Friday, February 3, 2012

American Idol in Portland Oregon and St. Louis Missouri!

I know I did not write yesterday about American Idol in Oregon. I was really sick to my stomach. So I am going to write about both of them today. I will write something short about both of them.

Portland Oregon- They handed out 45 tickets Wednesday night. I was really shocked about that. I did not think they handed that many out. But I have to remember we only see an hour long show.

The one that really got to me is the girl that is taking care of her boyfriend. Her boyfriend had a real bad stroke last Easter and she has been taking care of him and put her dreams on hold. But now that he is doing better she came to try out and she made it to Hollywood. She is really good too.

A single mom of two small children is going through a divorce and her son said she is the next American Idol. It was so cute. She did make it and her son goes my mom is going to Hollywood.

There was a guy that sang a Queen song and I thought he did really good. The song was really hard to do and he did not make it.

St. Louis Missouri- They handed out 46 tickets last night. One more than Wednesday night.

This lady brought her daughter into the audition with her and it was really cute. The little girl was dancing while her mom was singing. She made it.

Then Steven went into the room where the people where waiting to sing and gave them all a pep talk. I thought that was really neat to do. It really helped the contestants.

There was this guy who is in a family band and they sing country music. His dad was in the band also but then his dad was on drugs and alcohol really bad and went into rehab. His dad is clean now. The guy sang a rock song and he was really good. Steven said he would really like to meet his father. So the guy is going to set that up.

Next week starts the cuts in Hollywood. I can't wait to see that. I would really like to hear what you have to say about what is going on with American Idol!♥

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