Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Revue on Kenny Rogers Ten Years Of Gold!

Yes I have not done a revue on Kenny Rogers yet. So I decided to do one on this album. It will not be like my other revues. I will not go through what I think about each song. This one is going to be different.

The reason why I picked this album today is because Drew and I had gone to thrift stores looking for albums. I had told him I would love to find this album on vinyl. He seen it at a thrift store and showed it to me. The album is in perfect condition. The cover is worn but still in descent condition not torn or anything. You will not believe this  we only paid one dollar for the album. I was not going to pass that up at all. That day we walked out of the thrift store with about twenty dollars worth of music on vinyl, cassette and c.d's.

He was in a band called The First Edition. Some of the songs on here are from with the band but he had the rights to put them on the album. 

The reason why I like this album so much it has a lot of great music on it. This album came out in 1978 and it is his first single collaboration  album.  With songs like Lucille, Day Time Friends and While The Feelings Good. These are all songs from his first decade of singing by himself.

This album went number one on the country music charts. It also went 4 times platinum in the United States and went platinum in Canada. 

The songs are all off of different albums like Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town, The First Edition, Kenny Rogers, Daytime Friends and Love Lifted Me.

There is something about his voice it is so different from any others. When you are listening to new music on the radio you can pick his voice out and you know it is him.

Yes I did grow up listening to country music with my parents. But I like country music and rock and I still listen to both.

If you are a Kenny Rogers fan this is a must album for your collection. I can tell you it is a very hard one to find in good conditions. I really would like to hear what you think of this album.

Yes I am leaving you with one of the songs I really like by him.

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