Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Revue on Heart Presents A Lovemongers' Christmas Album!

Yes I know I have not done an album revue in a very long time. I am sorry about that it is I just have been so busy with work, family and the Christmas Holiday.

The past couple of weeks I have been making my Christmas cookies and listening to different Christmas music. This is why I am choosing this album to write about.

My boyfriend had told me that this is one Christmas album that he really likes. So I decided to listen to it. This is a really good album and if you like Heart this is one to get. The music on here is so awesome and the songs are really different. This is not your regular traditional music like all the other Christmas album's out there. When I listened to it for the first time I kept an open mind about it and I just love this album.

Here are my thoughts about each song on the album-

Here Is Christmas- The music on here is so awesome. I just love the story this song tells you about the song.

Balulalow- This is a great song and it sounds like they have a choir singing with them.

Christmas Waits- This is a really good song. I do like this one.

William and Rose- This is a sad but good song. I really like this song it is like they are singing about a true story in this song.

Ave Maria- I like the guitar in this song. This song is alright not my favorite on the album.

How Beautiful- This song is really good. I do like this song a lot.

The Last Noel- The person singing this song on here is Frank Fox. But it is a great song I really like this song.

It's Christmas Time- This is a great song and I really like the music on this song.

Oh Holy Night- Yes this song is a traditional song. But her voice on here is so great and just catches you so much. The music is great on this song too.

Bring a Torch- The beginning with the music I just love it. There is no lyrics to this song it is all music and it is great.

This is a mellow Christmas album but it is just so awesome. I can listen to this one over and over. If you like Heart this is a Christmas album for you collection. Yes I am leaving you with one video of a song that I really like off the album! I hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas!♥

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