Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snow on Friday!

This past Friday morning we woke up to a mess outside. I thought we would have been done with this snow. But I forgot I am living in Wisconsin.

I was taking Drew to work and when we got outside we had about an inch of snow on the car already. So the two of us started to clean the car off. It was still snowing but I didn't care because he had to get to work and so did I. When we got the car cleaned off I asked him who was driving and he said you are.

When I left the parking lot I thought great the road was plowed. Then I get down the road to make a turn on to Green Bay Rd and there was a city bus in the ditch. I was like I am going straight to work. That road was not plowed yet. This is a detour we have to take because of road construction and the city did not plow this road. But the rest of the way to Drew's work and my work was plowed. After I got him to work and on my way to work I seen a car in the ditch on Northwestern St.. I was just glad I was going to work and I didn't care I was there and hour early.

On Wednesday we just got two new tires and a wheel alignment done on the car. I was just so happy for that. Because are tires were going bald on the car. With that done I was not sliding around with the car.

One my way home from work I seen how the snow was on the trees and it looked so pretty. I thought to myself I have to grab the camera and get some pictures. So when I got home changed clothes and grabbed the camera so I could get some pictures.

The picture at the top is on Charles St. by the quarry and the one to the right is on four mile rd the Root River. The one by the River I was sitting on the bridge in the middle of the road to take this picture. I made sure no cars where coming. 

I couldn't believe the change in the roads from 5:30 am to 1pm. The roads when I got off of work were so clear to when I went to work. It was so nice to not have to worry.

The snow was wet and heavy here. You should have seen some of the trees with the limbs just hanging. It looked like the branches were going to just brake off the trees. Then when I was driving down the street the snow was falling off the trees and it sounded like ice hitting the top of my car. When the snow fell on the ground it was like slush you would be walking through. 

I hope everyone made it safe on Friday were ever you had to be.

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