Monday, June 6, 2011

My Revue on Sawyer Brown's Ablum Greateat Hits 1990-1995

My boyfriend and I went to a rummage sale this weekend and I seen this album and I just had to get it. This band is so awesome. I just love there music and I have seen them in concert. The lead singer is so hipper and just bounces around on stage.  If you like this band and you are a real fan of there's this is a must album to have.

This band has five members and they just work so great together with all of the music. Here are the members of the band: Mark Miller- Lead Vocals, Bobby Randall- Guitar, Jim Scholten- Bass, Joe Smyth- Drums and Greg "Hobie" Hubbard- Keyboards. This band is a country rock band and they love there music just like the other great bands out there. They even said on an award show that they sing all the songs and play from there hearts.

Here is what I think of the songs-

Some Girls Do- This song was released in 1991 and I remember hearing this on the radio and I went and bought this album it was on. I just had to have it and I really liked this song. The music on here and the vocals are just so awesome.

Thank God For You- This song was released in 1993. If this song don't want to make you get up and dance I don't know what song could do it for you. I remember hearing it and I was cleaning the house and I just started to dance around the house. I love this song and like right now I am trying to write this and my legs are moving to the music and the lyrics to the song are great. It is the truth about the song because you have to give credit to your mom and dad for raising you and if you ever got in trouble.

All These Years- This song was released in 1992. Yes this song is a ballad but still it is a great song. The lyrics if you listen are really heart felt about people together for a very long time. It reminds me of my mom and dad being together for a very long time.

Dirt Road- This song was released in 1991. This is a really good song and the is another song that you just have to listen to and get the feeling of it. Yes this I really like too.

This Time- This song was released in 1995. This was a song that just came out with this album. I do like this song and it has a real good meaning to the song also. It is about a cheating and I know how this feels so yes this one has real good meaning to me.

The Walk- This song was released in 1991. This is a ballad but this is really good song. Sometimes it can just make you cry. The lyrics are such something else and the music is great to go along with it.

Trouble On The Line- This song was released in 1992. This song is really good and it is one that you will have to listen to. The music is great.

Cafe On The Corner- This song was released in 1992. This song almost sounds like a bango is in the song but it is not. This is really different the music and I think that is what makes this song so good. I can just get up and dance to the music.

I Don't Believe In Goodbye- This song was released in 1995. This was a new song just released on this album. This is another slower song. But this one you can hear all the instruments in it. This is a really good song and the music is really good.

The Boys & Me- This song was released in 1993. This song is awesome and the music is too. I love this one because if you watch a video you can see how hipper the lead singer is. He just makes you want to get up and dance to this song.

The songs I really like the most on this album is Some Girls Do, Thank God For You, Dirt Road, The Walk and The Boys & Me. Yes I do like the whole album but these are my favorites on the album. Yes like all songs some are more over played then others.

I hope to hear your comments on this album. I am going to leave you with a video!♥

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