Monday, June 27, 2011

The Crowd at the Beach!

My boyfriend and I went out for drive this weekend and I decided to take some pictures of North Beach. I just couldn't believe how crowded it was not only on shore but out on the water too. Also just trying to drive through there was unbelievable. They finally but the fence up on the left side so no one can park on the grass now.

This is a picture by the beach you can see a lot of people on the sand. There are some people out in the water also.

This picture is a couple of boats lined up by the shore. There was so many lined up there I couldn't get more than this. There was also a lot of sailboats out on the water.

This is a jet ski with someone on the inner-tube in back. I thought this was really neat and I wanted to get this picture.

I just thought I would share with you how it looked down by the beach this weekend. The traffic there was horrible and I am glad we didn't stay that day. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.

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  1. Crowded beach doesn't sound much fun..maybe next time you can find a secluded one!