Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Kids Expect From The Parents!

Yes Today I decided to write about the kids. Lately I have seen so much going on in Our house and my sisters house. It all finally got to me this past weekend.

I was talking to Drew about this one day. We both figured something out the kids sometimes treat us as maids, entertainment and a bank. I will explain each one of these. Just remember my kids are over the age of 18 and his son is 14.

The Bank Part- Any time I would like my two older kids to come down here to visit us or even for Christmas they would say we don't have the money to come down. My older daughter would ask if she can borrow money and she will pay us back. Then my younger daughter always says she wants something and I tell her I want does not live with me. Then she will go and ask Drew for the same thing and sometimes he will give in to her. My kids didn't get much of anything growing up because I could not afford a lot of things. My sisters kids got what ever they wanted. Her kids treated her like crap in the process. Yes I do understand there is the necessities that they do need. But not everything they see or want. We have only seen Drew's son once since Christmas that is because he needed some clothes washed for school. The only time we do hear from him is when he wants something. I do not think this is fair to Drew. We are here we do not push him away but yes I do understand that he is at that age that he only wants to hang out with his friends.

The Entertainment Part- I do not understand with the kids at this age why we have to find a way to entertain them. I understand if they were a lot younger when I had to do that but not at this age. If we ask them what would you like to do they say I don't know. Then if we come up with something like going for a walk somewhere that is to much work for them. They would rather go and buy games for the game systems or go and buy movies to watch. Drew and I in the summer time would rather be outside going for a walk somewhere or just go for a drive. That is boring to the kids. They just want us to spend money on them which goes back to the bank.

The Maid Part- My kids growing up always got yelled at if they refuse to pick up after themselves. I would just tell them I was going to throw the stuff out. There was times that I bagged up my kids clothes and toys. I was about to take them out to the garbage. They said that they would put it all back and they did. From that day on they always picked up but argued about doing dishes. When I came down here by Drew his son would sit on the couch and have a table with his garbage on. I made a day for doing dinner dishes and wrote a set of rules down for my daughter and his son. I told them what dishes you make during the day you have to wash and this is the list for days you do dinner dishes. I was starting to feel like a maid doing everything in the house. Trying to keep the house clean while Drew was at work. The kids would sit there and watch me cleaning the house not asking if they could help me at all. That pissed me off so much. I finally said something to Drew and he said that is because his ex wife would always pick up after his son. I told Drew I am not a maid to pick up behind kids that are old enough to clean up after themselves. I have to say Drew does clean up after himself except when he pulls his music out. That I do not touch because I did put it away one time and I put some in the wrong spots. My sister's daughter is staying with her. My niece is thirty years old and has her boyfriend, her four year old daughter and newborn son there also. None of them clean up anything. My sister does it all or my mom when she stays there. The two of them are old enough to clean up the house while my sister is at work. This is what just put me over the limit this weekend. When my mom told me this. My sister is afraid of her kids because they have hit my sister in the past. If I was there they would have gotten a beating of a life time from me. They should never hit there mother I don't care how old you are that is your mother.

Yes this is how I am feeling about the kids these days of what they want and how they treat us. I would really like to hear what you have to say about this!♥

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