Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Revue on Little House on the Prairie!

Yes another book finished. There are three more books left. The next three are smaller books. One is going to be like a diary from Laura and another is going to be letters that she had written to Almanzo. But first about this book.

Pa was taking Laura to the Brewster's claim. Mr. Brewster is the one that came with Mr. Boaster to talk to Laura about teaching the school in his town. Mr. Brewster's was twelve miles south of town. When they got there Mr. Brewster opened the door came outside and got Laura's things. Then Pa went back to town. He introduced Laura to his wife and his little boy. Then Mr. Brewster went to do his chores before Supper.

Mrs. Brewster was very mean and told Laura her bed was behind the curtain. Behind the curtain was a narrow couch with a blanket and sheet on it. Mrs. Brewster never said another word to Laura the three months she would be there. Laura tried to help her but she just always gave Laura an evil look. When Laura would go to bed Mrs. Brewster would start yelling at Mr. Brewster about Laura being there. Asking him why they had to board the teacher why couldn't anyone else do it. All Mrs. Brewster wanted to do was go back East to her family.

Then on Friday's Almanzo would come with his sled and pick up Laura and take her back home for the weekend. Then on Sunday afternoon's he would pick Laura up at home and take her back to the Brewter's. He did this for three months so Laura would not get homesick. Laura was only fifteen when she got her first teaching job. All Laura could do on Fridays while she was at school teaching was listen for the sleigh bells then she knew Almanzo was there to pick her up. Then when her three months were done Almanzo asked her if she would still like to go for sled rides on Sunday afternoons and Laura said yes.

The superintendent came to visit the school and seen the good job that Laura was doing teaching the kids. Laura asked if he would like to say anything to the kids and he told them to make sure they stay real warm.

So on Sunday afternoon all the boys would be out in town on there sleds. They all had a great time. Laura did go back to school after she was done teaching the three months.

Laura gave all her money to her Ma and Pa so that Mary could come home for the summer. They all missed Mary very much. Her Ma wanted her to keep some of the money so she could get material to make herself some clothes and she said that she could work on Saturday at the dress shop to make money to get the material for her dresses. The lady at the dress shop also made Laura a hat to go with her dress.

Laura helped Mr and Mrs Mckee out. They had a claim but Mr. McKee had to stay at the lumberyard to save enough money to get tools and seed to make a crop on the claim. But he wanted Mrs. McKee and there daughter to go out to the claim to live on it to hold the claim. But Mrs. McKee would not go out there alone she wanted Laura to go with her. They paid Laura a dollar a week to stay with her as one of the family. Mr. McKee came out there on Friday and went back on Sunday. Then one weekend he gave Laura a letter from her Ma it said Mary was coming home. Then at supper Mrs. McKee seen something was wrong with Laura  and she asked her. So Laura told her and Mr. Mckee said that she was going home and he would get someone else to help out. Mrs. Mckee said she didn't want anyone else she would be fine now.

One Spring day Almanzo came to the house and asked Laura if she would like to go for a ride in his new buggy. She said yes and she went to get her new hat and went with Almanzo. They went for buggy rides every Sunday afternoon. Then one day he came there with Nellie Oleson and Laura was very upset. This happened for about three weeks. Then Laura told him if he was going to be bringing Nellie with not to come and get her. So the next Sunday he came by himself with two new horses. He was breaking two horses and wanted to know if Laura would like to go with him to break them. She said yes and went with but Ma and Pa didn't like that she was going.

Then in the fall Laura had another teaching job at the Perry school. This one you could see the building from the house. So it was walking distance for Laura. Laura was a little upset about it because it only had three children in the school. But she did real good. She made twenty five dollars a month teaching this school. She gave the money to Ma and Pa and then Pa asked her if she minded getting a piano for Mary when she came home. Laura said to do it.

Then one Sunday Almanzo asked Laura if she would like to go to singing classes and she said yes. So on Friday nights they went to singing classes.

Then on a Sunday buggy ride Almanzo asked Laura if she would except a ring. She said depends on who it was from and how it looked. So the next Sunday Almanzo gave her a ring and Laura liked it and he asked her to marry him and Laura said yes. Then in the Fall Almanzo and Royal went back to Minnesota to see his family for the winter. Then on Christmas Eve there was a knock at the door and Laura opened the door and it was Almanzo.

Then in the Spring there was another teachers examination and Laura had to take it. This would be the last time she would take the test and be able to teach. Then the school year ended and Laura told the teacher this would be the last time he would see her. So she never did graduate school because the teacher never gave her the test to graduate.

So Laura taught another school for the last time and with that money she asked her Ma to help her make some clothes and sheets and pillow cases. So her and Ma did that.

Then one Tuesday Almanzo came and asked Laura if she wanted a big wedding or not. Laura said no but Almanzo's Ma and sister were planning a big wedding. But Laura and Almanzo didn't want a big wedding so the next week they went to the reverends house to get married.

Sorry this is long but like always there is a lot of information in the book. But there is still a lot more than I had written. I hope you do enjoy this and I hope you do get the book to see what more is in there. Please let me know how you like this revue. Thank you for reading this!♥

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