Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Revue on Bruce Springsteen's Album Born To Run!

This morning I was trying to figure out what album to do a revue about. So I decided to do one on this album. This is one of Bruce Springsteen's early albums. This is a really good album and I really like this one. It is something about his voice that I really like his music.

This album went to number three on the charts and it sold over six million copies in the United States alone. On the professional charts this album has five stars. This album was remaster in 2005 as a box set with a concert DVD and a production diary DVD.

This is what I think of each of the songs:

Thunder Road- I love the piano in the beginning and the harmonica. This song I really like.

Tenth Avenue Freeze Out- This is a good song but I think it is to slow of a song for him. I like his voice in it and the music.

Night- This song sounds more like him. The sax at the beginning with the drums I love it. This makes me want to dance to the song.

Backstreets- I really like this song with all the instrumental. Just sitting here listening to it I can't believe how much I am getting into it.

Born To Run- This song is my favorite on the album. The title track and it makes my leg move while I am listening to it. If you can't get into this song with the music.

She's The One- The drums start this song out then you hear the piano. This song you can get into but it is not one I really like.

Meeting Across The River- This song on the album just flows right into Jungleland. It is a good song but it more of a ballad.

Jungleland- This is a good song but really not one of my favorites.

That is my revue on this album and I am going to leave you with a video.

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