Thursday, February 16, 2012

American Idol Last Day In Hollywood!

Yes this was the last day in Hollywood.

There was 185 contestants left tonight. About half of them were really sick. Some of them fainted, had the flu or stomach flu. It was a really bad night for them. They were also tired and scared.

The first half of the show was group night and I have some results from that part.

1st group- It was four girls and only two of them made it.

2nd group- It was four guys and one girl and all of them made it.The whole group was awesome.

3rd group- It was two guys and three girls one guy and three girls made it.

4th group- It was two guys and two girls only one guy made it. This group had one girl that fainted and the other girl was the one that lives in the woods.

5th group-It was  four girls and one guy- No one made it.

6th group-It was two girls and three guys they all made it. The whole group was not bad a all.

7th group- It was two girls and two guys only one guy made it. One of the girls kept fainting and they didn't was to take a chance on her health. I don't blame them.

8th group- It was four guys and they all made it. This one guy I do not like at all the cowboy. He is way to bossy with the rest of them and thinks he knows everything.

Second half of the show was the last day in Hollywood-
This is singing with the Idol band. Randy and Steven played with the band at the beginning of the show that was really awesome to watch.

I have some that I seen on t.v. to let you know what I thought of them -
Joshua- Was not bad but not his best
Colton- Not bad at all
Phil Philips- That was awesome and he had his own guitar it was a Gold Top Guitar.
Craton- I thought was really good.
Reed- Was going to sing without the band but then was told he could not do that. So he had a half hour to figure out a song to do with the band. He did really good and he played the drums also.
Skylar- She is 17yrs old and was really good.
Rachelle- I thought she did great even though she messed up at the beginning.
Adam- I was really good and the judges said he is like Casey.

The final cut last night was-

Room 1- Stays- Adam was in this room
Room 2- Stays Phil Philips was in this room
Room 3- Didn't make it- Rachelle was in this room
Room 4- Stays- Brittany was in this room

Thursday is in Las Vegas and it will be group night again. 

I would really like to hear what you have to say about this night. Thank you for taking the time to read this!♥

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