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Truth On The Little House The Books VS The Shows!

I have read all the books on Little House On The Prairie. I can tell you the shows one episode that goes with the books is the first two hour movie. That one is titled The Big Woods. I am going to explain what I am talking about by letting you know what is different in the books and the shows.

Laura's family did a lot of traveling while she was growing up. When they made it out to DeSmet, South Dakota that is were they stayed.

The Truth In The Books-

Mary, Laura and Carrie were born in the big woods in Wisconsin. Grace was born in DeSmet.
They only lived in Walnut Grove, Minnesota for one or two years. Then an Aunt came and talked Pa into working for the railroad. Pa would take care of the paper work and run the store.

The Olesons- Mr and Mrs Oleson did own the store in Walnut Grove. But that did not last long because they had to move to New York. Then after awhile they did move to DeSmet and Mr Oleson was a farmer there. His crops did not do good at all and he decided to move back to New York by Mr Oleson's family. So that is the only times Laura knew Nellie.

There are a lot of people that are on the show not even in the books. I am not going to put all the names on here but I will put some: Albert, James, Cassandra, Doc Baker, Grace Edwards, John Jr, Carl, Alicia, Jonathan, Alice, Andy, Miss Beadle, Nancy Oleson, Adam Kendall, and Jenny Wilder. These are just some of the people not in the books.

Mr. Hanson- He sold the land in Walnut Grove to the Ingalls and then he moved out of town. He never owned the mill.

Mary did go blind and she did go to college in Iowa. But she never became a teacher for a blind school. Also she never was a teacher at all. The one that was a teacher was Laura and became a teacher at the age of 15 years old. She did give the money to her Ma and Pa so Mary could go to the blind college. When Laura wasn't teaching she was working in town doing sewing to earn the money. This was all in DeSmet.

Mary never got married and never taught the blind. After college she moved back home with Ma and Pa.

Reverend Alden- He was in Walnut Grove and then he tried to get the church out in DeSmet. But he was not able to get that one. He did keep in touch with the Ingalls.

Almanzo's family lived in New York and then his family moved to Minnesota. Almanzo and his oldest brother Royal moved to DeSmet to by land. Royal had a feed store in town and Almanzo had a farm. This is how Laura and Almanzo met. They got married in DeSmet and later moved to the Ozarks in Minnesota also called the Big Red Apple.

Ma and the girls took a train to DeSmet South Dakota to meet up with Pa. That is because Mary was to sick still to travel at the time. But Pa had to leave with there Aunt. 

The Extra They Put In The Show-

That the Ingalls lived all the time in Walnut Grove.

The extra people in the show that is not in the book.

Charles never worked for the mill in Walnut Grove.

Laura was never a teacher after her and Almanzo got married. She was a housewife.

The only one that saw Mr. Edwards after in the Indian Territory was Charles. That was in South Dakota when Charles went to buy the homestead.

Ma and Pa never had a baby boy.

No Nellie's restaurant. Laura was never at Nellie's wedding.

There was never anything about Charles moving the family to go gold mining.

Laura never had her own horse until her and Almanzo got married. That is because her Pa thought that was to dangerous for Laura.

Rose was born in DeSmet, South Dakota.

The house in Walnut Grove was not that big. It was one floor and two big rooms with a kitchen.

Laura and Almanzo never had a Bed and Breakfast Place. Almanzo was a farmer growing wheat and oats. He also raised horses, cows, sheep and chickens.

No Little House The New Beginning books. 

There was never the Carter family in the books.

Nellie was never in a wheelchair around Laura.

Laura was never around when Willie got married.

The arguments that Laura and Almanzo got into. In the books Laura and Almanzo loved each other so much. 

This is just some of it. I was thinking about this last night and I was talking it over with my boyfriend while watching the show. I told him I would really like to write this to let people know. He said to write it on paper and the write about it. With reading the books I just couldn't believe how different the show is to the books.
I am really sorry this is long again but wanted to point out the main differences. I hope to hear your comments on this.

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