Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Parents 56th Anniversary!

This would have been my Mom and Dad's 56th Anniversary today. My Dad passed away about thirteen years ago. We all miss him very much. My Parents got married in 1955.

It was funny because my Mom told me that my Dad's Mom and her Mom knew each other before my parents started going out together. I thought that was really weird. 

I remember when my Dad would tell me to go shopping for him for something for my Mom for there Anniversary and the Holidays. He never like to go and do his own shopping. My Dad would give me the money and say this is what your Mom keeps telling me that she needs. I was like ok and is that what you want me to go and get her. He said yes and a card too. So  I went and did the shopping for my Dad. I would have to wrap it for him too. My Dad worked third shift at the Chicago Tribune and he was a machinest. He fixed all the presses so that the paper could go out. He started out at the tribune towers and went to the freedom center. My Dad likes to joke around with people but he also had a  very serious side to him. I remember one time at a restaurant my dad was teasing the waitress and my Mom just sat there. There was certain places I would go and the people would go are you Bill Stewart's daughter and I would say yes and they would now what I was there for.  My Mom says I am just like my Dad in that way. When my Dad retired from the Chicago Tribune he would call me for the craziest things like asking me if I was watching Jeopardy for a real good question or asking me for the name of his favorite movie Lonesome Dove. My Dad was the baby of his family he had two older brothers and two older sisters. He never graduated school he dropped out to help his Mom with bills. His Dad died when my dad was six months old. My Grandma was a single Mom to all the children and raised them all with the help of her family. My Dad would give the shirt of his back to help anyone out.

Now my Mom she is the oldest and she had a younger brother. She was raised by both of her parents. My Mom would not know what to get Dad for there Anniversary. What do you get someone that has everything he needs. But some how we all knew  what to get him. My Mom never graduated school but she did later go for her GED. I was so proud of her when she did that. When she was younger she had to get a job to help her family out. I remember when I was younger and living in Chicago my mom didn't work because of us kids. Then when we moved out to Woodridge Ill. then my Mom was working. She was working in the lunch room at the school, dry cleaners, Ponderosa and Speigel. She retired from Speigel. My Mom would go out with her friends and my Dad wouldn't care. He would tell her go and have a good time. My Mom is still here for us kids. Anytime we need to talk to her she is always there to talk to. My Mom never remarried she said she didn't need no one. She took care of her Mom until she passed away. My Mom has her swimming exercising class, homemakers and church. She goes on different trips with her homemakers. I was taking her to her meeting with homemakers for awhile and the lady's are really nice. About four years ago my Mom was in a bad car accident and I was driving her around were she needed to go.

My parents loved each other very much even though yes they did have the share of arguments. Just like any couple have them. My parents had four children my oldest sister passed away very young, my older sister, myself and my younger sister. Yes they had all girls. They have nine grandchildren and one great grandchild and two great grandchildren on the way. My son was suppose to get married today but they called it off. He promised my Mom when he got married he would do it on my parents Anniversary. My daughter picked out this Betty Boop picture for my Mom so I had to put it on here. I will always consider this day my Parents Anniversary. I Love Both of you very much!♥


  1. I liked it. I remember when. Tell Mom I love her. And I also miss your Dad. Love Janette

  2. I love stories of love stories that stay strong beyond two different individuals can compromise and stand the test of time is still magical to me! Your parents sound like two great people and I can sense the great love you have for them..they make the world moves! Send my hugs to your mom..I bet they will be so proud reading this beautiful post of yours. Happy anniversary to them!

  3. Janette- I will tell mom what you said and I know how much you miss my dad. Thank you!♥

    HLiza- I will let my mom know what you said on here. She will really love that. I hope my mom will love this post. Thank you so much!♥

  4. Hi Tender HEART BEAR, just finished reading your beautiful tribute to you Mom and Dad for their 56th Anniversary. I find this so refreshing that you still take the time to express wors of love for your parents. Day after tomorrow, my wonderful wife and I will have our 56th wedding anniversary. We feel so blessed to have had these years together and continue to enjoy our family. The best to you . BigAlPapa

  5. Thank you Anonymous for your comment. Yes I do love my mom and dad. I hope you and your wife have a great day for your Anniversary. Thank you for reading my blog.