Friday, December 30, 2011

My Revue on Air Supply Mumbo Jumbo Album!

This revue I am going to do different. This album was given to me by my boyfriends mom. She asked me if I liked the group and I said yes and she handed me the cd.

His parents went to the concert to see them. They both said that they could hardly hear the music and was a little upset with the concert. They did get the cover of the cd signed by the group. I thought that was awesome.

I did listen to the cd in my car while I was driving around doing shopping and paying bills.

Listening to this album it is different. Some of the music is like the romantic type, then you have some just different. It is the mellow music still. But this one is just really different for the group. I think they did an awesome job with this album.

I can't do this album song by song like I usually do because the whole album is just so awesome. I really like the whole album. It is so awesome you just have to listen to it yourself. I can't say enough about this album of how much I really like it.

The song for the cover is  great and when I first heard it I was dancing in the car while I was driving. You should have seen the other people looking at me. It was really funny.

I looked on all music and they gave this album four stars for it. I thought that was amazing to see that. What they wrote about the album was really good too.

I would really like to hear what your thoughts of this album is. I am leaving you with a video like always!♥
Have a save and Happy New Year!♥


  1. I'm still crazy about Air Supply's 80s songs like "Can't Live Without You"..songs I listen to in school days. I think they don't bring in this new one here to our shores. They do sound different from the video you put..I need time to get use to it.

  2. HLiza- It is a really good album. Yes it does take time to get use to the newer music. If you can find a record store maybe they can order it for you! Happy New Year to you and the family!