Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Revue on Alabama's Album Mountain Music!

This morning I decided to write about this album. This is the one I really like from Alabama. The music on here is so awesome and the band can really pick the music and play it. This is my favorite country rock band.

This is the band's third album and it went to number one on the charts. Some of these songs on the album have gone number one also. One of the songs that went number one is the title song Mountain Music. This album went five time platinum.

The band has been together since 1969. But since they went to RCA in 1980 that is when there music started going good. I remember when this album came out in 1982. I had just graduated high school and I heard the title song and I just loved it. Yes I went out to buy this album and I just kept playing it. I am going to let you know what I think of each of the songs.

Mountain Music- This song is awesome and it tells you how to listen to the music. Listen from your heart and they play the music from there heart.

Close Enough To Perfect- It basically tells you how he thinks of his wife. The music on here is so good and yes this one is a ballad but it is a great ballad.

Words At Twenty Paces- This song I really didn't listen to I don't know why. But I just listen to it again and I think it really is good. The music is really good on here.

Changes Comin' On- This is another ballad but it is a good one. It is about changes coming in the world.

Green River- This one I really never listened to.

Take Me Down- This song listen to the music in this one and it makes you want to dance. This is an awesome song on the album too. This is another one I really like.

You Turn Me On- This is another ballad and it is really slow. But it is a really good song and I really like this one.

Never Be One- This one I really never did like on this album.

Lovin' You Is Killin' Me- The music for this song is really good. This one I really do like. It is up beat and makes me want to tap my foot to the music.

Gonna Have A Party- Listen to the music in this one. You want to dance to this music and when you listen to this you are gonna want to have a party. The beat to this music is awesome.

This is a must album if you are an Alabama fan. This album you can not go wrong having in your collection. I hope you like my revue of the band. I would like to hear your comments. I am going to leave you with my favorite song!♥


  1. One of my brothers was a big Alabama fan. I'm not into country but I can't deny that "Mountain Music" has a tendency to get stuck in my head when I hear it.

  2. Perplexio- There are a lot of songs I can name that are really stuck in my head from Alabama. This is my favorite Country band. Well I should say Country/Rock band. They are the only one I use to have all of there albums. But like I have said before my ex sold them all. Now I am finding them at the thrift stores and rummage sales to get them all back again. As I get them I will do a revue on them. Thanks for the comment.