Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year!

I thought for this blog I would tell you what I have been doing this year.

This whole year has been so great for me. I have been with the best man. I know I have never told you my boyfriends name. His name is Drew. Drew is so sweet, kind, caring, handsome, knows how to make me laugh and just wants me to be happy. He is everything I could dream of in on man. We have been together for over a year and a half.

It has been a very busy year for me. This is what

I have been busy doing this past year.

My son came down for the Superbowl and he told me that his girlfriend was pregnant and I was going to be a Grandma. I was in shock that day. All I remember is calling for Drew to tell him what my son just told me.
Yes we did have the blizzard the beginning of the year. After the blizzard our car decided to go on us and we had to go looking for a new car.

For Easter we went up north to be with our families and friends. It was really nice to see them after the long winter. It was great to get away.

Then we had a lot of graduations. There was my daughter, Drew's daughter and my niece graduating from high school. Then Drew's son graduating from eighth grade.  This was a really busy time for us. This was the same time as Drew's birthday too. I had the graduations, the parties and Drew's birthday all at one time.

Then Drew had his vacation and we didn't really do a lot. We did go to Summerfest and we seen Styx. We did plan to go and see some other concerts but we didn't. During his vacation we did go to the beach to see bands there and we went for long walks in the woods around here. 

During the summer we did have my ex husband's seven year old daughter. We had her one time for a week and then on weekends. We took her to the pet store where she could pet animals, to the park by the lake, my daughter had her in the pool here and we went out to eat one day. But most of the time she followed Drew around. She also went with me to see Drew for lunch.

Then my niece that graduated got married. This was on the hottest day of the summer too. Then come to find out she was having the service outside. But the wedding was beautiful and it all turned out great. I was really happy for her.

I was getting everything ready for the kids for school again. My youngest daughter was starting college and his son was going into high school. My daughter is going to Gateway so I had to go with her to find out what classes she wanted to take and get his son's class schedule for high school. This was all during when I just started my new job too. It was hard getting all this together plus going school shopping for the things they needed for the first day.

Then next was the baby shower. I was going and buying some things for my first grandchild. We had to go up north for the baby shower. Drew's mom went with me and this was the first time she met my kids and the rest of my family. She also met my ex husband. This turned out really good.

Then my son called me and said the baby was coming and wanted me up north with him when the baby was born. I just happened to have this weekend off of work. We had my ex's youngest daughter with us for the weekend. I told my son I had to talk to Drew about it and my son kept calling and Drew gave in. So we went up there for when she was born. We missed a concert we planned on going to but it was worth seeing my granddaughter being born. She was a little stubborn one like her daddy too.

To tell you how sweet my man is he took me away for my birthday. Yes we did go up north by ourselves this time to get away from everything here. My daughter stayed here with the dog. It was so nice to just get away with no kids. We did spend time with both families and I did get to see my granddaughter again. It was just what we both needed time alone together.

Then for Thanksgiving we spent here. I could only get one Holiday off of work and I decided not to take Thanksgiving off. Drew's parents went out of state for the month and my family understood. I had to work and Drew made dinner. The dinner turned out great and this was the first time he had made a turkey.

So for Christmas I took the time off of work and we had a wonderful Christmas. This was our second Christmas together. It just seems like each year just gets better and better for us. This year on Christmas Eve morning my son, older daughter, granddaughter and the seven year old came in the morning. My younger daughter was here with us and Drew's son also. It was great. We opened gifts with them then they went to Illinois and we went up north by Drew's parents. We had Christmas Eve with his family. Then Christmas Day we went and did Christmas morning with my mom and younger sister then we went to my older sisters and had dinner there. Then we left there and came home. We got home just in time for the Packer game.

So for New Years it is going to be a nice and very quiet one for us. My daughter is up north and his son is spending it with his mom. I am going to enjoy every minute I can alone with the one and only man that I love in this world. Yes that is Drew. I could never ask for a better man I have the best man in the world right here with me. I have never been as happy as I am with him right now. This past year has been the best for me and I have been so happy being with Drew.

I am leaving you with a video that I thinks tells you how much I love Drew!♥


  1. You really had a busy year..but that makes the year even more memorable! I'm glad you and Drew found each other..may your love stay strong till the end of time. It's amazing how God found us happiness! Happy New Year THB!

  2. Yes we met on the internet and it is just so amazing how we like a lot of the same things. I can tell you one thing I don't plan on going anywhere. This is how much I love him. Happy New Year to you and the family!