Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Revue on Led Zeppelin Album Led Zeppelin III!

The way I came up with writing about this album is really funny. I am reading one of there books called Hammer Of The Gods. Then over the weekend my boyfriend and I went out for a drive and we were listening to this CD. I couldn't believe how much I really missed listening to this CD. The music on it is so awesome I was just sitting in the car moving my foot and looking out the window listening to it. It was so nice to just go out for a drive and listen to this album.

This album on the professional ratings all the way down got five stars. It also went double platinum in 1990 then went six time platinum in 1999. This album also was always in the top ten through the world. There are two singles from the album the Immagrant Song and Hey Hey What Can I Do that went to number sixteen on the charts.

In the mid 1970's is when the songs were recorded for this album. This album was released October 5, 1970.The songs were mainly written by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. But there are a couple that John Bonham and John Paul Jones did help with. The last song on this album was not written by them it was written by Charles Obscure. The place that they would go to write and record the songs is Bron-Yr-Aru  Gwynedd Wales. This place is a 18th Century Cottage up on a hill top.

Well I  guess it is time to tell you what I think of each of the songs from the album-

Immigrant Song- I really love the beat of this music. In the beginning with Robert screaming like that is awesome. Then hearing Bonzo with the drums. This makes me start moving my feet while I am writing this. This is one of my favorites.

Friends- This is more of a mellow song for them. It is really good I do like this song by them.

Celebration Day- Listen to John Paul Jones at the beginning is awesome. Then they all join in that is great. I just really like it.

Since I've Been Loving You- This is one of my favorites on the album and the longest one on the album. The beginning is so awesome and I know it is a ballad by them. But an awesome song.

Out On The Tiles- This is a really good song. I love how you can move to the music.

Gallows Pole- I really like this song it is really good.

Tangerine- This is another ballad but it is really good. I really like this song.

That's The Way- This is really good I really like this one.

Bron-Y- Aur Stomp- This is about there place in Wales. I Love the beginning of this song I am sitting here moving my foot. This is another one of my favorites. I just love the music on this song it is so awesome.

Hats Off To (Roy) Harper- This song is alright not one of my favorites. The music is really good on it but that is about it.

I Love the cover for the album to that is awesome something really different. If you are a true Led Zeppelin fan this is a must have album for your collection. I remember when I first heard this album I had to have it. My parents told me that if I wanted it I would have to pay for it myself and I did. I just love this album. I will be writing about the book I am reading about them. So be watching for that on here. I am leaving you with one of my favorite songs from this album!


  1. I agree with you about "Hats off to (Roy) Harper" not being the best tune off the album. To this day I still wonder why "Hats Off" is on the album instead of "Hey, Hey What Can I Do". But, that's me...

    Anyways, while Zeppelin III may be their most "quiet" moment in their history,(and a different contrast from their second album) it still stands among their best work. Goes to show what Zeppelin is capable off.

    To hear some this material live is truly mind blowing. Although hard to track down, the Earl's Court run in '75 offers a specular variation of "Tangerine", "That's the Way" and "Bron-y-Aur Stomp" in their acoustic set.

  2. Drew: I've got to ask... Who is the Roy Harper they're referring to? I'm a comic book geek. The Roy Harper in the Comic books was Oliver Queen/Green Arrow's sidekick. Originally he was known as Speedy, then Arsenal, then Red Arrow, and now Arsenal again.

    When DC comics relaunches their whole line, one of their new titles, The Outlaws, will feature a morally ambiguous team that's not afraid to break a few laws/rules to fight crime. One of the members of The Outlaws is Roy Harper/Arsenal. Hat's off to 'im!

    I don't think the guys in Led Zep are comic book geeks but Roy Harper/Speedy was in the Teen Titans with Robin, Kid Flash, & Wonder Girl back in the 60s. So it's not beyond the realm of possibility.

  3. Perplexo, the Roy Harper they're referring to an English musician. He was made a quite a few albums since the sixties. His most "famous role" in music was the lead vocal for Pink Floyd's "Have a Cigar". More about Harper can be found here.