Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Boyfriends Work Christmas Party!

Last month my boyfriend came home and showed me a piece of paper saying his work was having a Christmas party at his work. The Christmas party was this past Sunday.

On the piece of paper is said that there was going to be a lunch, tour of the place, presents for the kids, presents for the employees and Santa and Mrs. Claus would be there.

So I asked him if we could get my ex's seven year old to take her to see Santa. He said yes. We had to let his work know how many people would be coming. It was my boyfriend, my ex's seven year old, myself and my youngest daughter was suppose to go but she got sick.

We had to walk in the main door and sign in. When we signed in you got a name tag and a bell necklace. Then you walked through the design room with the cutouts of gingerbread men, candy canes and Santa's. Like you see in the picture above. Then you would come to a hallway if you go ahead it is the lunchroom, if you went to the left it is a door to the parking lot and if you go right it is to the work area by the machines.

We went to the right to see what was happening there. There was tables set up for the kids to get a book or a poster. This is like one of those places you can order kids books from school. I thought that was really nice. This was like the kids present from Santa.

Then after that we went and had something to eat and I was meeting a lot of the people that my boyfriend works with. It was really nice to put faces with names that I have heard so much about. My boyfriend would talk about the people when he would come home from work and I never met any of them until Sunday. Then I found out that one of the guys I work with his wife works with my boyfriend. What a small world.

Then when we were done eating everyone was going outside because Santa and Mrs. Claus were coming. It was neat they came by tractor and hay wagon. That is the picture you are seeing. The kids went  crazy watching them come in. When they came off the wagon they came up to all the kids and said hello and shook there hands. It really was something different for all of the kids. My ex's daughter really enjoyed this. Sometimes I don't know who enjoyed it more her or my boyfriend. So then all the kids followed them back in the building. The bell necklaces were for when Santa and Mrs. Claus came to ring the necklaces for them.

Santa and Mrs. Claus went into the the area by the books. This is were they would talk to each of the kids and find out what they all wanted for Christmas. Also each of the kids would get there picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

We took are own picture of her and Santa Claus so we would have our own picture.  It was cute watching all the kids sitting on Santa's lap. Some of the real small kids would cry if they went close to Santa and the parents had to sit there on the floor with them for the picture. We have one picture of one of the dads that had to do that. It was someone that my boyfriend worked on the same machine with.

Then after that we went walking around looking at all the different machines in the plant. My boyfriend was explaining what each machine did. I was really interesting. I have always went to take him to work and pick him up. I have been inside but upstairs in the office to help him figure out some stuff. But I never got to go inside and see the machines like this. Believe me when I say the machines are huge they are huge.

Then after we walked around Santa and Mrs. Claus left. It was time for the employees gifts to be handed out. The way the did it was like a door prize but everyone would get a gift. My boyfriends gift is a Smokey Joe Grill. That was good because are small grill is on its last leg. After everyone had a gift they had a big gas grill to give away so they put everyone's name back in the box and picked one name out. But we did not get that grill. We also were able to take a poinsettia plant home. So I let my ex's daughter pick out the one she would want us to take home.

I really enjoyed the day at his work and really enjoyed meeting the people he works with. When we were on are way I really didn't know what to expect. But it was so much better than what I was thinking. I know my ex's daughter really enjoyed herself and I know my boyfriend enjoyed himself there.

Then when we got home we put our Christmas Tree up and the decorations. That was a job in itself.

To end this post this is my boyfriends machine he works on everyday he goes to work. This is the front of the machine.

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