Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Year Of Blogging!

Yes Yesterday it was one year since I started my blog. I just can't believe it has been that long already. There has been a lot happening for me in the year also.

I added a lot of tabs to my blog with different things I just keep thinking about writing. Books that I have been reading, My personal life, Music, American Idol, The Holidays, Football and Albums I like to listen to. I may be adding one more to the list that I have been thinking about. It may be t.v. shows that I have been watching. I still am thinking about that one.

I said there has been a lot happening for me over the year. Here is a little revue of the year I have had. In February I started this blog and I was not working. We also had the blizzard this month. I remember going outside and helping Drew dig our car out and he wanted to drive around the block to see how bad it was. So I was the one to drive. I also found out this month I was going to be a Grandma. My son's girlfriend was pregnant. We also had to get a new car because the old one was falling apart.

Then in April I had gotten in contact with my ex-husbands ex-girlfriend. I hope this make sense. His ex-girlfriend is the mother of his 8 year old daughter. In April we found out that she was living in Milwaukee so we started to go and get her for some weekends. She really like coming by us because we would take her out to do different things. She was really attached to Drew too. We went up north for Easter.

In May was our one year Anniversary. Yes Drew and I will be together this May for two years already. Our girls graduated high school last year and we had two graduation parties. We went to Chocolate Fest.

In June was Drew's birthday. We also had my ex's little girl that weekend so she could be here to celebrate his birthday with him. This month also starts Summerfest. I always starts the last week of June and the first week of July.

In July we went to Summerfest to see Styx. My 19 year old niece was married. We had my ex's little girl for a week.We have been living together for a year.

In August I finally started my job. I couldn't believe I finally found a job. It was the baby shower for my granddaughter. Also trying to get back to school supplies for two kids.

In September my granddaughter was born. We went up to Shawano to be there for her birth. This was with the help of my son calling saying he wanted mom there. We also had my ex's little girl this weekend. Also Drew had a rose laying on the bed when I had come home from work.

In October it was my birthday. So we decided to go up north just the two of us for my birthday weekend. We went to see some friends and had a great time. My son, his girlfriend, my granddaughter, my mom, my cousin and my we had my ex's daughter came to visit us.

In November was my youngest daughters birthday and we took her and her friend out for dinner. Then there was Thanksgiving we stayed home and I had to work. This was the first time Drew ever made a turkey and it was great.

In December we went to the Christmas Party at Drew's work. We did take my ex's little girl. She just loved it. Then there was Christmas. My kids came with my granddaughter for Christmas Eve morning then they went Illinois and we went up north by Drew's family and spent the night there. Christmas Day we went by my mom's and then to my sisters house. From there it was home. New Years Ever we spent by ourselves and it was great.

In January was renovating our place. Found out my oldest daughter was graduating college this year. We went to see the Carnival of Lights it has over a million lights and a mile long.

In February  we had our early Valentine's. We went to the Mitchell Domes and went out for dinner. It was great.

The way I had gotten this started was with the help of Drew. I have the most wonderful, sweetest, loving and handsome man. Most of all he just wants to make sure I am always happy. I keep telling him as long as I am with him I will always be happy.

I have met some wonderful people on here. I know there are a couple people I would really like to meet. Thank you for reading what I write and leaving the comments.

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