looks on the judges faces. It was funny and that is what really made me laugh so hard.

Tonight they are going to be in Pittsburgh. I would like to hear what you have to say about the show if you are watching it!

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