Thursday, February 23, 2012

American Idol Top 24!

Yes this week the judges had to go from 42 contestants down to 24. It was a really hard decision for the three judges this week.

They all sang for the judges on Tuesday night. I did not see that.

Here is how they all did-

Jen- Made it.
Creighton- Made it.
Lauren- Didn't make it.
Joshua- Made it.
Naomi- Didn't make it.
Blaire- Didn't make it.
Haley- Made it.
Neco- Didn't make it.
Clayton- Didn't make it.
River- Didn't make it.
Caleb- Didn't make it.
Elise- Made it.
Reed- Made it.
Erika- Made it.
Baylie- Made it.
Chelsea- Made it.
Richie- Didn't make it.
Heejun- Made it.
Jessica- Made it.
Phil- Made it.
Colton- Made it.
Brielle- Made it.
Adam- Made it.
Jeremy- Made it.
Shannon- Made it.
Scott- Didn't make it.
Skylar- Made it.
Haley- Made it.
Chase- Made it.
Aaron- Made it.
Deandre- Made it.
Jermaine- Didn't make it.
Ariel- Didn't make it.
Shelby- Didn't make it.
Hollie- Made it.
David- Didn't make it.
Eben- Made it.

They guys will be singing on Tuesday night and they are going to be adding one more guy to make it a top 13 for the guys.
The girls will be singing on Wednesday night.
Then on Thursday night will be the results show.

So now it is up to America to vote for who they like to become the next American Idol. Good luck to all the contestants.

I will keep everyone up to date on who is voted off and to let you know what I think of each of the contestants. The one I really like is Phil Phillips.

Please let me know who you are voting to become the next American Idol. Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear who you like!

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