Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bears Week #16

Yes the Bears lost to the Packers 35-21.

I think the Bears did the best that they could with all the injured players Cutler, Forte and Barber.

I also think the third string quarterback did a good job. McCown did a better job than Hinie has done. Yes I know we are still not in the playoffs.

The defense did give the Packers offense a little run for the game.

Like Urlacher said " If we play like this it's what we get". Yes they could have played a lot better but what can you do when you don't have your other players there. Also what can you do when the second and third string people don't get the same practice time as the first string. This is what happens.

All in all I do think this was a good game. I am also going to say good luck to the Packers in the playoffs!

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